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Richard Burt III (The Icon Richie)
#TeamAndroid #TeamFollowback #TeamGoogle #FuckApple #STOPSOPA
#TeamAndroid #TeamFollowback #TeamGoogle #FuckApple #STOPSOPA

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We run through ten reasons that you should choose Android over iOS. This is why Android is the leading mobile platform across the globe. #Features #Android_vs_iOS #Apple

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Finally no more apple is k-12 
Google Dominates U.S. K-12 Education

Remember when Microsoft was the king of the classroom, and their biggest threat was being upended in some areas by Apple's iPad? Those days are gone. Nowadays, in U.S. education (and in some cases, in other nations as well), Google is becoming the 'Education Operating System'.

This ranges from using Google Apps with Microsoft or Apple hardware, to increasingly replacing those Windows and Apple machines with Chromebooks. Yes, part of it is the need for 'Test Machines' as Tim Cook claims, but even when this is the first reason for buying them, new uses soon emerge, especially if the school also uses Google Apps.

This isn't without its controversy, chief of which is the concern that Google might be violating student privacy, but realistically Google would shut off all tracking before they'd give up their advantage, so that alone won't turn the trend around.

Google is becoming synonymous with education, which contributes to students using Google services more on their own time as well. Microsoft knows this, and it's why they fought so hard to own that market for as long as they did.

Is your school or child's school using Google in the classroom?

#GoogleApps #Education #Chromebook

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Android wear for the none tech type 
Casio's first Android Wear watch is a rugged beast with one month of battery life. If you're the rugged or outdoorsy type, this smartwatch might be for you.


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TAG Heuer Connected, a $1,500 Android Wear smartwatch, beside my Huawei Watch.

#ces2016 #huafansces2016

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Sure is
"The best phone of 2015."

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Love my zero
What do you need to get started with Raspberry Pi Zero? What can you do with it? +Ben Nuttall's ideas for our $5 computer range from wearables to paintables to fly-ables.

Don't worry if you haven't been able to get your hands on one of these yet; the Pi factory in Wales is making more, and they will be reaching retailers. If you really really have to get your hands on one quickly, a subscription to +The MagPi Magazine (starting from £12.99/$37.50) is likely to beat high prices from eBay sellers!
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