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Join Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson for The Internship trailer debut and live Google+ Hangout  -- hosted by Conan O'Brien. Submit your video questions with #TheInternship -- yours might be answered!
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Somehow I missed this till now, even though the page is showing a first post date of Aug, 3rd. What +Louis Gray, (seeing you in the + 1s on the post) you forgot to tell your old buddy Chris?
As a YouTube marketer, making a video via HOA and tagging it sounds like a great idea to get some YouTube exposure +Vladimir Kroshinsky. But be it video of a G+ post, just use the hashtag.
what are we asking about?  those guys are funny and I appreciate the chance to have access to them, but i don't know anything about the movie, so how can I ask a good question?
+Dave Levine Well at least we won't be seeing Will Farrell in this one, good point too...
Everyone in hangout!!! Loving it
sao ma tieng anh khong vay ne
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