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Need to brush up on your archery skills? Enter the world of Panem with the official games for iOS and Facebook.

The Hunger Games Adventures on Facebook:

Hunger Games: Girl on Fire for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch:
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nevermind it didn't load the others in time so thats 6th comment
if I had an iPod or iPhone I'd have that game
hahahahahahaha-,.,.,--,,. i have try
Follow me, Dang wish I could get that I have Droid!!! :-(
The only time I wish I had a Facebook :( oh well I always have a real bow :)
its just jumping you dont have to do nothing
That game I dumb and boring I played it 
That game IS dumb and boring I should know becuz I USED to have it
Sarah R
Liam is not as hot as Josh! 
Peeta isn't attracting but you're supposed to look for the kindness in someone not there handsome or prettiness
Sarah R
Peeta is compassionate Gale is just a jerk! 
Josh only looks pretty cute in this one video on utube
Thats true. Gale is a Traitor and a angry fireball
I luv how peeta is romantic, mellow, and soothing :)
I feel bad for Katniss because she has to decide between the 2 of them
Sarah R
I'm out u Josh/Peeta bashers! Peace

~ Sarah Mellark 
Spoiler: Finnick gets married to Annie and then he dies in the MockingJay
At the end she doesn't have to decide. Fate picks for her
Sarah I added you plz add me back :)
Sarah R
Gale…? What ever Peeta is where it's at! I've been team Peeta since I read the first book
No I luv. Peeta I said gale should've dies... Instead of Finnick
Sarah R
FYI hate Peeta get my fury! :) 
petta is the best i personally dont like gail
Sarah R
Gale sucks butt
Sarah R
I'm Peeta and Finnick! I'd throw gale hawthorn out my window! :) 
I like Petta and Gale, I really can't decide.
Sarah R
She must be sick 
Sarah R
PEETA!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3
Read my upper posts to help u decide. Good luck !
How about team Peeta AND Finnick. 
Sarah R
I'm Peeta Finnick and Cinna 
I convinced most o my friends to be Team Peeta compared to Team Gale if they hadn't ALREADY been Team Peeta
Sarah R
U r a good friend 
On the 1 st an half of the second book I was team Peeta and cinna. Becuz Finnick wasn't there yet. But now there is no cinna or Finnick which brings me back to Team Peeta ;(
i cant but i think im team finnick
Just saw the hunger games yesterday i cried and I got scared lol
Sarah I meant that not in a mean way I was using a different tone. A tone saying that I am crying when u Said that
Sarah R
Tell u one thing I would much rather wear a Twilight shirt than be on Team Gale! 
Becuz I was sad about their deaths 
Too bad you couldn't get it on the Nook Tablet.
Me too but only becuz I actually like twilight but not more than the HG
Cassidy, as u finish the series you find out more hidden things like gale moves away an stuff so how else does Katniss have to Luv? Haymitch!?
Sarah R
Katniss could kick Bella's small booty 
Yup And so could Jacob and Edward. But sadly they don't :)
My Nephew is five an HE could kick her tush
Sarah R
I could kick Bella's butt and that's saying something 
Sarah R
It's an iPhone iPad and iPod touch game yay! 
Sarah R
If u hate twilight say I and plus one the comment 
Sarah R
I've got 2 get it
Sarah R
How'd it suck? 
When i walk in the forest, This is what i see
Gale shooting squirrels, and a-looking at me..
I got an arrow in my hand and I ain't afraid to
bow it... bow it... bow it...
In gym we're doing archery, and every time there's a bullseye we're like "That's a Katniss shot!"
:) When I walk out my shop, this is what I see; Katniss Everdeen is staring at me I got bread in my hand and I ain't afraid to throw it ...throw it.... throw it...
I'm Peeta and I know it!
omg that looks so cool!!
i <3 the hunger games!!
I WANT IT!!!!!!!!
I luv the hunger games
Team Finnick!
I think peeta is way better!! I have been on team peeta since the first book. Plus in all of the videos on YouTube they always make fun of gale by making him sarcastic And rude :) plus, Gail is a girls name, plus it rhymes with FAIL!!!!!!!!😄😃
So far I like the FB version (Don't have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod) played until I ran out of energy.. Made it to 'Chapter 3'..
Peeta is reeaaaallllllllyyyyyyyyy awesome! I like Peeta, Finnick, and Johanna (Katniss is pretty cool too). I think Gale is such a jackdonkey.
its actually a rlly retarded app
i need gril frind and sex patner by phon
Trust me, if I had an IPhone, I would have bought this days ago.
when i walk out the shop yeah this is what i see katness sitting down staring a me i got a roll in my hand and im not afraid to throw it petta and i know it
For the above Team Peeta and Team Gale fight:
All of you shut your mouths!!!!!
Gale's demented AND H E KILLED

No peeta is and thresh their hotter then the sun
Team Gale!! All day every day!! :)
I appreciate all this hunger games info except that they always have links to fb and or to apple products none of which I own or use
I havent seen it my bf said it waz cool. 
Cai Kay
r u serius???? that cool exsited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
make an app for android now!!! :D
I'm watching the Hunger Games today, is it good??
Well I'd like to say yes, but no. I will though!!!
oh i love this game on the app store its really fun but i don't know how to play it hhahahahahahhahahahah
Of course...iOS only. Like other platforms are not exist.
i already saw the movie it wa great! Team Peeta!<3 and i have the third book it is really good!
I got it so amazing & hard to ply too :)
Suck at this game I wonder if it's just bad skill or what??
Wow this is hunger games not twilight. Team gale and team peeta facepalm
they look so awesome all pixolated and such
(as my profile pic suggests)
I'm confused! Y isn't peeta, the guy on fire!?!?!
rameesha its a vid game dont be hatin come on get real
katniss looks awesome as a video game character!!
i had it b4 the movie came out!!! Im amazing at it
i love the hunger games going to ask to download!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have had that game for a while and I LOVE it!
HEART the Hunger Games sooooooo much (OBSESSED)
i prefer real archery, you know, where you build real muscles not finger muscles
and it takes skill, you know, what you actually have to practice for to obtain
I LOVED both the books and the movie im am addicted i have read them all and loved the movie i just hate that they strayed from the book in important parts
i want to see the hunger games sooo bad
keep upating and this game could be good
i have it and i cant stop playing it i should be playing it now
i want it but dont have a facebook... :(
The movie... the book... the game... EVERYTHING Hunger Games related is awesome!
The facebook game...
I was praying it wouldn't have some cheap "energy" aspect to it.
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Piper P
That game wasn't as good as I hoped.....
the game ain't good

the movie is okay and animated

the books are the best things ever

--- This is the Truth
awesome movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Game is pretty much sucks, but the movie was Great
the game might not be good but the movie was totally awesome!!!!!!!!
the movie was overrated, and also they let people in waaay to early at my theater, not supposed to open those auditoriums until 11 at the earliest
you suck geass dude if you dont have any good coments to post about the best movie of 2012 then dont even bother and one more thing happy hunger games
The movie itself is overhyped. Yeah, it's annoying. But I say it really does deserve a lot of its hype, whereas Twilight is crap and always will be crap. -_-
twilight was not that great. I think though that the hunger games was amazing and was really well done though the book was better
Team Gale
( Thresh and Cato are also bosses)!
Rucha D
whaaaa why does cato suck?!?!?! :O:O:O O_O
why cant there be more than 500 comments?
OMG Love the Hunger Games. I couldn't put it down when I was reading it and now I can't wait until the movie comes out in DVD so I can buy it and watch it over and over. Can't wait for Catching Fire!!!! - Mandri R ;) <3
I know ppl who r on team peeta just because josh hutcherson plays him. I'm not saying that I dont think he's cute, but i like him because of his character
I have this :D I LOVE THIS GAME SOOOO MUCH! I love THG! Make Catching Fire...NOW!!!!
yeah same here I don't know what the big obsession with him is
i hat how it says "need to burush up ur archerey skills?" because the game would be nothing like real hunting
I like Peeta because of his character too! ;) and it's not Twilight, so there's not teams. 
This question just crossed my mind..Why are they advertising Facebook games on google+ ??? Just wondering.... (: 
i have no idea. twighlight?!, im srry, but :P :P and :P again.
yeah.. its not important unless we get to play!
Yeah, twilight! Like team Jacob and team Edward! That's not what this is! This is The Hunger Games! Lol sooo yeah. Its not twilight. People are comparing it to twilight when they say team Peeta or team Gale and its dumb. :p lol.(:
Oh my god, that's supreme!!!!!!!
I agree: epic books, epic movie, not-so-epic game. That's why I'm making my own game.
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i want this game sooo bad! my ipod doesn't let my get it because it doesn't have a high enough IOS
is this game even fun
its pretty hard
how do u get into the capitol or whatevs cause im always stuck in the forest
o wow i told you not to make fun of them!! but still yeah its awesome
cant believe rue dies wish she would have been from district 12 instead of peeta
Go Katniss Go Go Girl.. Nice Arrow shots in the movie.. Pic looks Very COOL!
This game is boring all she does is shoot big bugs.
This game looks boring just by the picture
the hunger games is to good for this you fools
Wish there was alternate costumes for Katniss for this game. but overall I like it but should have more weapons
Love this game!!!! (it should have more levels, though) +1 if you agree!
this game is kind of hard
Shea D
I finished this game!!!
I love the game it's awesome. 
I've tried playing this before... Didn't really work out...
Ma sn tutti in inglese? Ok... I love this film, i'm going to download it.;-)
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