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“That is mahogany!” - Effie Trinket

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I like the hunger games...gale <3
Sarah J
TEAM GALE FOR LIFE!!! Just look at my pic!! :P 
What is it bout ya"ll Yankees??? ya'all say,, pass the potatoes? drinking some pop? we here in the south say hey! pass them tators, and i wanna cold drink... ya'll
I went to the Midnight premiere dressed as Effie!
If you just kinda glance at it, it looks kinda like a lion....
Sarah J
Hahaha yeah it does!
Stick a knife in a mass produced table and Effie will yell at you? God Capitol people are so up tight...
I love that part! And Effie's hair :)
Haha I completely loved Effie :) When Katniss got mad at Peeta... Effie: MANNERS!
who r u for peeta,gale,katniss,or prim plz tell me
haha effie is epic. my best friend dressed up as her when we went to see the movie.people wanted to take pictures of her lol
u must be confused with mellark thats my friend u gots to be gales wife
I have a DESK! It is made of MAHOGANY! Most of you won't get that reference.
ok thats true but explain that to my sister she is love wit him
ik but everyone if u have an instagram follow delicious_foods plezzz
but she is only 2
y do u guys fite over that we all love peeta but not as much as mee lol !!
wat who u talkin bout mrs gale
u need to keep ur mouth shut i meant to say my sis likes him so shut up y u got to be hatin keep me out of you mouth
im done talkin to u ABBY COOK
peeta? no. gale? no. cato? YEAH BABY
good then quit talkin to me
MAHOGANY! good heavens what has this world come to?!?
Best dialogue was between Haymitch and Effie. . . They were crackng me up!
i like the book and the movie hehe :) CANT WAIT TILL THE 2nd one! WOOHOO ♥ hehe :)
At first glance, i thought that this was an award ribbon. Then i saw the quote. . .lol i am a retard. Lol
Hahahaj. . . So any A.L. Fun facts for today??? Lol
He is working on 2 mor songs and i want to hear them even though his songwriters kinda suk
Does he ever write his own? Will he try to someday?
OMG i luved this part!! The person who plays Effie is actually really pretty!!
yes. xzander honey i love u but u need a new song writer
Lmao. . . Yes i am a girl. Hahahahah. . .i thought i told you that the last time u asked me tbat. Lol 
mayb... i dont really remember things...
U and me both. . . Lol. . . This is my fake name, so yah. Lol
i love how I'm chatting with a stranger
I knkw right. . . Lol. . .i love how ya saw my name and fhen posted, "RILEEEE!!!!" Lol. . . It surprised me. 
ok u obviously didn't read the comments of everything the hunger games posted
Hahahaj. . . Im telling ya, they both had the funniest lines in the movie
I almost fainted during the bloodbath
when they were counting down, i almost died. THE SUSPENSE WAS KILLING MEEEEEE
i have no clue who all you guys are
152 comment
everyone in the theater i was at laughed at that :)
that's just funny. mainly because Effie really said that in the movie.
Oh look the Battle Royale wannabe that doesn't acknowledge it.
this was like my favorite part omg lolololol
+Oni Sorasousha Yes, that ripoff of Battle Royale. That blatant, outright ripoff that has a completely different setting, tone, overall themes, a different story and even uses the shared "kids fighting to the death" element in a radically different context for different reasons.

Suzanne Collins should be ashamed of herself.
+Max Phillips no she should not! The books were amazin! There are tons of stories that are like each other, Starters by Lissa Price was like Hunger Games, but it was different. ps, a lot of people use the "kids fighting to the death element.
yeah, on the train when katniss stabs the table with a knife that landed like between haymitch's fingers.
yes it was... when katniss stabbed the table while talking with haymitch on the train
the odds will never be your wish
At the beginning i cried because i was exited. Then katniss sed bai to prim and i cried. then the games started and i cried. then rue died and i cried. then cato died and i cried (of course). then they were on the train and i cried. pretty much, i didn't stop crying the whole movie...
Em M
+Carly houk how could you say that? A lot of people really like the books and the movie. Don't follow the hunger games if you don't like it. 
Em M
I cried when rue died too, team Cato... But, team peeta
I Hate That Part....... But I also lik it becas it reminds Katniss to stay strong and not giv up. am I right??
Don't forget

And may the odds be EVER in your favour!
-Effie Trinket
I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES! the way they portrayed the people in the capitol and the people in the districts...... it was just so amazing!
i love that movie! and the books!
OMG i still haven't seen the MOVIE yet aghhh it aggravates me!! man i am gonna read the 2nd and see what happens.
Need to read the books. Saw the movie, don't hate me for seeing the movie before reading, but I'll read them as soon as the book order comes in. Love the picture and the quote though! XD
I am on the third book, haven't seen the movie yet, Really enjoyed the books.
I love the movie and the book im on catching fire
i luv the hunger games there wonderful
+Adrienne Marquez first time?@Anybody, and what is the point in commenting is all people do is compete at whether their comment was first or fifth or whatever? it's stupid.
I bet this comment won't get any +1s
At some point today, I put a crud load of bright eyeshadow on for fun, looked in the mirror and shouted, "I LOOK LIKE I'M FROM THE CAPITOL!!"
''Congratulations sweetheart you just killed a place mat.''
thats the wierdest picture ever by the way chloe, fuck off! (too much ha's in ur comment)
Omg I <3 this!!! New fav??!!
For the people who don't like the Hunger Games, why are you commenting on the page and why are you on the page! If you don't like it get off the page! Nobody cares that you don't like it! 
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
Suki K
i luvvvvv the hunger games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Me and my friends saw it thurday at 6:05(we had no school friday) and we all crired (even the boys ) when rue died it was so sad but a great movie the best all year <43
still have'nt seen it yet
frozen pc deforest before you do any thing just rub some stick to gather or bang some rocks
+Mary P Sutton Don't worry, I agree with you. Dammit, I knew I should have written a "/sarcasm" tag at the end of that post.
its when they r on the train and katniss stabs the table with a knife
Max, i got what you were saying. . . Lol. I noticed how you said, " blank was so different. . . Etc. . . " Lol
that is favorite quote
i always say "may the odds be ever in your favor."
I think Effie needs 2 put on more makeup!! :)
i luv the part where haymitch gives Katinss a thumbs up and smiles at her. It was just silence in the theatre, then a lot of people bursted out laughing!!!
I seen Hauger games there's a lot of killing and stuf.
Muder kids mudering for a game.
I never s'all hunger games.I heard it was good hopefully I will get to see it next weekend.
it was really good! my favorite movie is still Footloose though!!
Really.I read the whole book in 7 days
I'm seein the hunger games 2morrow! Yahooo!
Westly I read it in 2! Was up till midnight both nights!!
I saw a girl that looked like Effie in forever 21 the other day xD
But was it the realll Effie. . . Hmmm. . . 
That was one part I was laughing and not crying ;)
+1 here if you saw the movie and was dissapointed that Haymitch didnt fall off the stage. . . .
i don't mind, i like the movie anyway
I loved the movie. . . But i would be even more in love if Haymitch had fallen off. . . Lolz
Ohhhh, Effie... I am going to buy a mohagony table just so I can say that!!!
I just went and saw it again and every time I see the part when rue dies, I ball my eyes out:(
effie is such a spaz, but still she's funny
did u like it? i saw it w/ my bff today too
Effie Effie Effie. What are we gonna do with you. 
ikr! i jumped even after my third time watching it!
the wolf monster thing scared me to deth
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and those were dog things, i think?
ikr peeta is sooo sweet
rue is really sweet, its so sad when she dies
The wolf looking things scared the shiz out of me!
Lol. My mom jumped and scared me! She scared everyone else too. 
I love how Effie was all worried about Katniss shooting the pig in the training sessions an Haymitch comes in grinning ;)
+1 if you love Haymitch and Effie!!
with all of these team this guy/team that guy stuff, it's going to turn into another twilight
Beth V
HAHAHAHHHA love tht!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is my second favorite quote in the whole series! My other one is

"You love me. Real or not real?"
"Real." its from Mockingjay!
yes Effie, it is mahogany. Anything else you want to tell us about your furniture?
I swear, sometimes Effie is so obvious it hurts.
Haley B
The whole theater erupted in laughter when she said that! 
Kassy G
hahaha! i love how thats what she cares about when she is essentially leading two teens to a fight to the death:) <3 effie
Of all the things she could have said, she said that. Classic joke though.
Does anyone know if Josh Hutcherson is on google plus???
it took me a long time to know what the picture was of
im going to be prim! my sister and her friend that is like my sister cried when prim died because she reminded them of me.
it must be the #1 movie in the country =)
You know it's funny. But d*mn thats weird
i saw the hunger games 4 times already
me and my friend were making fun of effie at tht part... lol
LOL...That's like my favorite quote during the first half of the movie.
so funny in my art class we were discussing colors and they said mahogany and i thought of the movie right when she said that cuz that was my fave part!!!! XD
I love how she's mad about the table and not how Katniss almost stabbed Haymitch.
I actually saw The Hunger Games on Sat. It was really good.
yeah it did have the part about manners
Effie is like the best character- "May the odds be ever in your favor"
Love her!! :)
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hee hee i luv effie. may the odds be ever in your favor!!!
IM GOING TO SEE THE HUNGER GAMES TODAY!!!!!!!! IM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!! (i know... Im a little late....) o well still excited!!!!
Can anyone tell me if they think homeschoolers are stupid and why? Or if they don't think homeschoolers are stupid. I would like to here everyone's opinion on it please.
To Ava Wolf haha I know Effie is worried about the table not Hatmitch and nice p.s
Can anyone tell me if they think homeschoolers are stupid and why? Or if they don't think homeschoolers are stupid. I would like to here everyone's opinion on it please.
is this a competition to see who can laugh the most? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahaahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
Piper P
just the way she says it is awesome!
movie was way overrated and a really big letdown, and at all the people who think it was the greatest movie ever and that it was really funny, well it wasn't and wasn't
''Congratulations sweetheart you just killed a place mat.''
I like Effie and Katniss. :)
That is one of my favorite lines from the movie
effie was hilarious every time she was on screen
I know right i was thinking the same thing!
LOL... other #1 fan of HUNGER GAMES> Proof: I read the ENTIRE series in less than 24 impatient Loving Life Hours!!!!!
Wow!!!!! But that's because you can read fast. I read the series in a few days but I really paid attention to every little detail.
Me too... But i was extremely bored and i was Sick... so i had not to go to school dinner lunch and breakfast were served in bed and i ust read all day... My mom thinks im becoming Obsessed.. which is possibly true. according to how Awesome it was...
when did effie say that? or did they just make it up.
she said it when catniss stabbed the tablemat in the movie
She said it when katniss almost stabed hamitch on the train
I love Effie. I wished I could go around dresed like that without being called a rich hobo's wife's stylist.
yeah whatever, but did you know that if you put enough pressure on coal it turns into pearls?
Piper P
I love Effie!
lAST COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oNCE AGAIN i GOT THE LAST COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
I love that quote!!
btw im the last
I THINK I AM NOWWWW !!!!????!?!?!?!?!?! I LUV HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!
last comment sorry i had to do that
omg i love Effie she is amazing and that IS mahogany!!!
I loved that part of the movie. Ha ha! Oh and last comment
oh, effie.....

(yeah! last comment!!! or at least i think so)
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