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Yes! Its true, Anonymous Hackers released their own Operating System with name "Anonymous-OS", is Live is an ubuntu-based distribution and created under Ubuntu 11.10 and uses Mate desktop. You can create the LiveUSB with Unetbootin.
Anonymous-OS 0.1 : Anonymous Hackers released their own Operating System. THN Magazine and The Hacker News is Most Comprehensive resource in providing news related to Information Technology, Cyber sec...
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Yes, I want to put their code on my systems, while a slew of them are being prosecuted for $700,000 worth of credit card fraud...
joe kz
ha ha ha ...
Trojan Horse and BotNet Included ?
Only for the truly elite--I mean 31337 hax0r, just install and click "HACK TEH PLANET" and now you are pnw4ge. Still, I do believe I'll setup a VM and have a poke around.
Isn't there a F?ckup Chrome Button? :D
Lol see who's tracking who now...
+Shawn McMahon Yeah I'm going to have to agree with you here. It's the same reason I buy my OSes rather then using cracked ones. If someone knows enough to remove the protections that MS puts in to keep their OS from being stolen they know enough how to put in a back door to said OS to get what they want off of it. I don't need to make it easier for them.
hope does not have any form of tracking software embedded so that they can get users information.
Who would you call for technical support?
+Douglas Blaack +Jasper Houtman It's what I believe is Justifiable paranoia. No I don't know a lot about the depths of programming and hacking, but I do know if someone has a public history of stealing cars or stealing stuff out of cars, I'm not going to get a car from them where they can make their own job easier if they wanted to.
+Wynne Rogers but what if you were to purchase a car from someone who had the exact blue prints with all of the parts, would you not buy that car from them?
Could be one of the most secure desktop OSs. Nobody knows except for the people who put it together.
Don't you think that building everything from scratch (assembler/c) especially OS, would be a bit more time consuming.....and not only... ?
Is this a new trojan horse? !!!

Why use this when exists a official distro called BackTrack ( with all usefull tools for hack.
+Daniel Stevens One doesn't necessarily have to reinvent the wheel? #Anonymous is mostly script kiddies, that's the whole thing is that it's a seething mass of anonymous phantasmagoria... any real elite hacker wouldn't just download an OS with everything preinstalled . This package is designed to help kids with zero skills join in the cause (read: LOIC) ... which is fine, everything has its place.
Daniel, Maybe we must clear out ... what kind of OS we are talking about:) There are plenty of programs you can make in a seconds (hello world's) and they are named "programs" too...:)
+Wynne Rogers The thing about this is that it's open source - so anyone of sufficient experience can inspect it and verify that it's safe to use. That benefits users like you in that they'll make a lot of noise when something's wrong. All of the source code, specifications, scripts, logs, everything is open for inspection. By design and intent.

It's the software that has no source code that you have to worry about.

"OSes" like this are just respins of existing distributions - they've just chosen different software packages from the original default.
+Michael Grube Possibly, But then again, if the person with the blueprints, parts, and knowledge that is building it also has a history that they are proudly flagging around of breaking into cars and stealing things out of them, then no, I would not buy a car from them. That second part is my point. While I'm sure this person could easily break into my car I got from someone else I don't need to give them additional reason or make it easier because I got it from this person rather then someone else.
This is the Govt version of Anon. If you d/l and use this OS you deserve what you get
i wanna know if this is 100% legit before i use it
Why does Anonymous need to release an OS? If the intent is to distribute attack tools then good luck to anyone who installs it with their explanations to the cops. And if it's to security harden the OS, why not contribute patches through the proper channels to trustworthy dists to incorporate?
Why not just make your own distribution in Ubuntu? its pretty easy. I will stick my slackware thank you.
+Wynne Rogers 1st, you +'d the wrong person, 2nd, with that logic, you can truly trust anyone, and that's not "justifiable paranoia", that's just paranoia...
No different than Backtrack, STD, or any other OS designed for pen testing and forensics. This OS has the cool factor of being branded with Anonymous. Other security distros discourage the use of their software compilations for unethical reasons, while this one is surely geared for anything other than what is agreed upon in the security world to be ethical.
I love the trust in the OSS community to always get things right, as if they're any more incentivized than a closed source developer who's being paid by quality metrics. "Just download the source and have a look!" ... please. That's not a small effort, even with proper automation.
I just think people are putting a lot of the wrong spin on this...this was created by people knowing how to exploit security definition, they know what not to do when making an OS. I'm giving them credit where credit is due...I would prefer an OS made by people who spent their lives/careers exploiting security holes in other systems.
every one always over react to cool harmless thing (not anonymous) and need to get there facts straight first!
wahts so spl abt this OS!! ...well curious abt it.
Technically they just used Ubuntu as a base, sealed known security holes and put their own themed skin on gnome. Not to sound ungrateful but I feel this OS is really for people who don't know how to do this themselves and gives new users to linux a good safe feeling when they join up in the ranks of freedom.
+Daniel Stevens Have you seen how fast 0-day vulnerabilities appear and spread? I've seen 0-days appear within a week of the release of a closed product, but I've not seen the same thing happen on open projects. At some point, the accountability of OSS outweighs the security-by-obscurity of closed software. Bugs generally get fixed sooner in open projects than their counterparts in closed ones, because they're more visible.

You're right, of course, that it is a double-edged sword. But it cuts both ways: The visibility of bugs make discussion about them more open and wide-spread. Exploits in open projects get discussed openly and fixed quickly. Exploits in closed projects get discussed on seedy IRC servers by people trading new ways to break into systems, and only seem to get fixed when it becomes problematic.
+David Sachs interesting, any reason or they just use it so they need a secure OS and no licensing fee?
Is our government now going to claim that anyone using Linux (or this distro) are part of the cracker elite known as Anonymous?
big - for "ubuntu based"
big + for MATE
well that makes us hacker official....hehe
Muy bien, tendremos que descargarlo y experimentarlo
I'll download this OS built by hackers! Wait a minute...
Good I like some of the things they do but not a lot
+Patrick Neville Not sure. When I was going for my degree in cyber security, they had a specific class for state troopers to train on and learn it.
Wow... How many things in life I do not need!
Like in life, if you are backdoored, you have no one to blame but yourself...or the 300lb gorilla holding you down. +David Sachs thats pretty cool. I would be interested to hear if the class was actually informative.
Moh Sel
Who's anonymous ? what are their believes ? who take the decisions about their actions ?
Wait, they're built upon n00b-os? Say it ain't so!
Less than one day old this story and already debunked: Anon OS is wrapped in Trojans. This must be to catch a casual idiot wandering too far into the swamp. Anyone who would like to continue to think they're in the know should just pass right on by as if they'd never heard of it. Just kidding, we should all download this right? Follow me...
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