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Strawberry Shortcake Energy Bites"
Who needs healthy, on the go snack ideas? You do!

Here's a tasty recipe that you can prep ahead of time and store in the freezer so you have some available to you at any time.

These Strawberry Shortcake Energy Bites can be formed into golf ball sized portions or bars. Wrap them up and take them with you on your next altitude adventure instead of store-bought highly processed packaged bars and snacks.

The dates provide iron, while the vitamin C in the strawberries helps increase absorption. Both of these ingredients along with oats provide good quality carbohydrates that are balanced with heart healthy monounsaturated fats found in cashews.

Recipe is in the blog, search for "Strawberry Shortcake Energy Bites" Link in Bio

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Do you know what the 'neck check' is?

It's a simple way to know if you're ok to exercise, while sick.

Basically, if you have symptoms below your neck, it's a good idea to take it easy and rest. Think of things like:
Fever, chills
*Body aches
*Swollen lymph glands
*Cough, wheezing, shortness of breath
*Diarrhea or stomach pain

Above the neck symptoms include:
*Nasal congestion
*Sniffles/runny nose

Why is this important? Other than obvious reasons (you're sick, so you need rest!), exercising while you have more systemic symptoms of illness can prolong the illness and even set you up for serious issues like bronchitis and myocarditis (infection in the heart muscle).

So, next time you're ill, use the neck check before you work out. You can read more about it in the blog "Use The Neck Check For Exercise When You're Sick"
*Link in Profile

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Why do you NEED to supplement with omega-3 oils?

Their importance in overall health is undisputed. They are clinically shown to benefit brain/mental and cardiovascular health. Their anti-inflammatory effect on metabolism as a whole makes them one of the top supplements that EVERYONE should be using.

*But why supplement? Because your body’s ability to synthesize fatty acids is limited - you just can't make enough omega-3 fats to achieve the effects that supplementation does. In other words, you need more than what you can obtain through the diet, unless you consistently eat A LOT of seafood.

If you aren't supplementing with omega-3's, then you're missing out on a very specific supplement-driven health benefit.

One of our favorite omega-3 products is Arctic Wild by Mountain Peak Nutritionals. It has no fishy smell or taste, thanks to the proprietary patented stabilization and deodorization methods used. This also helps the product last longer than normal fish oil products, which tend to become rancid relatively quickly. And most importantly, it's one of the cleanest forms of fish oil available, with no environmental toxins or pollutants (this is a big problem with a lot of other fish oil/omega 3 products on the market).

Read all about in this week's blog - search for 'Arctic Wild Fish Oil' in the blog' - *Link in Profile

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Male menopause is a very real condition.

Testosterone begins to decline by an almost imperceptible 1% a year starting in a man’s 30’s.

Because of the slow rate of decline, most men don’t notice the effects of this until they’re in their 50’s.

Supporting men through this period needs to include important changes like cleaning up the diet and getting regular exercise, as well as targeted testosterone support. Because after all, the central issue of andropause is a decline in testosterone. Diet and exercise support natural production of it, as do several natural medicines.

Andropause Formula is a unique blend of the most important natural testosterone boosters available. It can help maintain muscle mass, speed, energy and strength, naturally.

Uses for Andropause Formula:
*Fatigue due to low testosterone levels
*Erectile dysfunction
*Poor recovery
*Poor stamina
*Most appropriate for men age 35+

Link in Profile - search for 'Andropause Formula'

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Why do some people gain weight from exercise?

Clearly, one of the main reasons people exercise is to lose weight. Combined with a healthy diet, this can often do the trick.

Despite doing all the right things, some people just seem to gain more than lose weight.

Very generally speaking, this can be due to a hormonal ‘glitch’, so to speak. The glitch happens when we manufacture too much of the hormone cortisol.

I explain how this all works in the blog "Why Do You Gain Weight from Exercise?" The short answer is that chronically elevated cortisol levels signal (very powerfully!) the body to 'store' rather than to 'lose' adipose (fat) tissue.

There are a lot of reasons for imbalances in cortisol - I go over them in the blog. Check it out and see if you're maybe off in 1 or 2 of the areas that lead your body to produce extra cortisol and hence impede adipose tissue loss!

Link in Profile - search the blog for "Why Do You Gain Weight from Exercise?"
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Have you ever had Man Flu?

Does your man come down with the Man Flu all the time?

"Man Flu" is a pejorative term describing how illness affects men... much, much worse than women. We’ve all seen it – the tough guy who becomes a whiny crybaby once he has a cold.

But is it real?? Guys, there are actually some studies that hint at the real possibility that men suffer more than women when we're sick!

One theory is that men have more temperature receptors in our brains, which cause us to experience symptoms more acutely than women.

A second theory is that women have developed stronger immune systems based on reproductive strategies – meaning women aren’t supposed to get sick because they're responsible for propagating the species (carrying and birthing offspring).

Read more about the 'Man Flu' in the blog - *Link in Profile, search for 'man flu'.

Let us know - is the man flu real? For some of us it may be...

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Muscle aches, pains, stiffness, soreness and inflammation are part of the deal if you're an athlete.

Musculoskeletal Injury - MSI Formula by Mountain Peak is designed to all of these problems with the nutrients your body needs to repair and recover from aches and pains, rather than just masking them with drugs or dangerous anti-inflammatories.

*Aches and pains
*Muscle soreness
*Post-workout stiffness
*After a race or long workout
*Inflammation and injury
Available on the site; link in bio

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Autumn allergies are firing up right about now. If you want a natural, effective form of allergy relief that won't leave you dopy and drowsy, then check out Aller G Plus Formula!

It contains the herbs, vitamins and bioflavonoids that stop allergies from happening. Don't let fall allergies wreck your time outside in this beautiful weather!

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Cyclocross season is here! Are you as excited as we are??
Throwback pic of Dr. Barker racing in the USGP New Belgium Cup :)
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Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) - what you need to know!

Are you a big fan of "vitamin I" (ibuprofen)?? If so you need to read this blog!

Ibuprofen and other NSAIDs are associated with a lot of side effects that are often poo-poo'd by the medical community, especially amongst athletes. Did you know that taking NSAIDS can:
*Inhibit cartilage and tendon repair
*Cause kidney damage
*Set you up for bacterial endotoxemia (bacteria from the colon gets into the bloodstream)
*Cause gut bleeding
*Inhibit your gains from exercise

If your doctor is still advising you to take them before an event or even over an extended period of time, its time to find a doc who is knowledgeable about the alternatives (and dangers) that these drugs pose to exercisers.

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