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Have you seen The Hunger Games yet? Tell us your thoughts in the comments and, if you liked it, +1 this post!

“Thank you for your consideration.” - Katniss

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Alok Meshram
Didn't like it. The books were much much better. The acting was amazing, though.
Paige M
All my freinds say they love it I haven't seen it but I am going to see it on Thursday I think but I love the books 
I screamed a full second before the mutt attacked Peeta. Everyone in the theatre jumped and screamed because I screamed first.
LOVED It... Would have changed a couple of technical things in filming, but, did love it. The use of "shaky cam" was a bit too much.
Very good! Just trying to make my mind on the fact that i think the book is a mandatory reading before seeing the movie. The movie is really in synch with the book. There is 3 things, however, 1 that is not part of the film but impressive, the 2nd is about the "corne d'abondance" which we didn't imagined like this from the book and the 3rd is the beasts at the end that were not as creative as in the book.
Omg The Hunger Games was the best movie I have ever seen in my WHOLE LIFE!!!! 
YES FIRST TO COMMENT. yes i saw the hunger games! the most epic movie in the world!
I went to see this movie yesturday. _
I thought it would be diffrent though -_-
my friends said it was awesome and i havent seen it but im going tonight!!! soo excited!!
it was missing alot but i loved it...
I loved the part where Rue stole Cato's knife. The Mutt part was SCARY!! I also liked Peeta's camoflague! Can't wait for the DVD.
OMFG it was a freaking amazing movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I loved when Gale looked jealous! Team Peeta!!<33
it was really good. The end was just too happy! just kidding
OMG i saw that movie yesterday with my sister and her bf. its was amazing but i thought she should of kissed up with the guy from the beginning he was sexy
I LOVED IT!!! Missing a lot from the book though. Especially Rue and Katniss, and Peeta and Katniss's relationship
Have to be honest i think book was better. In the movie they didn't display the book as well as everyone said they would. But still great movie
I didn't like the didn't go with the book so that was disappointing...But other than that it was good! I loved it!
wow kevan fleming yu r u tu sexyy omfg.. u are so cute...
Spanish guy here. How come the oppening did't go worldwide?
How wasvit not Ike the book at the end, Sabrina? And no, u r not the first comment,
I saw it opening night!
Well he never lost his leg and it was a happy ending. It's supposed to end when she tells Peeta that her love was kind of fake but she never does..
+Rilee M. Aul : One example: Katniss doesn't reveal to Peeta whatever she did for him during the games was not actually Love.
Holy crap it was so good and peeta is sexy hot!
And there wasn't enough kissing! ;)
It was okay, needed more action.
not as good as i expected but definately worth watching.
+Fredi Behr : Have you read the books? Don't judge solely on the movie. The books go a LOT deeper than the movie, and the whole theme of the books is not children killing each other, but a dystopian future society and it's evil ways - which are eerily similar to our own.
Have seen it twice already!
That was implied...the love facade I mean..her tone of voice and body language...and Peeta knew it, u can see it in the crestfallen look in his eyes at the end that he is aware of her dishonesty... 
cant wait to see this movie, read all the books want to see if its like them
my sisters saw the movie i really want to i havent even read the book
I wonder how our government is taking the release of this movie....
+Rilee M. Aul : It might have been obvious to people who read the book, but it wasn't to others, like the 3 other friends who I saw the movie with. They were VERY confused, almost all of the time. The scene on the cornucopia is a big example. A couple of my friends kept wondering who the last remaining guy was, what was actually happening, how did Peeta not fall along with Cato when the arrow shot him. ALL of these points are addressed pretty well in the books.
Best 2 hrs. And 22 minutes of my life the books!!!!!!...ok I am done ranting....I Do wish they had mentioned the armor though...
goin to see it in the week cant wait will let you no what i think
There are gonna be four movies... Mockingjay is gonna be split into two
Was I the only one dissapoinyed that Haymitch didn't fall off the stage and Plutarch didn't fall in the punch bowl????
Jennifer Lawrence brought all the depth to Katniss that Katniss deserved. I wouldn't change any of the actors and actesses because they matched the charecters so perfectly.
My mom wont let me see the Hunger GAmes, so please tell me how it is!!!! So sad!!! :(
The movie was really really good!!!!!!!!!! I didn't like how they changed the mockingjay pin part. and a lot was taken out but it was still really good i loved it :)
We saw it yesterday. (and by the way we felt here in France they haven't been advertised enough, our hall had barely 30 people in it for maybe over 400 seats!) We loved it, the idea, we had spared ourselves from trailers even to not be spoiled given the phenomena it had caused! Now I have to read these books too, sometimes it is strange how books I love became movies and now movies I love bring me to books. The actors have been very well cast, Jen is amazing in every way, Josh too.

We'd love to see the other books continued on screen for us to see all characters come to life. The balance between the clear violence and harshness of life is perfect against the pure hearts and values. And the bloody monster dog scared the life out of me :D. The effects for the movie are also perfectly dissimulated, any woman would now dream of a flamed gown :P

Sorry about the rant, but I could speak for hours in a row. The moving camera hurts the eyes a bit at first though...but you guys know what you're doing.

Thank you for this gift(both writer, actors and movie crew), for making us think of our society and ask ourselves what we may become and how far we'd go for our beliefs or desires. Thank you and hope to see the next ones soon!
It sucks camera filming was terrible
it wuz good but slower than the book, id giv it 8/10, mayb 8.5 because of Seneca Crane's beard which was sooo BAOSSS!!!
i thought it was amazing and it went almost exactly like the book
The part right before the mutts attack: my friends and I are all tense already and one of them leans over and says,"Booo!!".... And I still, even after that, jump a foot in the air and nearly pee myself when they actually do strike....
it was very good except that there were a lot of part that were different from the book. i rate it a 9
i loved it it was awesome but they could have done a better job explaining stuff
Now tell me why theatres don't have boxes of tissues at the end of every other row like in churches.....grrrrrr.....
Thanks for your consideration - katniss
Haha that was Funny
I haven't read the books yet, but my kids have... I haven't seen the movie yet, but will. My oldest daughter worked as an extra in the movie (Capitol Citizen) and was seen on the screen twice, so I'm even more excited about going to see the movie :)
omg luved the movie!!!!! jodh hutcherson was sooo hot!! team peeta<3
This was the best movie ever!!! Can't wait for the DVD to come out so i can watch it again:) although, I wished Madge would have been included in the movie.
Yes, yes. And let me tell you. J'Adore.
I thought it was a very good movie it kept me interested in it
it did good going with the book left some things out but got like 90% of it if not more right still a book fain
Whilst entertaining and the performance of Jennifer Lawrence top notch I found The Hunger Games frustrating to watch. The overall idea was contradictory - let's make the the rebel districts pay over 74 years so they still hate us and are reminded of the rebellion each year...mmmm. Many of the scenes didn't make sense eg; why were tributes allowed weapons and easy targets of their masters in the assessment scene and Katniss shoots an apple??? Why didn't the tributes steal everyone's package from the Cornucopia??? the film could go on a bit perhaps? Plus the reaction of the crowd to what was an extremely boring presenter in the shape of Caesar was just unreal.
Saw it the day it came out. It was awsome, the theater was packed
I saw it the day it premiered and it was great i loved every second of it
At least they didn't mess it up. I've seen plenty of movies based on books where NOTHING is right.
I loved all the books and I have yet to see the movie, but my in house critic says it is great !
julia s
i saw it and i think it is going to be very hard if not impossible to make the next book with all the details u left out
still haven't seen it... but might see it today hear there are still huge crowds at the movie, and I want really good seats! soooo yeah
I haven't yet but I can't wait until I do get to see it!
Haven't seen the movie but I've read the book. It was fantastic!!!
+Alok Meshram: HECK YES!!!!!!!! the sure did jack that up. the books were so good too.
ps. sorry if i did the plus thing wrong. internet is not my forte.
the book was wayyyy better than the movie by a billion. the movie was a bit too fast paced for me.
I loved it very true to the book I like the extras!
omg!!!!!! it was amazing!!! i loved it, cant wait for catching fire to come out, in november 2013 rite?
OMG best movie ever although i didnt like how they left out a lot of stuff
Great Movie really stayed true to the books GREAT job. Cant wait for the next one.
The movie was AWUSOME!! XD
It's good but missing something that I can't quite place my finger on, very visually stunning, intresting characters but ... I dunno just feels like it's missing a little.
I L.O.V.E.D it!
My fav character's were katniss and rue
ahhhhhhhhhh i saw hunger games luved it
im a big twilight fan but this movie was by far WAY much better!!!!!!!!!!:D
If you didn't read the book you'd be lost in the movie. It's sad they rushed it.
Didnt read the books. Took my girlfriend who did. We both liked. Although ending was weird. Absolutely no hint of adirection for 2nd movie. Great plot and character development.
It was seriously the only movie that made me cry. I love it. One of my all time faves. thanks you for making the movie :))
i'm going to see it very soon actually!!!!!!!! SO EXITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm seeing it with bfflaepo!! thats u lizzy
It was great! I went premiere night and everyone was silent. It was pretty swell! We all cheered when Thresh bashed Cloves head in, I think I was the loudest haha.
want to see this movie soooooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!
i thought it was AMAZING but i started sobbing when the little girl died and she was singing to her, this old woman told me off :( x
It was an okay movie, but the camera was too shaky. It ended up making the movie terrible.
wonderful movie ever, peeta and katniss did the best:)
AWSOME but i think they left out alot it was still awsome
It was the best! It was so sad when rue died i started to cry! I loved all the actors and thought they did really good and really brought out the characters.
I read the books and they are amazing....And today i'm gonna watch the movie and I know the movie will be soooo goood
the movie was amzing. saw it last night. they did leave out a few things but pretty great
I have a bad case of obsession
They skipped soooo many parts!!!! And the movie went by so fast 
Eden T.
Read the books!!! Amazing!!! The movie was good just left out a few things... like the Avox Girl and the Hovercrafts that took the bodies but other than that I thought it twas a good adaptation.
Love it! Wish you didn't take out Madge tho...
Excellent film. Beyond exceptions and (mostly) beyond hype. Great job, you guys!
I thought the movie was great! but they did leave out a lot of things and i felt like they kinda rushed it... the makers spent to much time focusing on the game makers and president snow and less time with katniss or haymitch
Jam m
i want 2 c it so badly. read the books though. AMAZING!
I really liked the movie they kept most parts of the books in the movie but some of the parts that would have made it completely over the top good were left out
Saw the movie this morning. I enjoyed the book more, but that is probably because I read it before I saw the movie. I'd give it somewhere from 3-4/4 stars!
Love the quote from Katniss! That was pretty funny!
I loved it :) Great movie!
It was so amazingly good!!! I loved it sooooo much :D I can't wait for the dvd and i hope the make catching fire!
I thought it was an enjoyable movie, and I'm a tough critic.
the hunger games was an amazing movie except they left out a lot of parts.... but besides that it was really good!
Fantastic book. Fantastic movie! Kinda want to go see it a second time!
Very good was really intense made me want to read the book and I don't read books
I think that the camera work is way, way too free.

My head went spinning after first few minuts - and all that tilts and shakes made me realy nauseaus.

As for the rest - ever heard of Battle Royale?
It was epic! I loved the books and the movie was awesome!
It was amazing one of the best movies i've ever seen everybody should see it
Off course it's not like the book but I loved it
y would someone even have 2 ask that question? OF COURSE IT WAS AMAZING! <3 THG
OMG LUVED IT!!! the mutts were soooo scary, especially when the first one jumped out! i literally cried when Rue died and Peetas camlofluge was amazing!!!
absolutely gorgous ,my girlfriend and I went on a date to go see the hunger games .as a movie itself was truely an escape for the real world to a much more complex economy. everything was so abstract and truely touched on the will of survival and curiousity torwards violance among adoleces .. truely going to be a good movie series as well as the book
I saw it. Itwas cooler then a giant rainbow lizard walking its pet cyborg unicorn.
I enjoyed it. Acting was good, scenes were good etc. Only problem I had was the story felt rushed. I don't know exactly what it was but it just felt like everything seemed so forced. I assumed it was due to cutting stuff out that would have been in the book (so it would develop in the book where as in the movie it just happens).
oh, and when the were on the cornacopia at the end, cato was DISGUSTING
I have seen it. BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait till it comes out on DVD.
most amazing movie EVVVEEERR!
They did a great job following the book , only left a few things out, like Madge. Im glad they took the time to make the movie as long as it was, didnt leave the feeling that they were doing another book to movie series just for $$. Great Casting and i cant wait to see Catching Fire. Yes i read the books.
Sarah J
Loved it!! But they did miss a lot of important parts. And Marvel didn't die right away an he didn't spit blood on Katniss! Over all i loved it!! And i would see it again. 
I thought it was a really good movie because I read the book and saw it opening night.
PS Actors did a really good job. :-)
yo ame esa peli la vi ayer estubo tan padre gracias por la divecion..!
It was a great movie, one of the best that I've seen. Although, there were some parts that they missed that I was really looking forward to, and I wish they kept Madge in. Other than that, fantastic movie! :D
jennifer laurence was not the best but the movie was good
The Hunger Games were amazing! But they should have made it longer and added all of the important details from the book!!
Jia Gao
i loved it
awesome but not enough
epic movie! i luved the part when Katniss shot the arrow @ the gamemakers. a girl in the theater screamed YES at the same time i did. lol
i come in thinking it wasn't going to be a good movie. because people where comparing it to Twilight. this is nothing like twilight well worth the watch.
Saw the midnight premiere it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!! :D <3
Being very nit-picky, I kind of hated it. Buttercup is yellow, not black and white. The mutt pack at the end is supposed to be composed of wolves, not dogs. And Rue's death really ruined the movie for me, as that was my favorite part in the book and it was completely different. But the acting was okay, overall, and I loved Seneca Crane's beard.
Was good. A little too much shaky cam, but luckily after anything dramatic and the whole shaky affair, they'd stop the affect so I could figure out what was going on. Hard to watch when it was doing that--otherwise fantastic movie.
I loved it i hoe there is more of them it was a Great peete wuz soo hot!!!!!
I liked it more when it was called Battle Royale. Also, your extended episode of Doctor Who was missing the Doctor.
one of the best movies ever! I love that part when she shoots the arrow at the pigs apple!
all i thought was, 'rue is so little and innocent. she better not die!' so yeah i was upset
I liked it, I just had hoped it followed the book more.
I have not read the book, but I did enjoy the movie. I strongly disliked the use of "shaky cam" cinematography; I felt it obscured action, and pulled me out of the immersion.
i vote it for best movie so far, this year.... and it's only march!
i went to the midnight premiere and loved the movie so much that i want to go and see the movie again!!
+JC Harman : Ugh, You've already decided to not read the books (for whatever absurd reasons), but I must urge you to do so. The movies left a lot of the backstory out which will repudiate much of your (ill-informed) critique. The story is NOT set in the "not-too-distant future". The books don't mention the period in which the events take place. It's a tagline made for the movies. The world of the movie, Panem, is the way it is because of an apocalyptic environmental disaster, which wipes out much of the population of the Earth, except North America. Hence you don't see much of the genetic mixing you describe.

As for your interpretation of the message of the movie, you're completely wrong. If that's what you took out of the movie, I'm sad for you. The message of the books (and the movie) is simply to reflect on our own society and how we ignore acts of punishment, torture, and even death on our fellow human beings. Did you even notice how the well-to-do people of the Capitol enjoyed the games? Do I have to tell you that when they show these people enjoying the slaughter of children it was supposed to show them in a negative light? The message is simply that Love and Life are the most important things we have. That every human life is precious and must be defended. That the way we currently ignore criminal acts such as torture, punishment and death on other human beings is exactly why we might be headed in the wrong direction.

Finally, remember, this is fiction. It's a made up story. If you want realism, go read non-fiction. Through fiction people can reflect on their own condition through an alternate viewpoint.
Ty ana
it was sooooooooo gooood!!!!! gale was more handsome than peeta no offense josh i still love you!<3
The books were a lot better than the movie. I liked the movie in itself, but it kind of ruined the books for me. Sorry.
biggest let down ever, but i would see it again
I want to see the movie again today I probably will
It was an amazing movie! Yeah I kinda agree that Gale was more hadsome than Peeta, but I am on team Peeta! I <3 peeta
I loved it! The actors were amazing!! 
I'm going to see it @ 3 today!!!!!! I'm so excited
I loved the part when they are saying they could not live without each other
Great movie. Stayed true to the book for the most part. The book has much more vivid details but what can you do to capture all of it in 2.2 hours? Well done overall.
Going to see it today. <3 You guys are the best of all time. B-)
Was a good movie, though some scenes where left out. And some scenes were altered for example how Katniss got the mockingjay pin. But it was still great and if did have every detail it would be a 6 hour movie.
I also keep having dreams of the second movie 
lawrence's performance was fantastic, but overall it was disappointing. memo to hollywood: hyperkinetic, caffeine-addled cinematography is not the equivalent of well choreographed action sequences, and sanitizing violence to the point of inefficacy on the altar of a pg13 rating is ultimately an insult to anyone who respects story integrity, regardless of age. i realize an american version of this concept could never be as intense as battle royale, but i didn't think it would be dumbed down quite this much.
I SAW IT LAST NIGHT!!!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!! but you left the cliffhanger at a bad place. +The Hunger Games are you going to make sequels to this movie??? PLEASE DO!!!! :D :D :D :D
great movie its a must watch and romantic!!!!
nah i don't want to 2 much blood makes me nauseous
it was a great book series but the movie didnt live up to the hype, and you really understand it better when you read the books first, my brothers saw it last night and we talked about it and i had to explain to many things to them, and a movie shouldn't be rated by how sexy the two of the main male characters are
I saw it at the midnight premiere! It was amazing! I can't wait for the world to Catch Fire:)
i liked it but i felt like most of the action parts were too fast and it was missing something...i dont know what but it was ok i was expecting a bit more cause the trailer seemed really intense, and when they make a movie for a book they should really stay with the things that happen in the book! somethings that happene were just kinda random not much connection with the beggning.....i was expecting a good movie here...
and the books were much better and went much deeper into the story line and everything
me too my moms friend almost jumped out of her seat and landed on my moms lap when the dog thing jumped out.
I loved it!!!!! The only thing I was disappointed with is that now I have to wait till November 2013 for catching fire!!!!! Why so long?
I LOVES IT SO MUCH I JUMPED WHEN THE MUTTS CAME OUT!!! a guy nxt to me was laughing the whole time...:(
movie made me disy. i almost threw up. But it was still awesome
I felt as if watching the movie was like reading the book all over again. I loved it!!
Awesome movie...but there were quite a few walk-outs. It seems parents did not consider the content prior to taking their little ones. It was evident that this movie was created for an older crowd when after the Kill scene (the start of the games) several families with small children left.
For what was shown I believe it was true to the book. I really liked it.
It was so amazing it was better than any movie ever made...I loved and love the hunger games! cant wait till the next movie.
i love the hunger games
I saaaw it!! The only thing I HAATED about it is that now I have to wait a whole $%&/ year for the sequel -_-
it was the coolest movie ever!
who was your favorite character?
mine was rue
im srry, there was to much movement sometimes i couldnt tell wat was going on, u left out MADGE! and the mockingbird pin was supposed to go to Rue NOT PRIM -.- i was very dissapointed in the movie
Why set it in the future? this is based on a true story. Many true stories all around the world happening right now. (just not on national TV, yet)
Wow all these negative comments! The movie was amazzzzing! I agree the mutts could have been a little better but hey, where are they gonna get huge wolf like dogs with 4 inch long claws and teeth?
The best movie of the year
oh my gosh, the movie was great, i really enjoyed and when it got to the end, i really didnt want it to end!!!
best movie everrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My only complaint was how shaky the camera was during important plot points.
She's aiming that bow completely wrong. You bring the arrow to your cheek, not your neck.
i dont even need to see it to know it will be AMAZING i read all books in just a week most amazing series ever
I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH!!!!! I saw it the day it came out and went the moment school was over. I love Jennifer Lawrence and I cried when Rue died...

awsome film and book....i hope a second film comes out :D
V.V.NIC MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+James Collings - The show is not designed for kids its for adults but more kids than adults read the Hunger Games, so more kids are seeing it. Also I think u should definitely go see the movie it is amazing!
Only part i didnt like was the Mutts didnt resemble the other tributes 2 district 11 went into an uprising what no bread? and 3 Cornucopia horn was silver not gold other than that LOVED it saw it at midnight :D
Wouldn't say best movie ever... but definitely good.. went last night with someone who also saw it Friday
i loved it! it was amazing..some parts were violent but i still liked it..loved the actresses and actors! <3
cant wait until next movie!!!
Thresh was Amazing in his one line received though hes like This one time 12 for Rue :P
and for all you people who say it is the best movie ever...go watch the Dark Knight or any of Christopher Nolan's other movies
Fantastic movie! I didn't know the books and now, I can't wait to finish game of thrones in order to start Hunger game!
It was so good I could watch it 100 times. 
The books were awesome!
I love the movie sooooooooooo much and I love Peeta!!!
I agree Teron...Madge was key, especially in second and third book!!!
I love this movie big time
AWESOME!!! Movie, truly the Battle Royale for America.
it was awesome!!!!! i just thought the games and the time in the capitol before and after the games was a bit rushed!!!!!! but i loved the incorporation of district 11's uprising!!!!
IT WAS SO GOOD!!! I totally felt bad for gale tho ;)
i saw it today it rocked!!!!!!!!!
whens the second film coming out
Very well done. Liked it a lot.
The book was better but the movie was still amazing!!!! i wish the would have made the cat orange! and they miseed a few parts but it was still a great movie!! :) i would go see it again
Battle Royale Screw up mixes with Twilight leftovers... it kinda "grasps" you though
Haven't read the books, saw the movie. Cinematography was good, and enjoyed the movie for what it was, but the story was incredibly predictable. If that is the caliber of writing, not interested in the books. May have a look-see at a book to see if it is as predictable as the film.
I loved it! I hope to see a second one.
"May the odds be ever in your favor."
Read all the books and at first was frustrated with movie with the altered details but then again I'm just happy they made it into a movie.
For the time, budget and as a director he did a fantastic job and the acting was great.

Now if they give the next movie a bigger budget and more time and LEAVE OUT THE SHAKY CAM it will be awesome.

Btw the lady who played clove was Very spot on. It was freaky.
I liked the movie, my wife loved the movie. At the end of our particular movie there was an applause..
it was rlly good but a lot of the scenes were missing and it went really fast
Ellen T
the only thing bad even though it was wounder full is thatthat the seen took place @ night but it was day and you for go the picnik and the surype
catnip is an amazin shooter wish i cud be like her
actually am thinkin about ordering someone for her to kill lol
Liked the movie. Annoyed me how they changed how Katniss got the pin.
i disagree it was good but you are right the book is better
i think that the books were much better then the movie, it was good. i was just hoping it would have been better.
That movie is the best move i have EVER seen... it had romance, action, suspence, and it was put together really well!! PROPS
the Capitol was AMAZING And so was katnisses dress that lit on fire
I wished I could watch it. All my friends are talking about it expect for me. Sad..... Im pretty sure I will like it though
The camera/directing drove me a little crazy, but it did follow the book (mostly) and the acting was good. Action packed and had some laughs too. The outfits and make-up of the people in the capital was out-of-this-world. All in all, very well done.
Logan H
Ii love the HUNGEr GAMES
I always hated when they cut the archery program in high school.
I haven't seen the movie, Isn't supposed to reflect our government in someway? That's what I heard.
I can't wait to see what you do with book two. Great job!!!! 
definetly reflects our government, and shows how the rich are getting richer and the poor are geting poorer. great movie!
I want to see it, but I'm just not that motivated :/ 800 odd +'s is still not enough motivation for me, most of the comments don't seem to say that much... whatever
can't believe you left out the mayors dai=ughter
I loved the movie! I accidentally laughed when rue died though cause my friend told me a joke everyone got PISSED!
I have not seen the movie yet, but i read the books and they were sooo good. I wonder how the movie is going to turn out
you really should read the books before seeing this movie. I thought how she originally got the pin was an important part and seemed a little rushed at the beginning. i would have loved to see more of her relationship with gale but otherwise it was an absolutely great movie!:)
Plus it did justice to the book.
I thought this was a great movie! followed the book pretty well
I feel as if there were a few parts in the book that should have been included in the movie, it was a very good movie 
I m in the theatre right now. Its about to begin.
One of my top 10 fav movies of all time!!!
It was amazing really just awesome, the killing was very descreat and very quick, boom bang done! it was ful of action and suspense, though, I did want to smack President Snow more then :) amazing!
i liked how Kato just snapped the kids neck but they should have shown the guards beating the crap out of cina
Piper P
Best movie ever!!!! 500th!
I love the hunger games !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Hunger Games are amazing!!!!!!
Piper P
Go Katniss!!!!!!!!!!!
Piper P
Nope now im 500.
The hunger games are my favorite series
That is one of the best lines in the whole movie
Piper P
I know! its hilarious!
Piper P
best line ever!!
Katniss is sooo pretty!!! I wish I had my hair like her's!!
:)    <3  500th comment
this was honestly the BEST MOVIE i have ever seen :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and nope im the last comment :P
cant wait till catching fire comes out
i love training in the hunger games
aLL MY FRIENDSNSAY i LOOK JUST LIKE \KATNISSS JUST BECAUSE i shoot a bow and I have brown hair
omg i love that movie!! i want to watch it with my bf!!
I love the hunger games!
,iChat be watching Mocking Jay soon!:D
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