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"Here's some advice. Stay alive." - Haymitch

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CAN'T WAIT 4 THE MOVIE!!! (first to comment. ohh yeaaah)
Wanna see this soooo bad 
AWESOME!!! LUV IT! :) #1 FAN!!!!!! :D
Haymitch is my favorite character from the book! :D
whos going to salute rue in the theater?
you all in the movie are awsome!!!!!!!! mmmeee
OMG!!! I was here when it got posted!! (feel so lucky!) :D
people say team peeta or team gale
i say team cinna!!!
I think he's perfect for the role of Haymitch he's good at playing a drunk hah
hes perfect or he role of haymitch! i mean come on its Woody Allen!!
wow he looks so much younger with hair!
extremely excited for the movie, but the book portrays Haymitch as being older / more decrepit than Woody Harrelson shows. Looking forward to it nonetheless.
In the picture Haymich looks nothing like a drunk
I pictured Haymitch more of an Albert Finney type (course he's dead).
Pie Man
Aaaargh!! No spoilers, please!! Only just finished Book 1!!
I thought he was drunk!
wow i didnt need to know that Cinna dies cmon i just finished book 1!!!!!!!
Dudes, chillax. The entire series has been out for quite a while, so get over hearing about what happens in them. Read for the enjoyment of the story on the whole. So what if you get told what happens to this character or that?
So, I'd like to be surprised. I just started reading. Have a little sympathy. But, I'll leave you guys alone and mute the conversation.
ya exactly i like reading cus u dont know whats gonna happen next! the same thing with movies
:) probably the best book ive ever read couldnt put it down!
OMG I think its a good choice in actors but i imagines Haymitch way different!! LOVE YOU HUNGER GAMES CAST!!
lol that was funny
best quote ever, though i pictured haymitch WAAAAAY different... it's gonna be epic though.
It comes out on my mom's B-DAY! That's the best present ever...
Gotta love Haymitch :)
Pie Man
That is good advice!
i imagined him older, thinner, and with unkempt brown hair and no scruff......
He still has that really drunk look though......
he doesnt look drunk or it's not what i thought he would look like! weird but ill still accept it!
i expected him to look old with white hair...
agreed. thought he'd be a gray haired greasy bearded old man, not vince neil without plastic surgery!
Man lots on your mind Woody! What's to do, are you unhappy? Is a snicker's going to do it for you? Or is there something really bothering you, they might say I just lost a girlfriend I never had, need I say her name? Too bad really, now I can't even phone her and I don't think that I'm alone to blame really, I thought I just hadn't told her I loved her enough you know how it is, but when you tell your true love how you feel, that's when the wolves really show, and how! You and me are probably some what a like, some times you got to wait out the storm even when it's not cloudy, you look for a friend and are they ever busy elsewhere!
Omg have you read the books? Wait have you? Well of course but I cannot wait for the movie!
I dont think he is what ruined the Hunger Games.
I AM THE BIGGEST HUNGER GAMES FAN EVER THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I read the first and second book but i just started the third. By the way the first hundred pages or so is boring but its not to bad. I cant wait till movie!
CAN'T WAIT 4 THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If we ever get a president with the last name snow i will not ne happy. Oh and TEAM GALE!
Can't wait for the movie to come out!!! XD
I hope the security at the theater wont arrest me for bringing my bow and arrow :/ TEAM GALE
havnt read the books yet but hope to, the waiting list is super long
I can't wait. My birthday is only a few days after the movie comes out, so I'm going to go see it on my bday.
So excited!!! Can't wait for Hunger Games!
omg best book title ever and i hope tht it will be the best movie too
I have never heard of this til now...... I gess that becose have a life
like what the fuck is this and why the hell should i give a shit
No doubt these were three of the best books I've read this year...and I read a great deal. Looking forward to seeing the movie.
Its shit like this that makes me want to kill my self
and for the people say that he doesnt look drunk its cause he didnt get alchahol in the capitol
Has anyone read the octavia butler parable books? Kinda like this.. sorta..not really
i ♥ this actor he is sooo awesome 2nd fav tony todd is the beast!
fav movie by tony is candyman luv him :D
I loove the hunger games! can't wait for the premier!! <3
good choice although i always pictured him like mad eyed moody in harry potter. 
i have to say i pictured him as a fat slob in a white shirt
still go tony todd XD
read all the books can't wait to see the movie!!!
omg i want to see this movie!!!!!
i luv the book and i am so excited for the movie to come out!
if we burn you burn with us - Katniss Everdeen
Lol Readd All Dah Books Cantt Waitt To Seeh Dah Movie :D Luvved Dhem All ;D
i dont wanna be just another peice in their games - Peeta Melark
I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i go for team cinna (i know he dies) but he is just awesome. or team katniss or as gale called her katnip
may the odds be ever in your favor everyone

happy hunger games!!!
GO... um well all the hunger games cast!!!
i agree with ya piper go everyone :3 i just wish tony todd was in the movie X3 it would be 1 million times better
huh he is not what i thought haymitch would look like and my parents wont take me to see the movie on the 23rd :(
i imagined haymitch a bit more fatty...
i thought he would be fatter too. just finished the first book i 2 days...Best book ever made!!!!!!
i literaly cried with what happened to Rue. i hope the movie wont ruin the book even though i doubt it.
the second and third books aren't anywhere as good as the first book though... movies normally ruin books if they don't follow the story line (like what they did with Eragon and Percy Jackson. Why did they not include Clarice? She was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!)
Who is ready to see the movie because I am ready
I have used those words to survive over the last several months... 
the crisis is to come worse, sharpen your swords, gather your food, your friends will be your enemies soon.
personally, i think RDJ would have been a better choice, but would have driven them WAAAAY over budget
either RDJ or the guy who played mad-eye moody, he was good
Have a try then you will know it's true or not......
yup so is it true you are comming to U village and the first 100 people there get VIP passes
And now everyone should Google Woody's AMA on Reddit.
omg cant wait till that comes out it will be the best
i already am going nerd on this movie.katniss does not give the pin to prim.what did you bastards do with madge?why cant hollywood ever just make the f'in book as it is.
Cori W.
Perfect Hunger games song: death and All his Friends by Coldplay.
-The Katniss Nina Fabina and Peetatniss forever!!!
I read the Hunger Games book and it felt like I was reading a reality show.
When Woody Harrelson wears a wig you know it's a wig, period.
R.I.P hair 1961-"White Man Can't Jump"
Is that Billy Ray Cyrus? Looks like it....
I've just bought the books to read, prior to watching the films!
Already ready for the movie in Panama. May the odds be ever in your favor.
I loved Woody in Transsiberian and Zombieland :)
Haymitch is so awesome! Not my fav, but still awesome! I Laughed when he threw up and fell in his puke
hahaha... i Haymitch is my favorite charactor! he brings so much to the book! he is so funny!
I don't like Haymitch in the book. Especially when he pukes on that carpet and he falls in it, practically swimming in it..........UH,YUCK
In opposition to Pres. Snow, that is SO how I envisioned him!!! :)
This is exactly how I pictures Haymitch to look like. Maybe a little older though
ha ha haymitch. luved this book.
nice advice, really straight forward
Haymitch is way sexier than I imagined!
I imagined him with less hair
I don't think he will do well in the role. Except for the drinking part, maybe
i can't wait, i can't wait, i can't wait, i can't wait..... MARCH 23RD HAS TO COME BY NOW!!!!!!
I CANT WAIT TO SEE THE MOVIE! but i never read the book.
well if u didnt read the book the movie wont make much sense bc the book like explained it rly well
he looks like he's having a really really bad hangover... :D
Woooh! Go Haymitch! Can't wait to see the movie! I'm gonna be first in line, shoving everyone outta my way! Going to see the midnight show!
I some what imagined him as older, and more haggard.
... oooooooooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy...
i pictured haymitch would look SO different
i think he should have had shorter hair
Here's some advice. Watch this movie.
how can you trust a guy like haymitch (even though you don't really have a choice?)
Thats Haymich? id like to talk with whoever made the cast for this movie.
I love this book and the cast and everything but they picked a bad Haymitch :(
Haymitch= FAVOURITE CHARACTER. can't wait to see this guy intoxinated
Master of the obvious.
Nice advice! sarcasm No, it's not THAT bad...
apperently the movie is really good. Two girls at crew practice (aka rowing for all those who don't know what sport I'm talking about), were going non-stop "Katniss this" and "this is the place where I love you" and doing the three finger thingy. . . CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
He fits the character well. :)
Heres my advice.Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll president Snow
Pitter patter, pitter patter.

my heart just died! <3
its funny cause in the book he's described as having scrubby dark brown hair...
my sis is in love with the hunger games!
lol my BIRTHDAY is on the hunger games hope there not sold out...
watching it with my cousins and my whole family and friends : D
i imagined him looking older. and skinnier. and wearing a luigi costume.
for some treason i thought haymith would be kinda chuby and with brown hair and brown eyes.....hmmm0.o
THAT IS NOT HAYMITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;((((((((((
Perfect guy for haymich! Fits his personality!! I luhh Haymitch(:
Who is going to the 12:01 showing? I really want to, but I have to go to the 7:00 showing :(
woooo woody herreson is an awesome actor 2 best movie hes in was Zombieland 1st is hungergames
I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO team Gale! He's so hot! Peeta is so, whatever, mushy
I must say that i love Woody Harrelson.
He was amazing in Zombieland, he was a real badass in that one
I don't think Haymitch looked at ALL like I imagined him. He was too nice to Katniss and was too clean.
lots of my friends agree. He should have looked more the "alcoholic" part, and he didn't.
didn't imagine haymitch like this but oh well <3
kinda impossible bruh every1 dies eventually!!!! ahahahah
ive never read the books so for now im not going to watch the movie
My friend is related to the guy who plays Haymitch.
Man you took to much from the book...
I love that advice its all he says and u know what i gues it works because they did stay alive and there might have been some hurtful times but their still here in the movie so thx Haymitch!!! I think ur funny!!
Erika A
that is some good advice! lol who says that! oh wait i guess Haymitch does! :P
he is such a good haymitch! +1 if u agree!
Sky Ann
That is for everyday life!
Effie is not his friend!!!!!!!!
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