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Maniacal laugh...
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Ceeeeeel-e-brate good times COME ON!
MANIACAL LAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH lol omg that killed me
That guy couldn't catch Jason Bourne, now he's going after the Muppets. It's an OUTRAGE, I tell you.

Also: "Baby steps, sir, baby steps."
notre ami l'ours avec un homme au regard d'eclair
i <3ed ur movie!!! i saw it on its second day!!
I had to listen to the soundtrack to understand why he says Maniacal laugh :p
In the script, it's written as "Maniacal laugh" so that he DOES a maniacal laugh. Of course, it wouldn't be the Muppets way if he played it straight. :3
It took me part of the movie to figure out what they were trying to do with it. I found the villain's plot thread was lacking, Doc Hopper was a far more villainous.
Scott, one of the reasons I feel the joke fell flat was because of an edit - there's supposed to be some backstory about how Tex can't laugh, which is why he's always outwardly saying "Maniacal laugh."
I understood what they were doing, but it didn't make the antagonist very evil. He was mostly a secondary story thoay you didn't really pay attention to because you knew the Muppets' show would be a success, even though they failed... Chris, rhat article summed up what I thought was missing.
He can't laugh, that's why he says Maniacal laugh. Even in the soundtrack in Tex's song it says how he doesn't know how, it wasn't in the movie. That's why at the end when he laughs well yeah...
I loved that part of the movie!
you would have to have seen the movie to know what it is refering to... TEE HEE X3!!!
yeeeeah.... kinda... but the first few times it was funny...
yea, ive seen it 3 times. i cant wait for it to come out on dvd
do it all the time after watching the movie lol
maniacle laughh....maniacal laughhhhhh.........mwahahaha
i love the text richmand song
Hopefully Uncle Deadly will be in the next Muppet movie along with Robin:)
My 2 year old loves saying maniacal laugh ... 
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