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“There’s twenty-four of us, Gale and only one comes out.” - Katniss

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Kassy G
love the part of the where the beast comes out... scared the sh** outta my bro
This is totally awesome!! LETS GO GIRL ON FIRE!!!
omg thats amazing
i love it
"katniss everdeen- girl on fire"
and peeta's hand is out-streched next to her
oh yah i didnt notice that
and there is a tiny dot on katniss for (as) the mockingjay pin
.......and, lets go team Peeta!
i'm only on the frist book shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i dont know what is going on only started a little bit a go on page 15 or 16 so shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pleaes about what happenes
T - T Don't try to fool moi... I have watched it 2 times and I know that girls go first than boys! Don't fool around with me.... T - T
i get it girl on fire-katniss
Team Gale <3 heres to everyone whose ever fallen in love with there best friend
cool , I've saw the hunger games in theater the first day
Suki K
wow thats cool!
i do too he is kinda of cute but in most movies he stars in he is the bad guy..
TEAM KATINSS team peeta? team gale? you are ALL TEAM FINNCK!
Yeah why isn't PEETA on fire too! They're a team!! You see I told you all.... Lies..... T - T
did you know the guy who played Cato is a abercrombie model...
katniss and peetah are holding hands, even though it doesnt looks like it, but they are
love the pic!!!! (:
Yeah you can tell because the boy next to Katniss his arm is sorta outwards. Team Katniss, Team Peeta, Team Clove!! Woot woot!
i love the movie too! peeta is so hott!
hhahahahahaha..... get it?
"the girl on fire"
omg he is reaching out to hold her hand
Kassy G
OMG I LOVE THE ENDING TOO!!!! its so cute!!!! all i could think is YAY they finally end up 2gether and take that Gale!!
Kassy G
nnnnnoooooooooo!!!!! Peeta is WAAYYY more hot than gale will ever be!!!!!!!
Katniss your the one who comes out so what are you saying?
Kassy G
NOOO TEAM PEETA!! why do you like gale... he's so coldhearted...
totally get the pic i donno babout any 1 else :)
PEETA!!!!!! Hottest person alive!!!!!!!! 
Kassy G
oh please Peeta is wary cuter/hoter than gale!!
They're even holding hands!!!!!<3
i hope tht is gale if it is peta but nice girl on fire pic
Katniss aint! She is rejecting Peeta... sad day for him
Kassy G
OMMMMGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! you HAVE to read it!!!! i was like you at first i was like The Hunger Games like really?! the in the winter like near Christmas I read the WHOLE series in 2 days and I've been i love ever since :)
Team Peeta forever!<3,<3
Kassy G
Screw that in BOTH HUNGER GAMES PEETA ACCEPTED DEATH FOR KATNISS TWICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he did everything he could to keep her safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG and he realized Ktniss had feelings for gale and he didn't go all cold shoulder like gale did when she was making out with peeta screw gale

I love that Peeta's reaching for her hand. I wish she were reaching back
where's peeta and his missing leg?
Katniss Everdeen, the girl who was on fire
ohmygosh my sister went to see the movie without me... and proceeded to rub it in my face...
Love the pic, btw.
Awesome but Peeta is not on fire!
Grace S
yeah! he should be the boy o n fire!
Peeta isn't on fire! Its Katniss! Thats why the figure has a dress on!
I love this movie!!!! I just love the action in it!!!!!!! <3
katniss is. and peeta is the male extending his arm next to katniss
It's a book did you not read it
hunger games look awesome didnt whach it uat
+Julia Hawthorne thats sooo awesome! " im finnick and you know it" hahaha im gonna remember that fo-eva!
When the mutt jumped out in the movie I screamed so loud and jumped almost on top of my friend and popcorn went flying haha
when the mutt jumped out i was sipping my soda and almost choked and spit all the sticky soda all over the person next to me
alex love your comment as much as i love the hunger games series.
I say the book also but the movie was pretty good too.
i loved that movie"may the odds be ever in your favor"
i saw the movie 3 times, but alex i guess u still beat me :)
I notice that Katniss is wearing her pin!
read the book lol, yeah the book was better
katniss: 24 go in only one comes out.
peeta:yea, but i hope it's you
i wish i could show the capital that they don't own me
Everyone is saying Team Peeta or Team Gale. Doesn't the plot of the story count too? What about training? Who Katniss likes is only a minor in the story. If you are between life and death the last thing you are going to be thinking about is boys. Plus, The Hunger Games is too awesome to turn into Twilight. That is all everyone says. Don't believ me? You can look at the older comments. Probably more than 3/4's of it is about who is cuter, Gale or Peeta.
omg i love the movie and the books best thing EVERRRR!!!
i agree completely with the comment about this not turning into twilight all over again.
love the movie so much drama
i want to read sooo bad! mom wont let me
the movie was amazing <3 loved it
i like this book
My friend saw the movie twice in one weekend and read the book for the first time in that same weekend. Could ya tell he loved it? LOL
we found bread in a toastless place... -peeta
I love it!!! really want to see the movie!!
like he doesn't already know that. its been going on for 74 years
love it
love it! but gale should just be katniss's friend
This is probably a silly question but thought I would ask. Is anyone planning on buying the movie?(:
I am!! I am buying it the minute it comes out (:
Kassy G
haah i love this
When I walk out of the bakery this is what i see Katniss Everdeen is a looking at me
I got a loaf in my hand and i aint afraid to throw ti throw it throw it

" I might as well light myself on fire now, to save everyone else the trouble"
Kassy G
+Maya Guevara its true that it is about that but its because the fact that there is a love triangle so people are bound to have teams and choose who's hotter and stuff you can't avoid it:)
Look at Peeta touching the fire like a dumb butt!! Lol, still love him
i like how they used the little dolls they put on bathroom doors and how the boy one next to katniss is reaching his hand out :P
Kassy G true, true, but still, if they could at least say one thing about the book. Because, I admit, I think Peeta is better than Gale.
haha just noticed that! peeta ur gonna get burnt lol
Kassy G
Lili Shirley if you play with fire your bound to get burned..... and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO POOR PEETA! lol
Team Peeta<3<3
Is it bad that I like both? lol I can't choose!!! -.-
Kassy G
Maya Guevara He i better than Gale by a lot he's sweeter and cute... i could go on but no..
well..... they are talking about Finnick:)
Adrianna Alessi, were you asking me if I saw the movie??
i have a poster and it says what all the districts deal in whoevers fav is four/ finnick your not alone
peeta, peeta. love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, and gale is cute.....

PEETA IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its ok, just a kidding fight. peeta is awesome and gale is just katnisses friend
Kassy G
Lol +Julia Hawthorne

please..... Peeta is waay hotter :)
might i ask why you like gale beside the fact you think he's hot?
what!? since when does team finnick exist! thought that was a joke
Kassy G
RIGGHHT?? like Finnick doesn't even love Katniss?! he loves Annie!
I LOVE FINNICK!!! and the next movie is november 22 2013!!! catching fire!!
I heard the movie is a must see, if you read the book!!
yup sad to admit it but thats true
I didn't like the book, yet, I liked the movie
gale has bad morals, and his nose is gross lol peeta, has a beatifull face and is really kind
Believe - you need to read the book. The movie does a bad job of giving you any (if at all) background history.
Kassy G
I hate how she did that!!! they weren't even like that happy:( Katniss didn't even want kids i didn't want like a disney fairy tale ending just a less depressing on i mean Peeta is screwed in the head (cuz of the hijacking) and same with Katniss cuz of the games :(

I still love Peeta<3
Love the Hunger Games!! Working on reading the 3rd book now!!
i cant wait until the next movie comes out!!!
That movie was sick so was the book
Kassy G
WHAT?? NO he like was totally pissed off and ignored her and stuff and he is coldhearted half the time!! i do admit he is occasionally sweet

But Peeta loved katniss for 11 years! and he is ssooo kind to her and he does nothing he could possibly do to make katniss feel better with the nightmares and everything :) <3
Spoiler alert! Finnick dies and prim does too.
ok, katniss is already burning, w/ gale, he'd only add to it and burn her to death, but peeta calms her and softens her, ya know, keeps it balanced
Ha very funny!!!!!!
peeta is way hotter duh!!!
but yeah peeta is immature, but it makes him all the more innocent and cute
Kassy G
BECAUSE HE DOSENT THINK OF THE BAD!!!! he looks at the good!! and what would you do if the person you have loved for 11 YEARS kissed someone! and gales response was absolute ignorance and cold shoulder and stuff!
+Daisy Fanjoy Seriously? There was absolutely no need to post that, you might have seriously spoiled the books for someone.
hey look its my right there u see me
the movie was awesome and so was the book!
LOVE it!!!!!! the hunger games is my favorite book!!!!!!
Kassy G
HE DID!!!!! OMG he said he loved her on national television! then kissed her told her

and what about Gale he claims to had loved Katniss for a while to! and he didn't do anything about it! until Katniss came home with Peeta and he saw them make out on ntl t.v.!
i love the movie and the books!!!!! and peeta!!!!
moriah, agreed, peeta and katniss go together like milk and cookies except the cookie is on fire! lol
I really wan't to see the movie. I think it's going to be great.
Kassy G
lol ya:) they complete each other :) they are so perfect together:) <3
peeta and katniss r perfect together when u actually think about it
but the last book left me broken hearted and with an empty pit in my stomach forever :_(
Somebody said that if there were more katnisses in the world, it would be a better place :)
Kassy G
why? peeta and ktniss end up together... depressed and delusional... but together and they are there for each other :) no matter what :)
no! if boys took peeta as a role model. the world would be a better place
Kassy G
if boys took peeta as a role model there wouldn't be a single person left in the world :)
Ugh its gana b u and u know it!!!!!! RAWRRR
Kassy G
because then they would be charming never give up on the ones they love and treat girls right... so ya.. oh i meant a single girl like without a bf left....
Notice how Gale's hand or arm whatever is stretched out towards Katniss a little. ^_^
Kassy G
ya! that would be awesome! i mean because almost every girl wants a guy to love them like Peeta loves Katniss :)
yup, except for those gale fans, which im really confused about that
D Sully
The movie was o-k not that good
Kassy G
lol me too i really don't get why people like gale....
Almost? ^_^ Ha The Katniss could've been more brutal if you ask me
i know! its so confusing, hes cute, i guess, but what else, he wants to kill!
Kassy G
right!! Peeta is so kind hearted and sweet and he wouldn't kill like unless he had NO other choice!
I read the book, but haven't seen the movie yet. If its confusing, you should read the book.
i luv katniss peeta and gale but honestly, i think that peeta shouldn't have ever bothered to start up that whole luvvy duvvy thing anyway, so i gotta say I'm with katniss and gale....not just cuz gale is liam hemsworth....... ok maybe a little ;D
I'm sorry but I think the Josh hutchinson is really ugly his face is mushed up... Gale is definitely better looking. He loves Katniss too!
I like how the boy who is obviously next to katniss the girl on fire is holding out his hand but katniss isn't holding peeta's hand back
Kassy G
huh!! he didn't start it up he truly loved her and he told the world to protect her! lol i think josh hutcherson is ssoo hot:) and i think gale (liam hemsworth) is ok...
Have ANY of you read the books? haah You'd probably find out who she ends up with if you did.. ^_^
+Gretchen Monroe I know, right? You'd think they'd actually read the books and find out if they're such big fans...and if they have, you'd think they'd just accept it and move on....
Kassy G
why do you hate Peeta!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? i don't get it!
Just watched the movie last night. I was a bit disappointed though; the movie leaves out some very important parts and also does not accurately portray Katniss's character (it portrays her as kinder and stupider) or the implicit understanding that Katniss develops with Haymitch (which plays an essential role in the ending of the trilogy).
Kassy G
lol well reading the books makes you more of a fan, and if you like gale and are so mad accept that its just the way things work out katniss and him are way too similar for them to ever end up together.
Kassy G
i hate how they left out her styling team!! and they are a HUGE impact in the third book!
i looove her styling team they describe bubbly
Kassy G
my teacher read the books and also hates gale :)
I like how the boy who is obviously next to katniss the girl on fire is holding out his hand but katniss isn't holding peeta's hand back
+Kassy G About the stylists....they didn't have time to put them in. It was either more of them or more of Cinna. And they picked Cinna (good choice, in my opinion). They can talk about the stylists more in Catching Fire.
I seriously could care less... But Peeta did like Katniss before Gale even met Katniss.. Wasn't she in like.... 1st grade or whatever
And for the record...the books aren't even about the relationship between Katniss and her "significant other", so I don't see what the big deal is...
Kassy G
Alex Bond ya.. i agree but i think they should have made the movie 3hours not 2.5 hours... they could have put more of the cave scene and rues story and a little more of the styling team
I thought the fat gay guy from Modern Family would have been a great Octavia. Just saying.
TEAM GALE! peeta is kind of a wimp
Kassy G
the books are about the games, the revolution, katniss' choices, AND her relationships which affects a lot of what she does in the books
This isn't twilight! Stop making it about teams!!!!!
@Kassy G 3 hours would've been too long. And even then book purists still wouldn't have been happy. 2.5 hours was perfect, I thought. Books aren't movies, and I think people need to accept that, instead of wanting a narration from Katniss on-screen.
Indian movies are like...... 4 hours long
and they are super dramatic
Kassy G
We aren't making it twilight! twilight cant even compare Hunger Games is about wars,games,and then love see the hunger games could still have a decent story w/out the love story but twilight would have NOTHING
+Jordan Alsobrook THG was based off of Theseus and the Minotaur. Just because two stories have relatively the same premise doesn't mean one was a ripoff...that's like saying Sleeping Beauty is a ripoff of Snow White because they're both about girls in an enchanted sleep that have to be awakened with a kiss. If you look further than the basic summary, they're really nothing alike.
+1 this if u LUV jackie emerson (foxface)
Kassy G
+ the persons name then try to find it in the little box
+Kassy G Ya'll keep shouting "Team Peeta!" or "Team Gale!" at each other, which really is only focusing on the relationships, which is NOT what the books are about. Also, the whole "Teams" thing is stupid and was started by twihards. So when people hear others talking about "teams", their minds go back to Twilight. So, you are inadvertently making THG like Twilight.
I just saw the movie like an hour ago, it was awesome
The Peeta one is holding his hand out to Katniss the one immense look!!!
Kassy G
by saying Team Peeta Team Gale your saying who like better in the love triangle which is only a PORTION of the book, and yes a good majority of those people have never read the book, but those who do consider the other parts too, its just if you have a love triangle your gonna get more attention to the love triangle.
that is wicked cool and u can tell who some of the people are like katniss and peeta. CUTE!!!!
444 comments! er. 445
Kassy G
YAY PEETA!!!! i love you!!! TEAM PEETA! <3
+Gretchen Monroe Indian Movies are much better than hollywood movies bcoz in hollywood movies most of the things are shown that are not possible to happen in any case.
Kassy G
stop bashing the hunger games because it similar to battle royale or whatever!!!! its a good book/movie!!!!! and your probably right almost that none here has read/seen battle royale, but who cares!?

+Kassy G Yes, but, as I said, the stupid "Teams" thing was invented by fans of Twilight, and thus, when people say "Team This" or "Team That", people's minds immediately go back to Twilight, which is known by about 80% of the population as being a stupid, over-rated book about a girl who falls in love with a blood-sucking stalker. And I really don't want people thinking of THG in the same way that they think of Twilight.
have u ever thought about the people who HAVENT WACTHED THE HUNGER GAMES?!?!?!?!?
I watched the Hunger Games and i loved every minute of it!!
Have you thought about the people who HAVE??? why dont YOU try watching it Bryce?
Kassy G
@Alex Bond yes twilight sucks but your not gonna stop people from saying the teams thing, and its just a way of saying i love Peeta and hate Gale and vise versa.
Team PEETA! <3
I saw the movie the day after it came out ^.^
And for the record, Battle Royale is a Japanese film, not an Indian one...
that was the WORST MOVIE i have ever seen. Be very VERY ashamed of your selves for even THINKING about making that movie, (let alone the book), if i find out their is another movie to that series i will be really REALLY ticked off. YOU UNDERSTAND ME!?!
@Kassy G I know I can't stop it....I'm just expressing my opinion and hoping that it'll go away...
well guess what? I saw it the DAY it came out
very interesting point (just randomly jumps into conversation)
@ Kelty Oringderff
Sweet hah i saw it with like... half my class
Kassy G
If you hate the movie so much the read the book and you still hate it then oh well. THe Hunger Games has a HUGE fan base and guess what there is 3 other movies coming out they are splitting the last one :)
Alex.... i am talking about Indian movies.. not Japanese ones... the only Japanese thing i watch is anime... in case no one noticed ha ha
Kassy G
It's the best movie I have ever seen! And trust me I spend a lot of money on Hunger Games stuff and when people ask me why I spend all that money on stuff like posters,books,and other cool stuff I just tell them " A FANS GOTTA DO WHAT A FANS GOTTA DO" Thats my motto.
+Gretchen Monroe Oh, okay, I gotcha. I thought you were responding to the guy that mentioned Battle Royale. This convo is getting very confusing. O_o
Kassy G
Lol he did nothing to me, how could he? lol no but he's sooo cold hearted and he wants to kill. and also when he saw katniss and Peeta kiss he ignored her, was mean to her and gave her the cold shoulder! Yes he is sweet occasionally but he is just so awful a lot in the book.

Kassy G
last to comment:) LOVE PEETA!
Piper P
i agree team stuff is twilight
lol in the picture peeta (next to katniss) is touching the fire
haha in the movie theatre when the mutt jumped out many people screamed :D
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YAY 500 comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but my meaningful thing is that thing is awesome!
very last comment umm wat shuld i say um katniss and peeta all day!!!!
Piper P
peeta is like i wanna hold your hand.
oh yeah last comment
it says last comment today by me!
Last comment! Go katniss!
I love this pic sooo much!!!! It's soo kool how they put the pin on her too!!!
+1 if you are against the concept of having teams for this Movie
lol thats funny. is it just me or do you notice that the girl on fire and the boy r holding hands? +1 is u see that
Totally agree that the fire is on Katniss!!!! She is so goregous
so true. I was like  plain plain plain plain Fire. WAIT WHAT!!!??? FIRE!?
but the other dude was also on fire with her 
b-but he was the boy with the burnt bread
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