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Your second #DWI  can be more difficult to deal with than the first. 

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The entire process of a DWI arrest in Texas is a very frightening experience and can leave a lot of questions in the alleged offender's mind. A question that we are often asked is if field sobriety tests are accurate. If the tests are performed in a controlled environment in the exact standardized manner, they can be a likely indicator of intoxication. However, this perfect scenario hardly takes place on the street. Data reveals that these tests will inaccurately claim 23%-35% of the people tested as intoxicated.  

If you or a loved one were charged with a DWI, it is important to understand that this does not automatically mean a conviction. Our experienced defense team knows how to fight against these charges and ensure that any inaccuracies in field sobriety tests are used in your defense. #DWI #Texas #FieldSobrietyTests  

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into law that would decriminalize unexcused absences and require school districts to implement preventive measures, which will take effect September 1st. This law was a result of a long-standing Texas law that sent around 100,000 students a year to criminal court and even resulted in jail time for some, just for missing school.

Texas Appleseed, a non-profit advocacy group, said the policies were disproportionately affecting low-income, Hispanic, black and disabled students. #Texas  

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If the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) believes that you violated federal tax laws, they can refer your case to the criminal investigation unit. Tax statues that could be violated include conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud United Sates, attempt to evade or defeat tax, willful failure to collect or pay over tax, and willful failure to file return, supply information or pay tax, among other statues.

If you are under investigation or were already charged with a federal tax crime it is important to consult with an experienced Texas attorney. The Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy uses their expertise in fighting white collar crimes to fight for the most favorable outcome in your case. #taxevasion   #Dallas  

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DWIs are very serious offenses in the state of Texas and a frequent question we are asked is, “How long will a DWI will stay on my record?” Unfortunately, if you are convicted of a DWI it will stay on your record for life. However, if you are not found guilty, you can have the arrest and the charge “expunged” from your record. 

The severity of a conviction is why it is important to consult with attorneys experienced in fighting DWIs throughout Texas. At the Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy, we aggressively handle each case and fight hard for favorable outcomes to protect your future. #DWI #Dallas 

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Insurance fraud is considered to be one of the most common acts of fraud that ends up resulting in criminal charges. This type of fraud usually involves car accidents, fire damage claims, workers’ compensation claims, property damage claims and medical insurance claims. While the exact consequence depends on the value of the insurance claim and the type of insurance fraud committed, insurance fraud can result in hefty fines and jail time. 

The attorneys at The Law Office of Richard C. McConathy have extensive experience fighting off white collar criminal charges and understand how to build a strong defense strategy. They know how stressful of a time this is and will fight aggressively to get the charges dismissed. #insurancefraud  #Dallas 

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Great photo of the #Dallas skyline.
Dallas. An ominous sky still surrounds the skyline as the traffic flies by after tonight’s storm.

Taken with a Canon 5D Mark III, 24-105mm L Series Lens, tripod, and release cable. 1 sec, f/6.3, ISO 160, 45mm

See more of my work at

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With all of the recent high profile #assault cases involving both professional and college athletes, Texas state education officials and high school coaches have launched a program for student athletes to help raise awareness and prevention of sexual assault and domestic abuse.  

The Texas High School Coaches Association took the lead in developing ProtectHer Project, which will initially target public middle and high school athletes but is expected to expand to all students. This program will be the first of its kind in the country. #Texas 

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Mortgage fraud occurs when an individual uses fraudulent schemes to obtain money, credit or equity towards a home. One of the more common types of mortgage frauds that we see is when an individual falsifies or omits information on a mortgage loan application in order to receive a loan or an increased loan amount, which the alleged offender otherwise would not have received if the information was correct.

Penalties for mortgage fraud depend on the value of the property or loan but all mortgage fraud is considered a felony. Regardless of charge, it is important to consult with an attorney, experienced in white collar crimes, who can find weakness in the prosecution’s case and fight hard to help you avoid a felony conviction. #mortgagefraud   #Dallas  

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A DWI charge is serious enough, but if you are caught driving drunk with a minor or child in the car the penalties can be even harsher. The state of Texas may consider this a form of child endangerment or abuse and it may result in the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services removing your child from your custody.

Along with the fear of losing your child, you could also face the loss of certain types of government assistance, loss of ability to vote, loss of the right to own a gun and/or a possible criminal record. The Law Office of Richard C. McConathy has a strong track record of success in complex DWI cases and will work hard to secure the most favorable outcome. #DWI #Dallas 
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