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Happy President's Day. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Don't forget, tickets to The Hunger Games go on sale this Wednesday, 2/22.

Image: in the style of +OBEY GIANT
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I CANT WAIT!!! :D.....HUNGER GAMES<3333333
thats awesome...president snow ahhh what a nugget
That's Snow? I thought he looked older.
This Wednesday... Finland too? Hopefully.
I looove the hunger games, cant wait for the movie!!!
HEY! It's a stupid annoying president who strangles himself! How's the underworld? So EXCITED!
Hunger Games...the best! I've been anticipating this moment!
Snow is a cruel, horrible bastard. :P
The presidents are both annoying in this book. Coin and Snow. Good thing they both die. HURRY MARCH 23RD.
I agree with above comment. ^ Just look at the above picture. :P
no offense your friend sucks. :P
I'm on Mockingjay on my Kindle Touch..... procrastinating on here......
that guy is super evil in the second book!
good for you. Go live your troll life. ;P
LOL!!! I read the Hunger Games on my Kindle Fire!
I have two obsessions-Hunger Games and House of Anubis. Hee tee.
I just hope they don't screw up some of the really important details. Like the Mocking Jay Pin. :D
Hunger Games is the best saga out there right now!
I'm such a dork watching Ninjago on YouTube.... but still...... PEETA!
The three most popular sagas-
1st was Harry Potter
2nd was Twilight
3rd is HUNGER GAMES!!!!
In the books it wasn't hard to choose Peeta, but in the movie it is going to be hard to resist Gale. . .LOL
Well, I love Josh Hutcherson, but him with blond hair is going to take some getting used to. . .
Peeta is just a little insane in the last two books from the tracker jacker posion. :D
Honestly tho, they are both extremely fine!
I like Thresh! I don't know why! He's just awesome!
Yeah........... but he's hot! LOVE LOVE JOSH HUTCHERSON EVEN WITH BLONDE HAIR. Gale is ok......... Liam Hemsworth
But I have loved Josh since like. . 4 eva!
I am just hoping that the movie will stay true to the book. . .
I was to chicken to read Hunger Games for a while... same with HOA. NOW HE'S AMAZINGNESS. I have some awesome pics of him in my profile.
"Is that wrecking ball staring at me?" -Cole
"That was the closest we would ever get to love." -Katniss
The closer it gets to the day, the slower the days will pass! :( i don't think that I anticipated any of the Twilight movies this much. . .almost,but not quite. . .
Ha ha! I anticipated the Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D and I haven't seen it yet............ PEETA.
I just LOVE who they picked to play Rue, she is exactly how I imagined her to be! And ha ha about the star wars! LOL
I <3 Rue Too! I was sad she died. :P
i looked at that pic and was like Donal Sutherland? Then was like nope just so old white guy, then i realized wow that is Donald Sutherland lol
LOVE LITTLE ANAKIN. HE'S A LOT SMARTED THAN IN EPISODE 2 AND 3. Hee tee. I have a lot of weird obsessions.... Ninjago, Pokemon......
No joke, I cried when I read that part, there are prob wet spots on that page. . LOL
A bit.... but the POOR JEDI KIDS. HE KILLS THEM. In 2 he's ungly.
I agree that in 2 he is ugly. . .But yeah. . I wasn't the obsessed one in my family, it was my 3 bros. . .
My sister loves House of Anubis!
But no one is better than Peeta, I think we can all agree. . LOL
I LOVE HOA ITS THE BEST EVER!!! FABINA SIBUNA! I'd kill senkhara if she wasn't already dead......
And I think we've clarified that Peeta is awesome!
I still say Cato! Or Thresh! I don't think Peeta is all that hot...
Random quotes:
"I love the smell of land hurtling toward you in the middle of the night." -Cole
"Luke I am your father" -Darth Vader/Anakin
"They will either want to kiss you, kill you, or be you." -Finnick
"WWVBD. What would Victoria Beckham do." -Amber
Why is it that in all of these types of sagas, that peeps talk about how hot or awesome the guys are and all but ignore the lead chick?! Go Katniss! LOL
I thought that thresh sounded alright too, not gonna lie. . .
I already know Dumbledore dies, so I don't think I will be watching this movie.
Hahahaha! I gotcha! LOL I at first didn't like who they chose to play her, but she is growing on me and I think she will be great now. . .I am just too critical I guess! LOL
Thank you! I like Thresh! Everybody does ignore the lead chick! Because, if they're like Bella Swan, there are plenty of reasons to ignore them!
yay want to see peta and katniss there my fav
Katniss is awesome!! Peeta + Katniss = Peetatniss.
Fave character? KATNISS AND PEETA.
Thresh, Cato, then Finnick!
i LOVE Cinna and his character! He is awesome! And Hayitch turns out to be great too. . .eventually. . lOL
Cato's annoying and mean. HE GETS EATEN BY MUTTS AND TRIES TO KILL KATNISS AND PEETA. Thresh is ok. He's nice because of the Rue thing.....
Thresh had a good character underneath everything.
Yeah that's true.....
1. Katniss and Peeta
2. Rue and Prim
3. Finnick
Finnick and Annie have the most depressingly sweet and inspirig story ever.
I love those two, they're so adorable
But does Finnick die? I forgot what my friend told me...... and I'm too lazy to get my kindle..
yeah he does, and I wanted to cry. Annie was pregnant too.
Yeah, he does. . It was so sad. . he was really growing on me. . .You haven't read it yet?!?!?!?!
See that is the inspiring part, though. Annie was with child and you can believe that life will go one for Annie.
I wonder if I will be as annoyed with Effie in the movie as I was in the books. . .LOL
LOL, Well, I have the hard time of figuring out which parts happened in which books, because in my mind they all flow together. That part was so sad, I totally saw it coming, but It still shocked me.
Yeah, I am just glad that certain people are exactly like what I thought they would be. . LIke, Rue and Haymitch.
Cool :)
I guess there is time to read them all over for like the 7th time. . .and maybe again for the 8th. . . LOL
Somehow I imagined him to be more "fake" and a plastic surgery gone wrong. . .
hahah agreed and also he looks a little to skinny u know someones laid off the cookies
hahahahaha! Yeah. . . and where are those super Angelina Jolie puffy lips at?
Yeah, I guess that is what makes the story. . But it doesn't get any easier.
SAMME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I REALLY LOVE PEETA!!!!!!
Yeah I so agree, but I also really never liked the other president either and was happy when Katniss chose to kill her.
Sorry, Katniss is the worst heroine ever.
I'll be happy to discuss, but won't spoil anything here, just in case there's one person out there who's waiting for the movie, instead.
Muh Bad! please disregard any further comments that might spoil any part you have yet to read. . .
At least Katniss is realistic. Because most heroines are sappy and not at all what they would be in the real world. . .
LOL this is soooooooo funny....................... i cant wait until the hunger games arive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Katniss has a strong and defiant spirit. I admire her for being strong in a world that she has little control over.
Definitely the best dystopian story eva! <3
Somehow I get the feeling that this poster will NOT be hanging in my room. . .ever. . .
Love the Hunger Game series. Best books ever!!!!
omigosh so excited i just finished the book last night can't wait!!!!
I am so going to do that sign with my fingers after the movie is over! Who else is going to do it?!
i love it and hate snow Luv Peeta
lol, the evens have a say to you know...
Oh my god i love Hunger Games i read the books! I can't wait to watch the movie! :)
I cant wait to the Hunger Games comes out.....what is taking them so long
Can't wait.. have been waiting for this for ages!
Down with the Capitol!!!! BOO SNOW!!
im so going to see that on the first day it comes out!!!...... With my BFF
i really want to see the movie. My whole class and i mean it. Are reading the books and we all finished them in about 4-7 weeks.
I thought he wouldn't look as... umm. OLD!
The only part he is good at is creating conflict so that there would be a story. LOL :)
imma win the huger games
district 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG i am being a crazed fangirl but I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!
Whoohoo! Can't wait. Nice poster. Books were great, hope that the movie will be up to our expectations.
That president SUCCKKKSSSS
he needs to go die in a hole
How is OBAMA a good president??? He reopened horse slaughter houses and he supports abortion! That's not cool!
But why are we letting politics infect the one thing we all have in common which is passion for HG?
I can't wait!!!! Josh Hutcherson is H- O-T HOT! He originally brown haired tho :/
hungerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr gamesssssssssssssssssss! yessssssss
how long is the movie going to be
movies under 2 hours are too short
I can't wait!!!!!!! I love the books I hope they can pull off the movies!
I know, I think that it might take me a lil while to get used to Josh as a blond. And Liam, the last time I saw him, he had dark hair.
Is that image equating Obama with an albino pseudo vampire, considering he is the president in the referrent image?
hate snow :P smells like blood and white roses..
تحياتي للجميع انا بقول كتير منيح هيك العاب بتمنا من الجميع الاستفاد من هيك العاب في الايام القادم والف شكرآ علي الجهود المستمرا
Just finished the series a few days ago and I cannot wait for the movies!!
I read the books super fast to make sure i finished before the movie and i can't wait to watch the movie!
im so excited for the movie i feel like a lil girl eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
How can it still be a whole month away?!
That looks like Donald Sutherland to me. No, I have no idea what Hunger Games is.
Jenna C
team gale. no, team peeta. idk. but gale never got a chance. hm
Not how I imagined him, but he's still shocker creepy either way. Quite the control freak President Snow is if I do say so myself...
OMG cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im on the second book now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
President snow drinks blood+ his mouth is always bleeding from the poison he has to drink to prove things. That's why he's so heavily perfumed+ always wearing the creepy red rose and handkerchief. I hate him yet pity him for the poison crud
I pity Snow and Coin both for losing their lives over the same problem: Their greed for power. History repeats itself again and again, both in reality and in fiction...
R Riz
Does that mean midnight of 2/21 or midnight of 2/22? if that makes sense...
ahhh i have to get them tomorrow before they are sold out!!
R Riz
does that mean midnight tonight or tomorrow night at midnight? if that makes sense...
R Riz
...Anybody will to answer? it was just a question...
R Riz
ok. do you know the answer to my question? if teh movie tickets are coming out wednesday, does that mean tonight at midnight?
Answer My Question Will You Watch My Awesome REview On Hunger Games
R Riz
thanks, tamara! I guess I'll be staying up then!
and p.s Jenna: you would srsly put TWILIGHT before HUNGER GAMES?!?!?! there is death and blood but its still a better love story than that
I hate to say this, but this is not how I pictured Snow in my mind when I read the friggin' amazing books
im at the part in the book were Katniss goes into the arena
sorry i don't no what u ppl are talking about so i'm just commenting on the post
Interesting poster... May the odds be ever in your favor!
grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! "President" Snow . . . . . . .
down with president Snow!!!!!!!!!!
SNOW + BEARD= SANTA!!! in his case eviiiiiiiiiil santa
isnt snow portryaed as young in the books?????????
hunger games rock!!!!!!!!!!! seeing it on thursday
Can i cut off his body parts one by one untill he dies then feed his remains to the mutts???
Hungery for The Hunger Games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
snow is like the worst president ever!
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