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We're in a BRAND NEW Google+ commercial that is now on Google+. So meta.
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That's a well-done ad. Having The Muppets in it makes it even better.
I'm so happy the Muppets are back and cool again. Please please please start The Muppet Show back up! My son needs it! And, you know, me too.
whohohoohh crazy is awesome
DAMMIT, MUPPETS! I Just saw this so I said 'Hang out" and nobody's there? WTH?
I have no idea. I'm new to this whole "hangout" feature. I've tried it only once or twice with disastrous results. Which, actually, is very muppet-like.
+Stacy Lukasavitz The "Hangout" link under posts are just so people can create a hangout based on what was posted (to discuss a similar interest). It's not an official Hangout from the Muppets.

The links are now included with every post.
Just saw this commercial an hour or so ago. Very exciting!
lo compartimos con nuestros círculos!
Beaker is the best Freddy ever
Another fine production staring the Muppets!
XD That convinced me to use Google+ hangout more often
I have yet to join a hangout but, this is motivating me join one soon!
Guys they have a time schedule so they can't always be there.
LOVE! If I got to hangout with these guys it would be epic!
If you advertise google+, why do you have facebook??
I saw it Saturday and I loved it. My Mom also loves Beaker (if that's how u spell his name)
Just saw the ad live. While I am laughing like a loon and calling out character names my wife gets this look of fear and fled the room. I love being an overgrown kid...
Realizing now that this Google page is owned by Disney, I'm not surprised that the Muppets' Google Plus hangout commercial wasn't captioned. Disney doesn't ever caption any of its television commercials.
Is the commercial showing on TV in the USA?
Dammt. My friend told me that this was a thing and I came to investigate. Could have really used the laugh tonight too.
haha except last time there was a hangout there was only ten people or something allowed -_-
Are you every going to have a hang out again? If so, I would love to join in on it. Im a man, not a muppet.
Love It!!!!!!!!!
David Bowie
This Absolutely rocks!
When is there going to be a new hangout.
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