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Happy Monday! Pre-order your copy The Hunger Games from iTunes at
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where is the fair and reasonable game
School on Mondays for me, Hunger Games first, please!
Yes. .  work. . but not in an office. .  try working on a farm in the blazing heat. .  :D Fun. . .butttt. . yeah. XD
i agree with schools on mondays. they need a sleeping class!!!!
hey yall like the comment i did check on my profile look at the pics i posted and please commet on them 4 me i would like 2 c what yall think
my fav pic i posted is the 1 where i dressed my dog up in a dress in a hat it kinda looks like she is smiling
i wuz bored plus she looks so cute in it check it ou and leave a comment
if yall comment and like it i will dress her up more and post the pics of here
exactly... but i fell like you were like commanding us to... anyway ur dogs cute... iluvthis but school:)
sorry thank u i will tell her that some1 thinks she is cute she will love that well do u want me 2 post more pics of my dog dressed up in clothing u may no b able 2 tell but she is orange brownish and white
I'd rather go to the office then go to hunger games.
it depends on what im doing at the office but being in the hunger games sounds fun as long as i win but if i loose then ya im going 2 the office
well you can get badly enjured, you only have a 1/24 chance of winning!
haha! same i havent watched the hunger games yet when is it out properly like on dvd?xx
well if it wuz 2 survive i would not mind but feel guilty after word plus i wuld try and get cato 2 love me or thresh but cato
Thats how i felt about school
have you whatched the movie or read the book?
ive seen the movie and read the book but only the first 1
gale helpe kill how i dont remember that part
I read the books (3) and saw the movie. I hated the movie (except for josh hutcherson!!!!! 😄) and the book is better!!! I recommend the book!
yeah the book is better but  also liked the movie 2
Yea...if you've actually read all three books, the movie was pretty terrible. I hated it too.
TEAM GALE all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:) there was SO MUCH WRONG WITH IT. I even went to see it at the midnight premiere! 
oh, and Team Teams-Are-For-Twilight ROCKS
Ray Zzy
Same way I feel about school some days, but luckily it is SUMMER
funny and my mom won't let me get the movie cuz she is scared of the hunger games!!! + if u feel my pain!
lol i feel that way sometimes
i dont want to die
so.....................................Hunger Games
qustion for everybody
if u enter the Hunger Games what place do u think u will be in? 1st?2nd?3rd?.......
very true but instead of the office school
what was so great about this movie? i mean, yeah it was a good book series, but nothing to die over, and whats up with the teams things like in twilight? I mean Peeta is a stalker, katniss is unlikable, and gale is a moody jerk, so please, what was so great about this movie? 
i have watched you walk home ever day since we were 5, how is that not being a stalker? in the books it doesn't seem so, but in the movie it does
and as for katniss, well, the one redeemable fact is she saves Prim from entering the hunger games
and gale, well, he didn't get much screen time in the movie, but even in the books he isn't that likable, 
Willingly enter a fight to the death where the probability of you surviving/winning is slim instead of going to work on a Monday? Now that's not a bad idea! 
+Stephanie Scoma Why? if you enter at the same time as katniss, that just means that you die, and anyway that means you have a really bad life, are hungry most of it, don't have a very high chance of living past 45
would you rather enter the hunger games, or inroll at hogwarts?
and nobody has answered my earlier questions of why it was so great,
and it was only #1 because nothing good came out until the Avengers, which blew that out of the water by breaking the record for most money in the first weekend, and the hunger games didn't even get close
i would be the guy who waits for two guys left and be the assassin
dont hate on the hunger games trust me the book are way better
+Camryn Dana its not a terrible movie, but if it had been done right by the book, it would have been rated R, but i agree its not that great of a movie and doesn't deserve half the hype it is still getting
the hunger games is awesome but i think i would rather go to work than be killed by crazy tributes
i would like to find the books but i cant find them in the stores!!
i know i can, im looking forward to catching fire, as it can be more like the books that the first one was
i would survive for a while in the hunger games if i was sent in right now, depending on who else was their i might even make it to the last 5 
Haha. Did you see the awards Jennifer Lawence and Josh Hutcherson got on the MTV Movie Awards?
Piss off bitches it was a good movie
Hub Pie
I just need to read MockingJay!
looks like someone has a case of the mondays...
Haha sooo funny but sadly true!
i'd rather enter the office on mondays then go in the hunger games. because the hunger games are horrible.
(things peeta says when you're not looking)
i love the hunger games and thats pretty funny lol
I don't get it whats said in there?
I want Catching Fire 2 come out already!!
I just saw that movie the other day, it's really interesting.
:) same here...but with school!
I'd enter the hunger games just to be with Peeta
Harry Potter Fans I would love to go to Hogwarts!
Percy Jackson Fans Camp Half Blood sounds so much fun!
Hunger Games Fans NO THANK YOU
I'd do it to get out of school mondays
i'd rather enter the hunger games than enter school every day!
why has nobody answered my questions? and what awards did they get?
Hunger games is horrible, it's so fake
Haha i feel the same way about school Monday Mornings!! :D
id rather enter the Hunger Games then go to school on Mondays
OH MY GOD!!!!! 

i guess when u think bout it schools easier u dont have to worry bout  dying every second
still, nobody has answered my questions, what made it so great, and what awards did they win?
if your teacher is breathing down your neck because you forget you homework and thinks your a slacker than yea. I have to worry about dying EVERY SECOND
Love it!! Rather b with the HG than in school. 
I feel the same way but with school
I'm in a younger school on mondays is how I can relate :-)
i am in love with the hunger game series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its fantastic!!!!!!!
enter the office on Mondays,hha
Movie was trash! Horrible story-telling/directing/acting - the script was there... In the book!! #1 in BO, #0 in my movie collection.
the movie didnt explain exactly wat happened in the book lik if u read the book and wat happened to peeta mellark they didnt put it in the movie! both the movie and the book were great. cant believe catching fire comes out November 22,2013!! :(
~team gale~
omg lol. so you'd rather die then go to work. intense stuff there...
julia s
maddie jarvis
you would probably win a contest for being modest to
julia s
i really want to find a whole bunch of crazy hunger games fans who volunteer themselves to be put in to a real hunger games
i know it might sound like torture but if they volunteer
Tu pene es muy paquito y yo punta tu mama
about as funny as "I'd rather enter a nazi death camp than ..."
ya. so true. even though i dont have a job. It would be soooo uch more EXCITING!!!!
cracks up so bad i fall off a cliff GOODBYE MOMMY
HAHA lol same with school :) can't way for catching fire!!!!!
lolz I ♥ THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
waitin for the other hunger games. im ready loved the Hunger Games
I love The Hunger Games <3
Forever my love.. ;3
 I'm the fan #1 of the Hunger Games!!!!!!
loved the Hunger Games!   I also don't want to go to the office on Mondays
because the HG is awesome!!
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! same here
I would go to work... No question
Um, I'm scared now..............................
wait you don't enter the Hunger Games, you're chosen so you don't exactly get a choice
At least I live at the office o_o and no fighting weird beasts
Wait a minute.... I take back the beast statement..
Hunger Games are more fun!
The hunger games would be sooo much better!!  :)
I'd rather enter camp half blood than enter my collage gate after a long sleep on Sunday
i would totally enter in the games but i would die in the bloodbath
no they r both VERY AWESOME!!!!
i would grab a pack if possible and run as far into the woods as possible
OMG THE DVD ISNT COMING OUT TILL AUGUST 18TH!!!  I need tht dvd sooner or I'll die! I am a huge fan of Josh Hutcherson had a huge crush on him since Bridge to Terabithia came out!
would just not do any of them
Hunger Games is like the office, painful and something you don't wanna do X3 
is that really possible? cuz if it is, im on it...
I love love love love love love love love love love this!
i love it too !!!
love hunger games!!
GLIMMER SHOULDN'T HAVE DIED! Well, I mean, there should have been 3 victors. Nothing against Katniss or Peeta.
ya but make that school not the office and ill agree fully  
That's funny but i would say Fridays no Mon days
heeheehee - though I would have to say Wednesday
Piper P
nope sorry :D
thats strange..... 500th comment! +1 if u done on before!!!!!
last comment... i love you
I LOVE HUNGER GAMES!!!! (500!!!!)
i dont know what i would rather do go to school or the hunger games
wow last comment big whoop :/ anyways LMAO
Nice try, I'm the last comment :D
nope this is the last coomment! hahaha
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