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TOLL FREE: 1-800-810-5865

Junk Removal Services | The Junk Guys | Edmonton, AB

Couch Removal
Love Seat Removal
Pullout Couch Removal
Mattress Removal
Boxspring Removal
Bed Removal
Desk Removal
Dresser Removal
Television Removal
Sofa bed Removal
Table Removal
Chair Removal
Wall unit Removal
Hutch Removal
Filing Cabinet Removal
Patio Furniture Removal
Treadmill Removal

Refrigerator Removal
Freezer Removal
Fridge Removal
Stove Removal
Washer & Dryer Removal
Television Removal
Microwave Removal
Dishwasher Removal
Water heater Removal
Laundry tub Removal
Water Tank Removal

Wood Removal
Drywall Removal
Plaster Removal
Shingles Removal
Lathe Removal
Tile Removal
Flooring Removal
Bath tub Removal
Toilet Removal
Counter top Removal
Vanity Removal
Concrete Removal
Carpeting Removal
Brick Removal

E-Waste Removal
Electronics Removal
Piano Removal
Pallet Removal
Hot Tub Removal
Jacuzzi Removal
Shed Demolition
Clutter Removal
Tire Removal
Household garbage pickup
Clothing Removal
Dirt Removal , sod, soil
Sand Removal
Snow Removal
Gravel Removal
Above-ground pools
Trampolines Removal
Glass Removal
Tree branches and brush Removal
Yard waste Removal
Computer Removal
Computer Monitor Removal
Cardboard Removal
Paper Removal
Refuse Removal
Garbage Bags Removal

We remove and dispose:

-Satellite Dish Removal
-Hot Tub Removal
-Appliance Removal
-Specialty/ Oversized Item Removal
-Mattress Removal
-Big Screen TV Removal
-Pallet Pick Up Service
-Concrete Removal Service
-Piano Removal Service
-Shed Removal Service
-Construction - Renovation Material Removal

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How Old is Your Mattress?

Did you know you should replace your mattress every 7 years according to the Better Sleep Council. The coils lose their support, dead skin builds up and even dust mites can begin to inhabit your mattress. The Junk Guys can get rid of your old mattress. Call or book online today. 1-800-810-JUNK (5865)

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Junk, scrap, trash, garbage, clutter, waste, rubbish – Whatever you call it, we will remove and dispose of it for you!

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