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Katniss: “I think we have a shadow.”
Peeta: ““I think her name’s Rue.”

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I can't wait for the movie xD + 1 if it's gunna be epic :o
Ooh I'm jealous. I can't wait to take my kids to see this ;^.)
When reading the book, i did not imagine her as black... o.O
y r u skipping skool just to go see a movie for wht is wrong with people
I would skip if my parents wouldn't somehow find out. . .
awww babey rue the cuitest thing evar
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and in the buk even better
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :) :{)
Love rue soooooo much!
We love you, Rue! Even if you are a fictional character, you still manage to tug on our heartstrings. RIP Shadow Girl.
I am team Peeta in the books def. . but in the movie it wil be hard to stay true when they are both sooo hotttt. . . .
i aint missin this 4 the world gonna be boss boss
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3 <3 <3 :{) i am gonna see it wid my mates
OMG!!!!! can't wait 4 the movie!! it's gonna b AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!:) THIS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2 days b4 my b-day!!!!!! I'm trying 2 talk my parents into letting tht b my b-day present from them!!!!:) hope it wrks!!!!!!!!!!:/
i cant wait either!!!!!!!!!!! I am going Friday at 7:00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I miss rue!! :'( I can't believ she had to die!! WHY!? WHY THE MADNESS!?
even though rue will be died she is still alive in my hrt
i bet this is wat othr peeps will says
luv u rue xxxxxx
I agree with ashna...rue will always be healthy and alive in my heart too...<3 u rue

duuuh ovbious we all luv the hungers
xxxxxxxx <3 lol
tanxxx peep gud 4 u
xxxxxx why why why die rue and luv that song
catnip sang to rue
how so? when i check, there are no names before mine?
I just scrolled to the top. . .there are over 80 comments. . your is like number 76 or something! LOL. . .
try reloading the page. . .it needs to update faster though. . LOL. Mine is oooober slow too! Now worries, you are a BOSS I am sure! LOL
oh, it just showed up :P im gona complain to my dad about our fios....
thanks :)
o really i maybe read it one day i dnt no i have to think abt it
All that waiting and the waiting time is finally in the single digits range. . .
does everyone actually die? i haven't read the book, but if everyone dies, I dont think I want to. :P
OMG! love the books! can't wait for the premier!
Is it wrong that I hope that they make Rue a bigger charcter and give her more screen time than the book does? Because in the book she was there and gone....
I dont see how you people like peeta. gale actually cared for her. their love wasn't fake. and you can say peeta gave her the bread but tht was suppose to be 4 the pigs so u see how much he loves her.
Rotten Tomatoes gave their rating and it's 100% Fresh. Looking forward to the screening in Panama (Central America)
this is more than COOLZ people yea and i agree wid gale hawthrone i hate peeta
Gale ur sweet but U KILLED PRIM i kno u didnt mean it but stilll IM in Love with peeta
Poor Rue............ I love the hunger games
He didn't purposely kill her but he makes bombs and they end up killing Prim during the revolt
Firday for me going to see it with friends soo loo forward to it.
yerr u do person u really do need to read dem but probably take u abat 50 week to finish dem
I love Rue :)
it's so sad whats going to happen to rue at the end of the book (not giving away)
+Haley Gilberson, I'm pretty sure people who haven't read it can guess what happens now. "it's so sad whats going to happen to rue"
I cried in the book, so I'm sure I'll cry when I seethe movie. I felt so attached to her. I didn't imagine her looking anything like that!
same here i am dying to see the midnight showing but prob wont :(
ahhh peeta my cutie!! its going to be such a great movie i think i might cry!!!
I cried when she died. I cried even more in Mockingjay... but I cried when Rue died too :)
I'll pry cry when she dies in the movie. :( Poor Rue...
4 more days than finally i can relax
I love the Hunger Games (books) I will probably love the move to! P.s you guys put a double quotation mark on the second quote.
Rue- you were Katniss's Prim for only a short time. No one will ever forget you 
I also am going to go see the movie, once my Husband recovers from "Hip-Surgery" he had on the 6, of March. A Friend told me how good the book was so when I received my Kindle-Fire I down Loaded all 3 books. I read book one and now I want to see the movie! But book two is also something ele!!! I can't wait for them to make the second. Yes I'm a 50+ women but this book entriggs me...I can't stop reading! Once everyone seen this, let's chat about it, o.k?
This movie is gonna be awesome!! Read all three books in 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i LOVE that book its awesome. kudos for suzanne collins
How am I supposed to watch that adorable child get a spear through her stomach how how how
Kassy G
aaaahhhh!! ONLY FOUR MORE DAYS!!!!! i can't wait :D

poor rue!! ugh... i cried when she died:(
how do you play ? Do you hide a candy bar or something ?
awww:) rue made new friends!!!! thats the best part!!!
Why is everyone on "Teams"? It's just like with Twilight... honestly, people! I myself am on Team "Please Don't Let This Movie Suck Because Movies Have Messed Up SOOO Many Good Books Like 'Percy Jackson' - That was Nothing Like The Book" (deep breath)
i love the book!!! the actors look good to fit the role!
katniss looks nothing like the books describe her
Em M
I 💗💚💗💚💗💚💗💚💗💚💗💚💗 peeta so much
Em M
Rue is so cute
i alwys pictured rue white but she is adorable either way
OMG I WISH i was going/went the midnight premiere. Whatever. I dont care about what time I see it, as long as I see it on opening day. I'm very OCD about it. March 23rd yeah baby!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually, Peeta said both lines.... it's possible that they changed it for the movie, though.
Awww, I love Rue! I cried my heart out when she died!

K.R. M.
I look just like Rue. Seriously! I have curly brown hair, and the same skin tone. She just has different eyebrows and a smaller nose.
Me? 11 XD I'm actually in school ow, I'm supposed to be drawing a fish mangers advert, but this is so much funnier XD
I'm going to see the midnight premiere!!!
:D CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and my Best Friend are Braiding our hair like Katniss's for the theater premier!!
awwwww!!!! i cant wait to see this movie !!!!!!!
+Olivia Jermain SAME! I'm gonna have a big fancy plait! So excited, also drawing an arrow on the side of my face! ❤
I am going all out I am dressing like Prim (skirt and blouse) and french braiding my hair and stuff! I am also wearing a mockingjay pin!
i cant wait!!!!!! i love THG!
omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rue!!!!! love her...
peeta actually says both of those lines....guess they changed it. >:( I hate it hen movies do that!
i got tickets for the day it comes out. I'm going right after school ends. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
forget going after school! im going on thursday at midnight won tickets from an auction! SCORE!
TWO! Deux! To! Too! 2 days!

Ahhh! So excited :)
I can't wait until Catching Fire!
I just read that line! "I think we have a shadow."
Rue should not have died!!!!!😭😭😭😢😢😢😲😲😲😰😰😰😥😥😥😓😓😓😖😖😖
i'm gonna cry so fucking hard when she dies.
i love what katniss said so what a 16 yr old would say
ikr! effie is SUCH a comic relief! it IS kinda annoying that they cut out so much of the effie haymitch relationship, they had some funny bits...oooooooooooo welllllllll
ITS RUE!!!!!!! Rue is just tooooo cute!!!! Why did she have to die!!? :'(
i cried when rue died it was so sad
When Rue died I was covered in tears. I was hoping to play hear. Such a lovable character.
I cried when rue died, but was laughing when effie went"THATS MAHOGANY!"
we all cried wen she died
Timi D.
i love it! but sad for rue...:(
i thought peeta says "i think we have a shadow " ?????
i was really sad when rue died her names my nickname!!!!!
I <3 Rue! if katniss and peeta didnt win, i would say rue should have!
how tht boy gon kill her she was only like 11! srry but im glad he died tht wat he get
Rue! Pardon me while I cry into my teacup.
they didnt say that it the movie. peeta told katniss that he thinks she has a shadow.
rue is cute in the movie and so is prim
nah count prim out...rue is very cute!
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