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Swedish elk hunter dead after partner's misfire

A hunter in southern Sweden died on Sunday after a member of his hunting team shot him in the head while aiming for an elk.

"He died immediately," said Stefan Klingstedt of the Linköping police to the Aftonbladet newspaper.

The deceased man, a 60-year-old elk hunter, was out with his friends in the Kinda woods in Kisa, southern Sweden, when the incident occurred.

Further details:
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+Gustav Hartvigsson we get comments like this every time we write about elk or moose. See:

"What is commonly called a moose in North America is called an elk in Europe. The fact that there is a different animal, native to North America, which the locals have decided refer to as an elk is not our fault. The animal featured in the article is the European Elk, Alces alces, or moose to North Americans."
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