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“Rue is a small yellow flower that grows in the Meadow. Rue. Primrose. Neither of them could tip the scale at 70 pounds soaking wet.”

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Suki K
i luv rue and i love the hunger games!!! (5th comment!!!)
woah this pic is epic we all<3 u rue
i lyk rue from the crew,nice movie by the way
soo sad when rue died
i loved the movie
cant wait until catching fire comes out
and then i cant wait until mocking jay comes out
if there will be a mocking jay movie
i cried soooo hard when rue died in the movie!!! reading it didnt bother me but watching it just made me brake down
ooohhhh tht moive still makes mii cry
Cayla, i cried to. But, i havn't read the books yet..... I'm like The Hunger Games, biggest fan! And Josh Hutcherson biggest fan... Anyone else fell like this is Facebook or Twitter?
eden k
i love the HUNGER GAMES i was just wondering how you change your youtube account username
Suki K
THE HUNGER GAMES RULE!!!!!!! :) They r the #1 best selling movie and book!! :)
Suki K
i get so sad whenever i think about rue or prim!!!!
Cayla add me to ur circles......
anyone know if will ferrell has a gmail...?
i have to agree (best movie EVER)
They did an awesome job with that movie! Can't wait till Catching Fire! <3
I cried when rue died. If only Rue made it farther. TEAM PEETA/ RUE!
it wasn't an arrow it was a spear, nobody else was very good at shooting arrows, and it was gales idea with the parachutes but it was Coins orders that is why she shot Coin and not gale, and i didnt mind Rue being black, in my minds eye she was black, and it never says she is white, but i do think it says "dark skinned", and the movie wasn't that great, it wasn't bad either, but it will be the 2nd most overrated movie of the year(behind Breaking Dawn) and the books are always better, with the possible exception of LOTR and the first Narnia
gail killed prim... thts wat she thinks... and she kills coin
DONT YOU GET IT?!?!!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!!?1!!!!?!!!?!!!?!!?!!!?!?!!!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!!? RUE DIES!!?!!?!!!?!!!!>?!1!!?!!!!>!1!!!!!?!!?!!!?!!?!?!!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!?!?/!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!
o every single person in the whole world is mad because someone is of a different race. think again
I love the hunger games and this picture is awesome,but you guys have probably ruined a lot of the movie to those who havint seen it or read the book giving away things like what happens with Prime and the dogs.And if you've read the books then you will notice they left out a lot of things in the movie although it is good i am kinda disappointed in it. I look forward to seeing Catching Fire and i hope it is better. If you havint read the books and you've just seen the movie there is no way you can be The Hunger Games biggest fan.Just Saying.
Anyways TEAM PEETA!!!:)
Emmaline Teska-Everyone is mad because in the book she is not black.We just want it to be like the book.
If you couldn't tell that she was black when you were reading the book, you need to work on your comprehension skills. She is absolutely black in the book.
people people really are the hunger games really that great to get so excited about? ive seen the book and read the movie so get a life
Y did they make her die ( they= suzanne collins)
Sami D
love hunger games cant believe that Rue died.......
I love the Hunger Games series so much :)
That is so cool and that is a fact I ❤ hunger games 
I looove the Hunger Games and Rues death made me cry :(
bye :/
It was so sad when rue died!!!!!
I liv the hunger games I cryed when rue died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
I cried when rue died but thats cool most characters are named after flowers
so glad my son has taken an interest in reading these books and seeing the movies.
omg i really want to read the book!! is it good?
if rue didn't die i would be on team rue!
It's an amazing series! I defiantly recommend it!
I would have been upset if i didn't cry on that part of the movie. they did a pretty good job on the it, but love the book more too.
The movie and books were amazing, but please, don't relate it to "Twilight" -.-
my pop-corn was over by the dies rue died... I got bored of this horrible,boring movie, got up and left...
I hate how everyone keeps saying not to relate HG to twilight!!!! just because they both have teams doesn't mean that the teams are the same. HG teams mean more than jus who she loves, they also mean who katniss can trust and other stuff,too! In twilight, all the teams are Bout is love which Is far from hunger games teams! Why can't anyone see this?!?also, why should anyone care? If those people want to make teams, LET THEM! it's none of anyone's authority to say thAt there aren't teams. Also, those people who say there Are no teams just don't get it, that the teams aren't just about love!!!! 
the movie is amazing i loved the holl thing
i wish she would have not died she was so sweet!:)
I was sobbing when rue died in the movie
Cmon boys and girls you're the new generation supposed to end racism ... and explain us the elders that there is one Human race only. BTW it's not plain clear in the 1st volume that Rue ("Street" in french) is black or asian or caucasian. So please don't state she is (was) white in the book. What about Cinna?
i love the movie. it was really good. yah it is sad that she died!!
Me and my best friend could hear each other sobbing during the movie
luv that movie it was sad wen rue died i almost cried
I love this movie. It's the best movie ever
i did not see the movie should I?
Kassy G
aawww! I LOOVE RUE!!!!
just finished reading this book and now I am into Catching loved the book now I can see the movie!!
rue will forever live
it kinda sucks cause ive only read 2 books and in both my fave characters die
hg: rue, cf: wiress
Read the book, the film is awful in comparison!
I have a best friend whose aunt adopted a little girl from africa who looks like a younger version of Rue, so we were crying so hard when she died.
I haven't seen the film yet. Thanks
who knows where i can watch it free
the Hunger Games is so cool i watched it like 3 times
i dont get the full film on youtube
The movie was bad. What happened to the red-headed Avox girl? She's a really big part.
I think they just couldn't add anymore peripheral characters. They changed a lot, but the movie was brilliant.
Until you realize the white translucency is a super-imposed image, it just looks like they're getting high in the woods.
well thats the point mostly! awesome movie! so sad wen rue dies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but yeah, awesomest movie... ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whats the rating for the Hunger Games? (:
I <3 Rue and Prim they r so adorabel. that song safe and sound by taylor swift definetliy works when rue dies :*( and whan katniss is say ing good bye to prim beffore the games,
Team Peeta!!!
Sooo cute. I <3 Peeta and Katniss! Also, Rue!
just saw the movie last night.. very disappointing that this is what we call entertainment these days. twisted movie, left me feeling sick.
OMG i love the hunger games this is a kewl pic!
i would love to smell a rue flower in the terrible mood that i am feeling these couple of days
I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!!! ( you should read the books)
the movie wasn't as good as the book... sadly... but it was still pretty good... they just removed all the blood to make it PG... -___- but oh well.. still pretty good... :)
ahhh.... the hunger games..... hopefully they'll atleast make the third movie better than the book :]
Maya G.
There so pretty!
They picked the perfect people to play these characters!
More like 10,000,000,000,000,000 stars for the movie!!!
happy hunger games, and may the odds be ever in you favour
It is so dad what happened to Rue i cried
i <3 rure and catiness and im on tem peeta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And may the odds be forever in your favor!
Omg. I almost cried when Rue died. My friends all say I remind them of her(:
I pity Rue... She was an awesome character!
aww it waz so sad wen rue died......GO DISTRICT 11!!!!!!
Leah G
I love Rue and Prim! I wish I had a little sister like them!!!
I love Rue and Prim! I almost cried when Rue died
Lauren what dies ur profile pic mean?
Love Rue, so sad when she died!!! :((
love the movie, and the books!!!!!
i cried when rue died
WHAT!!!! D: how could you not know the hunger games :'( what a sad day!
how do you not know??????, read the books and see the movie
I love Rue!!!!! She is soooo sweet and cute!!!!!
and it was funny when she stole catos knife :)
OMG!! I didn't see the movie!! I need to see it!! >.<
i cried when rue died, and foxface could,ve went in a harsher way,mean girl
I only have six more chapters. So happy then I get to see the movie!
this film was a big let down, a poor version of Battle Royale mixed with The Truman Show.
The movie was awesome!
i loved the movie but i agree there wasnt a good camera dude
This has become like Harry potter but better 
sop hia
i <3 RUE & PRIM
I LOVE RUE AND PRIM... but if i could be anyone in this movie i would totally be jennifer... KATNISSSSSS<33
Dont relate ths to stupid teen drama vampire books that are so stupid it's not even funny
I love this movieeeee(: get at me bitchs lol
OMG my favorite movie everrrrrr:)
5 stars!
this is the sadest part if the movie
is the book good?
Yes! Even though some parts may sound weird to you, it will be your #1 book!
in the book i totally expected rue and thresh to be like way different
katniss i imagined the exact same as the actress
I sooo wanna go watch this movie again!!! It would be worth it.
yep i loved the movie but the actors were different
the book was ok but the movie is way better!
i saw the movie today and it is soooooooo good :)
This movie was badly written and badly shot.
I thought it was pretty good, but that is just my opinion.
Mainstream can still be good, it means that a lot of people like it. In this case, I think it was good.
It didn't suck it was awesome!!!! and that was not a waste of money!!! Who's with me!!
It was a great adaptation to the book.
the book is good so far what about the movie
I love Rue and Katniss when they're allies...they're pretty much unstoppable, until they break apart. Then Rue dies.
i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv the hunger games saw it last night
The movie is good but not comparable to the book.
Jow is ot dumb. Its the best movie ever and book
Peeta is so frieken hotttt!!!!!!
im just seriously hoping the mania will die down eventually
Totally agree with you Jack, that's why i watched that movie 3 times in theaters...totally worth it!
i was almost in tears when rue died in the movie
I cried when she died. It was such a toughing seen.
the move and book was soooo AWESOME!!!!!!
LOVE THE MOVIE BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN!!! AMAZING!!!!! OH NO RUE!!!!!!
I love the hunger games, the books and the movie!
ah duh... lol both are soooo cute!!!!!
Did you know that Hunger is the title of a novel by the Norwegian author Knut Hamsun and published in its final form in 1890?
stop with #TeamPeeta and #TeamGale this isnt twilight
i wanna watch the movie
u know what's depressing?? in the movie i didnt hear any of the songs i expected to hear......
soooooooooo team BOTH! i feel bad for gail, but katniss and peeta are so cute together!
RUE IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER! It is so sad what hapened to her i cyed when i read it in the book but even harder when i saw the movie! :,,(
I always wanted to watch this movie!!!
you should go see it. i saw it and that is my new favorite movie. what i am trying to say here is that it is really good! :)
well i like the books better....
The movie sucked. 'Nuff said.
I have never seen the movie but I want to watch it so bad
I luv rue!! But most of my love goes to Peeta!! :D
Best series ever the movie was not bad either!!!!!!!!!! I am such a total fan.. Prob the biggest in my school
I cryed like so hard when she died!!! :'( in the book & the movie!
Rue should have one with Katniss
i love the hunger games!! i cryed when rue died!!! :,(
i really like this movie i thought Rue and Katniss were gng to win
the more i see this advertised the less i want to see it.
I know guys who cried when Rue died it was so sad.
:( I want to see the movie again!!!!!!! It was amazing!
i sooooo want to see the movie again!! its awesome!!
OMG!! I <3 rue katniss is a root, which is kinda a flower!
I love the hunger games now all I have to do is read the book
poor rue i was totally bawling!! Luv the movie and the books even more..go hunger games <33
Okay....Rue is 12, Right? I do not know any 12 year olds who fall under that weight catagory
Ya it is

So hot!

Like ya 
Rue i miss her whenever Katniss brings her up i start to tear up a but
Rue was amazing. So sad she had to die.:[
Rue is so smart for being so young... Its sad later in the movie... :(
she died too quikley she needed to stay longer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No Im the last one
500th YEAH BUDDY! I <3 THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!! Love this scene soo cute
rue is so sweet i LOVE her
500 yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
umm...i dont think so. not to be a party pooper but mayb someone deleted their comment.
I am number 500! And I love Rue but is she an actual flower???
+1 if you are against the idea of having teams for this movie!!
nope not last comment srry RUUUUUE ISSS AWWWEEESOME :)
i lvoe rue she is like the sweetest thing ever...if only she had lived along with peeta and katniss...
ikr. :'( the meadow song!!!! mockingjay!!!
primrose and rue i love those names they're cute last comment?
i <3 rue and katniss!!!!! last comment!
Lucy M
ikr, that was SO SAD :'( I cried my eyes out... twice
stop putting last comment were not even close to the last comment yet
OMG... I love Katniis and Rue, I cried when she died 0.0
i hate rue
katniss wouldve have been the only one winning and everything would be ok and if u read the books none of that wouldve happened
You hate Rue!!! How could You! Its impossible to hate her! She is one of my favorite Characters
Rue= the best contestant (other then district 12) 
Last comment! I cried when Rue died, for hour. :(
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