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Here's another shot of Kermit backstage at today's Latin Grammys. This time, your favorite frog caught the attention of Sofia Vergara!
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You know, when I think of Latin music, I can't help but think "Kermit The Frog."
What a lucky ninja frog. xD
get off my girl kermit!
Man, girls always fall for the bad boys, haha.
Omg, nice going Kermie! He must have been sweating like crazy! lol
Now you know Ms Piggy won't like seeing this Kermit :)
I wont tell Ms. Piggy if you give me her number.... lol
+Sarah Sheppard Oh, thanks for that! I just became a doctor, but I am not familiar with the physiology of animals as much ;-)
+Anees Ahmed I actually remembered it from one of the Muppets movies, then I double checked because I was all "What? O.o". =]
Yeah. It's all fun till Kermit goes home and gets the wrath of Ms. Piggy.
Next time just photos of the Muppets please! No C listers!
it's not easy being green, but you wouldn't guess it from Kermit's style.
good thing Kermit can only look straight forward
¿¿Oye Rene donde tienes la otra mano puesta??
Hey Kermit, where's your other hand??
miss piggy will be mad! kermit wher´s your other hand?
M Hsu
Cute couple! Won't Miss Piggy be jealous?
cute you think miss piggy will like it? i love you kermit
Uh-oh Sofia! Don't let Miss Piggy see this pic of you and Kermit! She's a very possessive porcine!
kermit!!! need i remind u of miss piggy!! how do u thinks she'd feel if she saw this!!!!:)
I missed the Latin Grammys I don't know when they are on anymore. I used to know and I watched at least 3-4 grammy shows.
You, lucky frog... It's nice to be green as i look... xD
That frog gets more action than me no way. I wish I was Kermit.
I don't know who's luckier.
currmet is defiantly lucky
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