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< N A M E >
Lillian Strongcastle

Queen Lillian of Alitoria

< A G E >

< R A C E >

< O C C U P A T I O N >
Queen of Alitoria

< R A N K I N G >

< S T R E N G T H S >
Naturally, she is a master of melee combat; a perfect balance to Ellanore when she was a queen. However, ever since the end of their battle, she has been training with her firebreath. Her mastery comes from her special ability to turn her hands into razor-sharp blades.

< A B I L I T I E S >
MELEE: 10/10

RANGED: 4/10



MAGIC: 1/10

< R E S I D E N C E >
Alitoria Grand Castle

< P R O P H E T O F : >

< H O M E K I N G D O M >

< B I O >

Ever since Lillian was born, she turned out to be a born leader. She had incredibly political-based decisions and fought for the best for her kingdom. She was placed into the election for queen at 20 years old and stomped her competitors beneath her feet winning her way into the final two.

She never had anything against the Gryphonkin Ellanore, in fact, she agreed with points the candidate made in her speeches. However, the Kingdom ended up in a stand still in the elections.

This was only one of few times the previous royal family had been completely wiped out and elections had to be held, but one could easily confuse the two as being sisters. They believed the same, spoke in the same manner, eventually being called sisters by the rest of the kingdom. "The Royal Sister Debate."

Alitoria was split by who they should choose, and eventually, a new decision was made. They were both inducted into the royal line and graciously accepted their thrones. It wasn't a problem, admittedly, they had gotten to know eachother during the elections and had become close friends. This was the first case of two queens in the history of Alitoria.

They ruled over their kingdom with pride. Building homes, strengthening their military, and making the ranking system more fair. They were beloved by all, but Ellanore always felt littler in Lillian's eyes, even though she was arguably the more beautiful of the two.

However, everyone knows how their story ended...
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