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She has no idea. The effect she can have.
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omg that is amazing....:D  katneeta forev!
lol cool!!!!!!
Dude rafia, r u like in live with Selena Gomez??
And Katie, what grade r u going into????
Just asking, now tell me what grade r u going into??? It's such a simple question!!!
What grade r u going into??!?!?!!!?!!?😠😡
These are supposed to be comments about the pic Tiffany
Well I'm not commenting on this pic, hee hee
I was just asking!!! Sheesh, well u guys r nice.
It's personal info that she doesn't want to tell you
I hate talking to u guys, u know u guys aren't very good friends at all
Zariah Alam your probably in third grade if this is always how you act
No they r all in about middle school I think, but they speak like they r in kindergarten
Okay then what grade are you in pre-school
That's how I felt about the series! Absolutely stunning!
When I saw pics of u, u smile like a baby
Oh well that means u r a baby, haha u r so stupid 
Who isn't in this and btw I don't have pic.s of cartoons in my profile
can't wait till catching fire then we'll see the effect she has
So many internet stalkers on the Hunger Games comment sections all the time. It really does scare me.
Hunger games is the best ever the end
Haha tiffany your amazing haha well I don't think she has to give you the info but it's funny how you guys are all fighting it out
please stop arguing PLEASE! its katies personal informating she doesnt have to tell u soo please stop this is supposed to be about hunger games
......................................................................and i just want to say that i cant wait till catching fire
its ok i just hate when people argue like that :(((
if i had a dress like that i would consider wearing dresses
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Hunger games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just saw the movie. AMAZING
best art i have seen yet.Good job to whoever did this!!!!
Katie just ignore them they keep going as long as you are
Guys plz stop fighting, we should all agree that people have the right to say what ever they want, and we all have something in common: WE LOVE HG!!! So let's stop arguing and talk about how we all like HG
i read the book and i am dying to c the movie but its not in theaters anymore.....wen is it coming out on dvd??????
She also has no idea how to show an emotion.
Cool picture nice effects 
Hey can you guy's please subscribe to my channel I'm new on youtube! THNXS -GABY
I haven't seen this movie yet.. Everyone says its good? 
Wow, that's amazing... :-)
Awesome movie, great characters, and a thrilling scary game

awesome dress! I absolutely loved the hunger games book and movie, and I will be super happy when the catching fire movie comes out.
Sami F
awesome dress!
Wonderful set of books for our youth to read.  These books not only show the power of our actions (no matter how small) and the affect they can have but also explain what war can do and even how neither side is always all wrong or all right
Omg i love this movie this is like the best series of movie and books

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love that collage, quote, and of course... THE HUNGER GAMES!
Cool,I loved the movie.
Go Katnip!!
I FREAKIN' LOVE THEIR BOOKS!!! but the movie kinda sucked butt :(
You are totally right when you read te books you just get sucked into it! Sorry im saying this to you people who haven't finished the series but i litterly started to cry when i found out that rue died!
I love the hunger games a lot !!!!!!!!!! The fist one is my favorite... <3
The book is way better than the movie
she isn't real. why is this a thing. It wouldn't happen like that in real life.
and whats with all you perverts and stalkers?
The hunger games is my favorite book series :) its a really cool pic
i havent seen the movie but the book was great. i loved the first and second but the third one kinda was confusing. there also great actors. i hope the movie is as good as the books were.
The book was practically the same.  Except a few small parts
I had no idea... the effect that I had. :(
omg i love the hunger games in the second book cant stop reading
Sam mon
i llllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the hunger games best book and movie ever
The Hunger Games was an eye opener . If you look in history, and whats happening in the world, its not so far off.
o i luvv it danni!!
luv it.... and compared to this harry potter stinks... i fell asleep on the first page.. true story
u dont have to look at the awesome photo if u dont like THG. 
Read HG love it hate Harry potter worst movies ever twilight and HG are head to head when breaking dawn part 2 is out and done catching fire and mocking jay will be THE movies to see
I luv her dress!!! Lol ;)
THGs is amazing can't wait till November 22, 2013. CF comes out. That pic is great
Can't wait to see it...I'm waiting for it to come out on Redbox or Carmike!!! :)
luv the dress!!!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lexi B.
Omg! Katniss' dress is so cool!!
that is a pretty epic dress, i would love a dress like that!!! LOVE YOU!!
Just saw it for the first time this week. ABSOLUTLY LUVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 
Can't wait for catching fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(which is out in about 490 days) 😄
true that
has anyone seen the movie that  was awesome
Zariah Alam i said please and u just were rude katie hohenstern was just being nice u have no right to be asking her for personal information im not mad i just hate when people argue soo thank u soo much for stopping
I just started the first, and I'm hooked!
love this book and movie still have to read 2 and 3... dont like to read any pointers????
I love all of them they are a great read i can't wait for movies 2 and 3
Don't hate me cause I haven't watched the movie yet. I just prefer the books more
try fanfiction it's more interesting and on the internet
no offense but i dont really like the hunger games alll that much =(
I loved the hunger games! Well the book at least the movie is ok!
HUGE FAN!!!! thats my computers wall paper
thanks to my friend kate i love hungergames
OMG , the movie is amazing and the books r my favorite series i've ever read
Yeah, imagine how much of a real effect she could have, if she stopped acting pointlessly, and starting taking part in humanitarian works.

Oh wait, that would be practical, my bad. Keep dreaming in your childish world humanity, one day you will have to wake up.
Cool ! Love those books! Wanna see the movie!
dude my school was soo obsessed with Hunger Games... they made me not lke as much! (i still love it tho)
I LOVE the hunger games!!!!! ;-D 
I didn't like Jennifer Lawrence I thought Shailene Woodley would've been much better. She's very close to how I pictured Katniss in the books. Plus Jennifer looks too old.
She has no idea. The computer effects that we put on her.
the Flame clothes in very awesome!!! I know she is the champion....
Hunger games... hmm... too slow for my taste, no matter what effect.
i love this movie i am a hunger gamesaholic idk if thats a word or not :D
Oh my gosh I loved the book caching fire!!!!my fav out of all
I have not seen the movie yet but I hioe to very very soon. Sounds like a fantastic movie without a doubt.
Oops! Was trying to say... Hope to see the movie very very soon :0)
I love this movie! Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson were so good in this movie!!
i loved the hunger games i hated that they killed rue right
I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sssss... that movie is awesome....!!!
Wait… this isn't Skyrim. I must be lost.
A. Bea
Amazing! Such a spectacular idea.
Haven't seen it. I shoot longbow and have had many people ask me if I took it up because of the movie. guess I started 40 yrs . ahead of time !
A. Bea
Hunger games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i honestly think the books are better. dont u? but the movie is good to
Domething is better than nothing so i would say join meeeee
hey micha i will tell you that im sure you will agree that the books are better once u see the movie.
u must have put a lot of work into that
I really want to watch the hunger games..!!
that dress is so pretty! oh and shut up Algenio.
last comment! :D lol and i LOVE the hunger games!!!
this is the 500th coment haha.........she does not know at all the effect she can have and i mean it i dont mean to spoil mockingjay but there is a reason she kills snow right

But can't WAIT for the movie!!!! :D
I <3 hunger games! LAST COMMENT!!!!
why is everyone on team peeta? i'm on team dobby
I am on Team Gale and I have the last comment!
I am on Team PEETA all the way! (and actually, I have the last comment) :P <3 +Peeta Mellark 
Sorry Miss, I got last comment. WOOT, TEAM PEETA
NO YA DIDN'T! LAST COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Catness aka jenifer lowrance ever u spell it looks like someone I know
She is and always will look and be amazing!!!#bestmovieever
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