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If Tetris was made into a movie, this would be its trailer
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Yea, I wait for the hulu version.
If the blocks formed a row around the equator, would it destroy the Earth?
That would make an awesom movie!
Bored twisted mind,Definitely thumbs down. Universe has so many better things to explore than this imaginary threat
+Tulek Behar Hahahaha,,,you got trolled so hard, you actually took that seriously as a real movie trailer?
Yuki M
I need friend.
It's an awesome trailer, but it should never be a movie.
If Tetris was made into a movie, this would be its trailer - this says it +Michael Dalbec . so you sound precisely the bored type. end of discussion .please excuse my short visit to your troll world
are you still there .......Onyinye Kanu.
please reply me....
It so funny trailer )) What's the next ? Windows trailer ? =)
Hello..Onyinye Kanu...are you listening me?
Just wait to see level 9...
Should really never be a movie. But great trailer.
Amazingly done. Sounds good for a science fiction movie with a bit of action.
Can I have a role in it? Lol
Cool, very well made, now go and make the rest of the film.
As the Penny-Arcade boys put it; Tetris - The New Shape of Fear
just kept waiting....and waiting....and waiting...for the tetris music to kick in but it didn't :(
cannot understand the movie
OMG!! This is great!! But its amazing how we are being told that we are and have never been alone! Open your mind and start believing!!
I wanna see the trailer for "cube" master of the polyverse
ya haha.. what the hell.. it's too funny
WHAT is the funny thing ?
Poo! Actor are crap, obviously what more can u expect from a movie about a game like that, would fall asleep or would have to kill myslef if any1 would drag me in to watch it....
the funny thing is, this looks like a better movie than Battleship
It's funny cause it's like a horror movie
I would see it if it was real. It looks really good!
Weird, struggle to see how it could have a story - but, still better than twilight :D
all the people in this thread saying it would absolutely suck clearly have no sense of humor and probably didn't see cabin in the woods (a satire of a genre)
Matt V
I can't believe someone wasted their time making this. 
You have FAR too much time on your hands.
1.waste of time 2.if this is going to be made it looks a little cheesey
This actually might make an excellent end of world blockbuster :-)
I wish this was a real movie. I wouldn't watch it, but I want it to be real ;-)
that looks kinda good
Fucking LAME...... is this what they call "CREATIVITY" ??.....
LOL! WTF! I would never expect someone to make a movie about Tetris in a million years.
From concept to design, that was fun.
Strangely lacking in orange and blue hues
Great job, let me know when you get a release date :-)
Hilarious! Exactly like trailers for horrible action films that take themselves too seriously
If Battleship could be made, why not this?
That would be an awesome movie!! It would be in theatres for sure!!
Can't wait! It will beat all in theatre recors for sure!
Sadly, I would probably go see that. #funny
Well, you got how trailers work perfectly. But the tetris part doesn't seem to be relevant to the hypothetical "story." Just falling pieces.
Oh ya, I would watch that B movie in a heartbeat!
Extremely well done! That spoof trailer is better than most actual films I've seen :o)
like i can't believe this trailer... seriously, a movie...
An interesting trailer, let's be glad it was not made into a movie.
Too funny, and your right. If Battleship gets it's own movie why not TETRIS .
Well they made Battleship into a movie so you never know.
no one will ever win, earth is not even plain area to be played on. -.-
Wedding Crashers? What ever it is please be neat about! Careful or you create trouble on top of trouble. Organizational Management, & Strategic Management.
looks great haha. i would see this movie
Would still be better than most of the crap Hollywood churns out these days.
coming soon angry birds the move
I want to meet the person who not only had the sense of humor to think of this, but also the audacity to follow through with the creation of the trailer. Hilarious!
Not bad but that movie would need some work
lol They should have added "Summer 2013" or "Based On True Event" at the end to complete this hilarious video.
if you like this...check out their channel! I recommend Lazy Jedi, Real Life Golden Eye 64, and Skyrim: Modern Dovakhin
Nice work. As long as Michael Bay doesn't direct it.

Overall rating
All I have to say to this is............MAKE THIS A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That was retarded. We should fight tetris pieces because they hump our buildings? Gayballs...
The only thing missing was the ominous voice saying:
"From the Creators of Battleship...".
is anyone else bored out of there minds right now
TITRUS "the porn version" is probably a better idea!
yeah then you should make your own TITRUS "the porn version " ..hahaha
I think it would have been funny if, in the trailer, the hero archetype emerged as a person who was able to effectively stack the falling Tetris pieces.
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