The President cries...again.  Watch this incredible video of President Obama thanking his troops in Chicago after his (their) election victory.  Thoughts?
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He's the man, I am so happy that he won re-election. He will do so much good for the country you will see.
Any man would cry after the absolutely amazing effort put in by his staffers and the people that voted for him.

I am absolutely amazed by the effort put in by his reelection staff and volunteers.  
Beautiful, real emotion. 
Absolutely phenomenal. Mr. President, I will follow you into the whatever battles you see fit. This is the sign of a true leader of men, and women. Show no fear, even when showing emotion, give credit where it's due and get your hands just as dirty as the grunt next to you. My only regret is this will be the last 4 years of such leadership.
If only more politicians could think with their heart as well as their mind like this great man, the world would be a much better place.

Now I need a tissue.
Unfortunately, it's not a better place.  But with people like Barack Obama, they make it a little more tolerable.  
Great show last night! Really enjoyed... First time a caught it on TV. Won't be the last. Thanks for the laughs. :-) 
Why shouldn't he cry? It's a very emotional journey he's had the past few months,and the tears are of joy,release of tension,and just plain relief. Nothing wrong for a man to cry. I wish more men would cry(for real,not crocodile). Takes a stronger man to show his real feelings than to suppress them. Good for you,+ Mr. President!
Noah willson + what about those thousands of  Americans Bush killed ,what  about those thousands of Americans  Mitt Romney fired to get tax breaks ? We foregot about that shit ha ? And who gave the Navy Seal the  ok?
This is not a good man...this is a great man, a great father and husband and a great leader. You sir are truly an inspiration. I salute you Mr. President!!!
Classy and genuine, and a real leader. =)
Wait, so Boehner cries and gets ripped left and right... Obama cries and it's beautiful and manly? What. The. Fuck.
Because he was making a real heartfelt speech about the amazing people who worked hard in a historic campaign, and credited them for all the hard work?
Maybe the media will start covering the Lybia incident now that it can't affect the voting
Exactly why I love this President! He is so real!
Joe M
I guess it does not matter now. You have him for another 4 years.

How wonderful and Obama is such a wonderful person and he and Michelle and family and also the Bidens are such a great inspiration for us all to always approach things with love and to put in the effort to change the world for the better for us all.
Real man, who connects with people in all levels..others wonder why he is lovable? Great president for sure!!!!
Obama is by far 1 of the greatest presidents this country has ever had. It has always been evident that he is an honest good genuine guy.
No but seriously.....crying? What a joke 
+Liz Cannon take your joke and beat it.  he cries because he is real.  he has earned our respect and love.
lois l
We all have cried for whatever reason so your negative comment about his tears, remember that the next time you cried. Be careful of what you make fun of.
Mr president thanks . Its really great and memorable times . Thanks , thanks alot. And thank you very much. 
So proud that this genuine human being is my President.
He's crying cause he knows Romney should have won!
At least he loves something, because he doesn't love this country. His policies have made that clear. 
Romney cancelled his campaign staffs credit cards even as he was giving his concession speech. No taxi rides back to the hotel. No last meal to replace the three they just missed eating power bars and sugared coffee. No idea how to get out of the hotel in the morning or catch a flight back home. Boom; done. 

If he treats his own staff like that image how he would have treated you. 
I'm afraid that we'll all be the ones crying very soon. 
I continue to be moved by our president, Mr. Obama.  Noah, you are sick.  He gives props to our military.  I hope you don't have children, especially if they are of the age of potential draft.  But I can believe that Obama wants us OUT of war.  You present yourself as a moron.  Give me a tearful but beautiful, kind, smart, take us where we need to be president any day.
that's the great spirit Mr OBAMA.................
It's amazing at how some of these people are so well uninformed. Forget the talking points and political bias for a moment. Really, especially you who've lost. You sound pathetic. It's clear he's passionate and really believes in America and wants what's best for us as a people. So does the other side! We need both sides pounding out perspective on issues that benefit the whole. Not naive ignorance like some of these comments from people here. + Edward Schultz, + Liz Cannon, and + Noah Wilson who's avatar says it all. If some of you would help build America constructively and stop with the constant degradation we'd be a much better place.

+John Davis A President that blatantly disregards the constitution as "inconvenient"  doesn't believe in America, sorry dude.  You'll find out soon enough.  
lois l
+CJ Mitchell I find this hilarious. Saw it on the news and immediately fell out laughing lol. 
Wendy W
Romney thanked his staff by cancelling their credit cards.
You are a great man! very deserving of being our president, I am truly thankful you have been re-elected. Thank you
Possibly crying because he realized that America really is full of blind sheep who watch a viciously tainted media that "reports" with as much credibility and unbiasedness as.Snooki (think, hmmm, well YOU Larry, and that funny fella Maddow) and also allow their newly elected tsar get off the hook while being complicit in the deaths of 4 Americans in Libya. Those aren't tears of thanks... Those are tears of relief. He pulled another one over on America.
Wow Tim, bitter much.  Look, most polls had Obama winning through out the election (especially at the electoral college level), it was the "tainted reports" of Fox that had itself in a bubble.  Let's be factual here, Obama won by a bigger electoral margin and a slightly bigger popular vote margin than Bush did in 2004, but you don't see him coming forward with a "spend some political capital" speech.
What a man! And what a privilege to have him as our president! 
+Tim Connors Don't you have a bunker of despair somewhere where you hide and give your man-love to Dick Cheney and Dubya? All this space above the surface is for people who can face reality. 
Lazy, actually. Romney was no great shake, but the executive order of allowing illegals to stay was pure pandering. The sudden support of gay marriage, pandering. That one day tour of Jersey with a "Rely on your government. We are getting it done! Nice job, FEMA! "...blatant pandering. And Libya... Well... Who IS supposed to run the country and be plugged into all goings on? And Candy Crowley? Come on... Nooooooo bias there..
So Esmond... That mom in the pic? Parents pay your taxes? Served in the military? Sit home, strum your guitar and dream of utopia? Hit the real world some day. Drop by. Say hi... Read up on the far reaching effects some of your leaders policies will have. Call me an idiot.. But I read. I have facts. I debate. You, my young friend, have the blind idealism of youth. Hold on to it tight. Real world hurts. So does the truth.
And in the process of his reelection unemployment went up to 10%
Funny Hillary Clinton is labeled as a weak leader for tears, but when Barrack cries its magical and "humbling." Please! I know today the America we know votes with they're feelings, but the rest of the world doesn't function this way and sadly thats never been a successful approach. The rest of the world understands politics and how strong leaders portray themselves. Maybe Libya, the drone attacks and a Russian sub encounter off of our coastline doesn't mean much to the ill informed, but it says a lot in the international affairs world. Its Barrack being tested. And we look weaker then the day we were born! Congratulations America! Your an idiot 
But why, Bea.. expand on your deep faith..
Election is finished. Stop the melodrama and get back to raping the bill of rights.
That's what we called caring about people.u know ,people will look back after this guy is gone from world stage,and say ,this was a greatman.
Liz cannon you are a freakin genius and helped me out for when i debate with another stupid libral thanks
Thanks Colby! Let us keep shitting on this week! And may the House fight the good fight
My thought is that since there were thousands that never even received their absentee ballots he probably shouldn't be thanking any of the troops. 
+Oliver Brown it seems it is disregard when it doesn't fit your views. There's been no disregard for the constitution. It's a shame when our governing body can't put the people first. However it is even the more horrendous when it's people do the same. You see what you want, but don't miss the forest because of the trees.
Congratulations President Obama. We look forward to another four(4) years of great leadership. A lesson learnt from all this election is that, we must always fight for what we believe in, and that belief is you. (You are the only president in this current time who is suitable and strong enough to lead and take this country forward.
But how? How is he such a great leader? We cave to Iran, bow to Saudis, lie about Benghazi, push amnesty on a burdened health care and.economic system. And.for what? What has he done? And please, Bush is gone. Use a relevant rebuttal.
those are not real tears ,, 
Its great to think that there are two sides to an argument until you actually read what the other side is saying.

Republicans seem to represent the lowest common denominator.
its great that half this country in 2008 voted for someone based on ideas, soaring rhetoric and no qualifications. Yet in the 2012 somehow these same people adopt a higher standard by demanding Gov. Romney prove to them in GREAT detail of why he should earn they're vote. What the hell is this crap. Its a joke! You voted for a man that was equivalent to a ballon full of hot air. What qualifications did Barrack have besides being a good public speaker. Yet somehow Gov. Romney was held to a higher standard and pitted up against someone who, once again, has done nothing. Man, the only changes the Republican party needs to make for a 2016 win and gain in Dem votes is to speak in circles, promise a cure to world hunger, offer Oscar goodie bags and promise everyone a unicorn if elected. Oh Obama isnt a ballon full of hot air? Oh he was successful, Oh he got Osama Bin Laden! Spoiler alert: we had Osama multiple times prior and the dude didn't want to pull the trigger. Matter of fact dude only pulled the trigger because he was advised to for the 2012 elections. Read about it! The Seals confirmed this too as they're asses were on the line multiple times ready for our fearless leader to take out a man responsible for the lives of thousands of Americans. Yet he waits, only to pull the trigger for HIS chances of reelection. What does that say! But he did do it right the end he did give the green light so we should give him that credit. But there is always that flashing billboard of logic that says "Any President would have done this." I swear it will blow your mind to actually see what the hell is really going on if you pick up a book and stop relying on cable media sources. But in the end you won't, you will end up not caring about what the hells going on, drooling over the X Factor, and the next time an election occurs you will sucked back up into the bullshit that the democratic party and its lover (the American media)  knows you will fall for because of your reliance of censorship 
I suppose that Liz Cannons tirade means that she would prefer a sociopathic liar and parasite by the name of Romney should hold the reins. His ONLY agenda would be to further enrich HIS kind and nothing else.
because you know him so well right? Please tell me you pulled up his agenda on his website, read books about him, did your own research. Oh you probably didn't. You probably watch Chris Matthews in your cheeto stained underwear and take notes. lol Dude your lost. Go educate yourself. Learn to think for yourself. Learn to say "hey this guy really isn't the god we thought he was...WOW...he really fooled me!" No you won't. You will just keep getting dick slapped by Obama until this Country goes broke and you have no job. hahaha. You were warned 
Very insightful, topdog... And what is HIS kind? Hard working folks who made good money? White people? People more intelligent and motivated than you? Genius... You are THAT kind of person whose blatant ignorance will cost us all.
+Brian D Actually ignorant twits like you, Brian, who lower that denominator..
Tim, I think you misread Brian D's last comment.  I don't think Brian meant that to be a compliment to Republicans (At least that's the way I took it).  Am I correct on assuming that Brian?
Noah, Tim C. and Liz C.  You are all losers in this game because you missed the basic tenet of our constitution which was based on equal opportunity and TOLERANCE. This is the truth which will lead us forward. And I don't really believe that anyone would cry for no reason so tell it to your boyfriend the next time you cry Liz C.
I caught that one, Pat. Dawn, what the hell are you babbling about?
Hmmm.  So Noah is angry today.  No change from usual.  I can only guess why your girlfriend cries but don't have to look too far. If you really even have a girlfriend.  And you in the military?  I don't believe you're fit to join based on your picture alone.
Oops. Sorry Noah. That wasn't your picture I was recalling. My mistake.
My family and i wish you the best this time around you receive support from the republicans congress

President Obama have a damn good team.I don't think they wil be another.
Ohhh Renee.. I hope there will never be another like them.
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