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“I think it’s been unfortunate that Facebook has been pretty closed with their data,” Page said. Do you agree?
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He's being a bit gentle. Given FB has been known to go so far as to censure user advertisements for G+, I'd say the situation is more than "unfortunate".
Facebook can do that when Google plays fair in the browser war. No non-standard HTML 5 "features" like desktop-notifications being pushed as official, and not crippling sites in Firefox but making them work fine in Chrome, even though both browsers support the same features, and finally, no telling users (who don't know better), to "upgrade" to Chrome.
Even if I am openly "pro Google" I cannot avoid to wonder - would be Google so open to share if the situation was reversed?
Facebook is really growing fast, they are probably busy trying to catch up, but they have along way to before FB is as good as Google.
+Roland Taylor The chromium site links to the W3 spec for desktop notifications and makes it clear it's only a draft. The team has also released an extension for firefox to handle notifications.

I read the article about "crippling" pages in firefox and from the comments it seems this was due to firefox's implementation of the spdy protocol. Users switching to http would see the pages up as normal.

Google's business is based on the web being open and searchable, so if the tables were turned then google would promote an open and searchable web, not one locked behind logins and robots.txt.
Why would anyone want their data shared between these two privacy disasters? And I agree with +Roland Taylor about the browser war. Chrome is inferior to Firefox, but Google is not playing fair.
+James Healy I'm not referring to a problem with spdy.

Let me give you an example. When I first used G+ I tried to add pictures in Firefox. I had to keep on searching from a file select dialogue - but in Chromium, I could drag and drop from my Desktop. Turns out Firefox did support the feature (I tested with other sites) - but Google+ only enabled the feature a while later - after I complained that it was clearly a deliberate move by Google.

As for the desktop noitif. IMHO it is unfair to push it as an HTML 5 feature (draft or not) - because it won't work in most other browsers (also, the addon or Firefox only works some of the time and has proven broken more than once for me).
+Elias Mårtenson , I like Google for its values, or at least for what they make us believe are their values. However getting the data from Facebook would benefit them 1000x times more than Facebook. Facebook value (apparently less than they think) is just data, the only benefit would be for people who would find easier to switch to "a better service" (Google's goal). This is clearly not want what Facebook wants!
+Piero Filippin +Roland Taylor
From the article...
"From a user’s perspective, you say… I’m joining Facebook. I want my contacts. In Google, we said, fine. You can get them from Google. And the issue we had is that then Facebook said, no, Google, you can’t do the reverse."

Google is already open with people that reciprocate.
just migrate to Google+ , I have facebook
I'm still waiting for Google to open it's API so that HootSuite and simmiliar tools can manage my Google+ account.
When is Google going to release its search index data?
I think someone should write a nice post so that people would understand and appreciate this issue, so that we could start building a grass-roots pressure on Google right here on Google+

I'm pretty sure that the problem is not technical but political, with the backdoors that their iOS and Android apps use and massively more complex Hangout API that got released it can't be that hard to implement this. If someone does start that please use #plusapi tag so that we can share and +1 it.
It has been posted. Reshare away.
+Jesse Stay the raw data behind the search engine is freely available on the internet and you can access google's cached versions. The data which Facebook won't share was given to it for free and would be requested (through a 3rd party) by the people who gave it.

+Roland Taylor I ran Gmail in IE and I now see what you mean about pushing Chrome. Instead of just removing the option for desktop notifications, they suggest a browser "upgrade". This is reminiscent of the behaviour of another tech titan a few years back.
Yes. Facebook is like a prision for personal data.
FB is for "crisis junkies" that need to see their problems being told to the world.
The sane folks come to g+ where we can express opinions, and "nothing but the facts, 'mam," !
funny you say that..........i have deleted so many on facebook for that + seems a more positive atmosphere!!!
Lots of people have made lots of money keeping people in crisis by putting
a tv show on. And the junkies that watch - must be an astronomical number!
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