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It's photo caption time! Choose your own caption for this photo in the comments section below.

Photo credit: © Robert B Green (2011 Photo Contest Runner Up)
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No need for anymore captions. Mark wins.
So say the soothsayers of Game of Thrones.  And this one's going to be a looooong winter.
"Well Biff, I think we can all agree that the wind deflector salesman's pitch wasn't so crazy after all."
No I will NOT ask for directions! 
"Let's have a play day in the snow everybody!"-Charlie. "Stop the wind started up again.Frozen in your tracks?"-Zack the leader "yep."-Billy Bob.   "Well let's leave him behind!"-Charlie "YEAH"-shouts Joe who at the moment is deeply disturbed.  (I'm referring to the one on the side covered in snow is the one they're leaving:D) (Zack#1/Charlie#2/Billy Bob#3/Joe is in the back
Alright Guys I Think Its Time For Us All To Accept The Fact...  We Tripped And Munched It. This Is Not A New Fashion Trend ^._.^
We are part of Nature, We CAN'T be lost.
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