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Police still clueless why cleaner stole train and drove it into house. Train still in house. 
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Today, police say they do not believe she stole the train, it was a mistake that led to the accident.
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The police theory is that the woman was cleaning trolley, cleaning clear and that she would then exit the train through the cab, the source said.
- When she brought down the driver's seat, the seat can be made ​​that she came to the dead man which led to the train came rolling.
The woman probably has then become terrified and gone backwards in the cart.
- To make this unlikely to have been able to happen, the train has been given in the wrong order and with the gear in the wrong position, or should the train have gone into the carriage barn, says the source.
Another of Aftonbladet's sources say that it is common that the security grip as it is actually called, disconnected with a stone or a different weight when it's cold.
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