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Thank you for helping us achieve a rare trifecta: The Hunger Games is the #1 Film, Book, and Album in the country!
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Well it deserves to be! ;) best movie/ book/ album ever!
love da bok kummin from a bookhater :P
Well it deserves to be #1 in the country!
i love it i want 2 c it again i wish i could read faster lol
omg i totally am in love with the movie and books!!! who is going to play finnick in the movie??
I've seen the movie 3 times!! team peeta because gale rhymes with fail
Saw it today, wonderful movie!
in response to the post: yay!!!!
omg i LUUUUUUUV da cave scene!
sooo romantic
<3 peeta
boo hoo!!!!!!!!! I<3 RUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUNGER GAMES 4 LIFE!
The hunger games is my favorite thing ever!!!!!!!!! But why can't it be the exact same as the book? The book is so much better then the movie. Peeta mellark is so hot and amazing and I love him sooooooo much like you don't even know. 
KC cruz
love this movie so much the of best movie of 2012
I AM THE #1 FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1+ this is you LOVE (!!!!!!!!!) The Hunger Games (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) more than anything else in the ENTIRE world right now
i laughed when rue died!
AHH! i love the hunger games! i read all three books in four days and saw the movie the weekend it came out! i love this im a geek for it!;)
waaay over rated just like twilight but the movie itself was better in every aspect then twilight
... OVER RATED??????????????????????????????????????????????????! YOU'RE KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This movie was awesome. Beware "Capitol City"
I'M SEEING IT ON THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Kassy G
AAHHH!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! AAHHH i love it when they kiss!! my fav is the cave scene cuz thats when there "relationship" (for the audience) begins..<3
BEST MOVIE IN THE WORLD! i am in love with the books and the first movie!!! <3333 :)
I HERD 2DAY THT TAYLOR SWIFT PLYS A SONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
Luv this movie!!! Go TEAM PEETA!!!!!
Katniss needs to get together with Gale!!! And Rue needs to miraculously come back in the next one! :) I'm so reading the books!
SAME!!!! i REALLY LOV PEETA and Katniss i am so much like her
That was the best movie ever I saw it the day after opening night
I love peeta! Sososo much! But katniss is amazing I wish I was more like her. I think gale needs a girly girl because with katniss thyr too friendly and not I think peers and katniss have gone through so much together and they r perfect for eachother!
Best movie ever saw it twice one after each other.
the background music wasn't in the movie!!!!!! O.O omg i love this song!!!
bad movie it only got 3 1/2 stars boo
stupid movie more of a chik flick t
Shows how far gone Hollywood is. Rip off Battle Royal, break records across the country. Makes total sense.
It's a great series and the movie actually was better than I though it would be.
i really liked the movie but the bok was way better
ohhh yeah! way better i still loved the movie though!!!
I want to see this movie but my grandparents said that it was "dark" I said "That is the best part about it!"
so why not everybody learn to read
not that sad... ( if u think it was extremly scary and sad, ur a big loser)
Imagine if the Hunger Games actually happened. What district would you be from?
I want to see this movie so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOOOVVVEDDD that movie and the book!!
i did too. and of course it is the #1 Movie Book and Album it is the best Movie book and album!
I <3 Hunger Games
I loved the movie!!! It was SICK!!
im hungry guess i gota go 2 the hunger games
LLLLllLlLLlLOOooOooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooOOvVvvVvVvvvVvVvvvVVvVvVVvVvVvvVvveEeEeeEeeeEeeEeeEeeeeEeeEeeEeEeEE The Hunger Games series reading the second book now! yay excited!
A few scenes in the movie were so violent, they made me so sick, but the movie was still really awesome.
imma see it 2morrow with my friends ;)
Katniss is so awesome ;) Definitely the number one book in america.
katniss is hot
Omg hi selena Gomez!!!!!! I read all three books in three days, and I AM OBSESSED so flippin good!
Listen to the "Music of Panem". It has the score of all three books.
Oh and TEAM GALE (until the end of the this but still kinda even after he...ok ok no spoilers!) soo... Still TEAM GALE
Please don't make this amazing movie/book into something like Twilight by making teams over guys... Please... :(
Omg lived that movie!!! Team Pette(did I spell that right?) all the way!!!!!
Best movie in awhile, fav part when Katniss sings "Deep in the Meadow" lullaby to Rue. Saw it twice, reading the books as soon as i can get my hands on them. My sisters were all over the books before the movie came out. Hate this whole 'team gale,' 'team peeta' thing, Stop turning this into a twilight thing. This is much better.
See Has
yeah on a scale from 1-10 i would give it a 8 or 9
Definitely. You guys got it all wrong. Team Rue!!!!!
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ur killing me!!!!!!!! i want to see it so badily!!!!!!!!!!!!
omgoodness this movie is freaking awesome! team Rue!
People say i look like her :
I LOVE HUNGER GAMES, you have to read the books to understand it more
Ikr like when they showed the the mine explosion with her dad in it
The movie was super fun to watch. =)
I respect people who love it, but sad to say i slept on the cinema
I was wondering why are people complaining about why Rue black in the movie when she was black in the book any way. It doesn't even matter. People now-a-days.
Great Movie! Needed something fun to do. Recommend it to anyone.

There is nothing new or original in this movie! The movie is a poor recycling of old themes.
It'sa great movie! It's mostly like the book, except for a few deatils. Go see it. :)
I've never heard of hunger games until about two weeks ago
I love this this movie but i want to punch katniss for playing with peetas little heart
this was the best movie iv ever seen in my life and when i saw this it put a smile on my face so has anyone here seen the hunger games
I don't get how the movie portrays the main character. She gets knocked out for 2 days, eats only a chicken wing afterwards, and has a enough energy till the end.
peeta isnt all that cute so i am tottally on katnisses side + i dont want this to end up like the twilight series us picking teams and all...
Not sure why, the movie was just "okay". "John Carter" was better, in my opinion.
tht is a werid movie why would u want to watch this kids kill each other for entertainment.
Brandie. it is a moving story.. you might learn something
i wish katniss could just love peeta from the start
sick! senseless killing. Haven't we had enough of this? Amazing how films like this spend so much money to entertain killing. I will not watch any more of this shit!
The best movie of the far.
Why did people laugh when Rue died? Why are people ( +Sharif H ) even bringing that up on a post like this? Immature and pathetic.... Sorry. Great movie though, I saw it 3 times =)
I can't wait to see the movie. That clip makes me want to see it even more.
Emma Wu
COOL... I luved the movie, book and my fav song fromt the album was safe and sound...... In general... I LUV THE HUNGER GAMES
I saw the movie twice... But I drank two bottles if water before which was really dumb so I missed a lot of the it the first time.
I thought it was a really good film just dont set your standards to high if you havent seen it
or if you have read the books, igs a good movie don't get me wrong, but the books better by far
Mocking Jay was horrible. The first two were better.
So it must be good, right?
Well deserved! Fantastic film and I'm sure the books and album are just as good!
what? you foolish mortal this is based off of a book you noob, I've read it and it's totally original. Oh, and what's battle royale? :3
Team peta and catnus= team penis
I didn't care for it, it's somewhere between Ben Hur and Romeo and Juliet with some kind of draft like the one we had for Viet Nam which I feel good that they sent me home after 3 days in the service for high blood pressure since I truly believed I would die in the service, since all I ever saw every night on the news was death.
How is this number one anything? Battle Royale fused with Twilight when it really needed a dash of Hanna.
if u have seen the movie then u would agree with me when i say that GALE IS A CRY BABY AND KATNISS DESERVES PEETA AND NOT HIM!!!!!!! uuuuuuuggggg i hate gale! and luv peeta!
omg im like the biggest hunger games fan ever! i saw the movie the day it came out. i liked the books better than the movie though
Eric C.
Ca sent la grosse copie de Battle Royale.
It smell like a copy oh "Battle Royale".
The books and movie r both fantastic!
I saw this movie feeling that I wouldn't like it. I'm glad I was wrong! I enjoy that this film has a true heroin.
Anyone who has read the books knows that Team Peeta wins. Team Gale loses.
Movie was weak, as well as the acting, and should've been rated R so that it could impact the audience more with its message.
Just heard Hunger Games wont screen in Vietnam due to censorship. Too bad
It's the top rating movie in Malaysia now, but I haven't watch it yet. Gotta watch this!
i saw the movie and the book and the were both awsome
Any real hunger games fan would now that 
i disagree hosna person gale is well the best anyways better than that pig peete
Rip off of Battle Royale - Twilight version now.
so what is this move about again?
I just finished the audio book and am hooked...I'm waiting for Mocking Jay from the library next.
Best book I've ever read.
have the book! Have the album! Seen the movie! Twice! Is anyone suprised that this happened? I'm not! The hunger Games is amazing!!
It´s such a waste of time I could just ask my money back!
Stop jocking the industries dick and actually DO something for the world. Stupid consumers.
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i wanna see this movie sooo bad my friend saw it
i heard that the book is well better than the movie is it true?
Yes Madison, it was. I'm only 9 and I enjoyed it!!! LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i really want to see that movie, it looks amazing. i have read all three of the books though...
the girl who is singing the song is Taylor swift :)
the hunger games are AMAZING!!! I LOVE THG!
Suki K
Best movie ever!!!!!!!!!! i <3 the hunger games!!!!!!!

Hope the others are just as great. Thanks for the ride.
WOW!! I like the part where she shoots a arrow at the apples and its blows up and Katniss ( Jennifer Lawrence) like flys backwards
I <3 THE HUNGER GAMES SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! i am obsessed! luv u!
love everything that has to do with hunger games! I don't remember Taylor Swift's Safe and Sound in the movie though.. anyone know what part?
i know every word to the trailors and the songss(:
amazing... I love this movie... almost exactly like the book
I saw it twice already! Every time I watch it, I try to commit a little bit more of it to memory!
tht would be cool if they made as many as Harry Potter or Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!
ya.... it wud but they wud have to have like 3 parts per book!!!!
Lily S
YESSSSSS THIS BOOK ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay so i saw the movie twice and read all the books and still am amazed at how good the movie was compared to the books
The Hunger Games is by FAR the best books ever made!!!!!!
oh my god oh my god oh my god i love the hunger games: best book, best movie, best everything!
Waayyy overrated!!! I'm waiting for the Dark Knight Rises, that will be the best movie of the year
i saw it!! and hated myself for not seeing it!!! but i read it.
SAW IT LAST FRIDAY @ 10 P.M.!!!!! SOOOOO GOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Book was great! Movie was good too, but kind of a let down compared to the book.
I hate it when on a hunger games post I can't coment cuz.. There r arleady 500 coments!! :( lol
I gotta comment on this!!!..
The movie is also good.. Not awesome as the books though..
Hunger Games is the BEST. Great Job with the movie, would do anything to see it again
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i am so damn m a d i still havent seen the damn movie!
AMAZING MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!! saw the premiere!
Not as great as the book!! But I still loved it!!
and it is(in my opinion) the second most overrated movie of this year, right behind breaking dawn
I swathe movie I liked it but the book was better

That is true, but the movie was pretty amazing.
you can have peeta i call gale the love of my life
no way... Gale is such a cutie!! I love him =)
peeta...josh hutcherson is WAY cuter than liam hemsworth
Yaa can't wait for catching fire 2013!!!!
last comment, so now theres no mores spamming for this post, onto the the next post(ps, peeta and katniss both suck, and gale is a douche bag, while Haymitch wasn't really that drunk most of his screentime and he didnt have enough screen time either, and the Capital, looked more like a factory near a dam, than a super advanced city, it should have been more like the city in Tron Legacy, that is a futurist city)

and Saba Amid, why does it have 5 likes then?
The Capitol was supposed to look kind of like a prison...cause that's pretty much what it was....
+Katie Crnkovich nooo it wasn't it was supposed to be all high tech and futuristic and weird get it right gosh. haha jk but seriously
Yay! Hunger Games should be the #1 movie ever!
btw im the last and 500th comment
Nope your #498 I am #499 But I will be #500 :)
Neither of you are, nor am I..Actually I am

i won 4 now.
i mean THIS comment lol
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