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FBI will shutdown the Internet on March 8. THN Magazine and The Hacker News is Most Comprehensive resource in providing news related to Information Technology, Cyber security, infosec, Hacking threads...
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Probably yes. I don't know how governments handled it around the world, but here in Germany there forced media coverage about this over a few weeks and set up a website where everyone could test if they were infected.
The Internet cannot be brought down... by anyone. It is far too connected - that's why it was designed as a "Web" by DARPA.

But yeah, I'm sure the FBI can succeed at pissing millions off.
The ubiquity of wifi networks adds to the assurance that the Internet can't go down: Just in my neighborhood, there is a buzzing ad (yes I did - DNS and all that noise) .... a buzzing ad-hoc network. I'm sure it can be expanded if necessary.
Anonymous and the FBI taking turns who can fuck with it the most...
If IPAD3 launches on the 7th March. There will be nothing left to shutdown on the 8th. Mission accomplished!
+Free Tuzzo Do you mean if they're going to shut down the internet? No they're not.
But they will shut down the rogue-dns server, which is responsible, in case your system is infected, to transform that convenient url "" into for example: "".
That not working anymore after the 8th of March will result in millions of users thinking the "internet" is down, allthough they still could visit websites by typing in the ip-address.
The title of the article is designed to get attention but to say the internet will be shut down is not correct by any means. I suppose for a normal user google and facebook being down means the internet is dead lol if you want to really take control of your Internet.* You can set up your own WiFi ISP for those around you that get "shut down" from this FBI thing.

*some assembly required

This is gonna be fun :D
whatever it is it is whatever will be will be,,, but i did hear that before, facebook was suppose to be shutdown 6 months ago,,we heard
All this worm does is change which dns server your computer uses . How does that equate to the internet going down . Sound to me like an opportunity to make money . March 8th cha-ching $$$$$$$
why are they going to shut it down? and for how long?
yeah we basically live off the internet
This headline is highly alarmist in nature. There are approximately 500,000 people although some have reported up to 8 million. I had never heard of THN until today but after seeing a headline like this, I'm positive that I'll never be visiting their website.
+RastaDavid Andrade, because for the average user getting an error message everytime he types in an url into the adress bar means "the internet is down" There are thousands of users out there not knowing that you can actually type the url into the adressbar without needing to go to google first, not even to speak of typing ip-addresses-

+Chris Flood please tell me you're kidding.
Yeah and if this worm only changes dns servers on the computer I make money :D
Meant dns servers the computer connects to*
If I remember right I used to use the dd-wrt firmware on my old wrt54g linksys router and it worked fantastic.
For those that cannot be bothered to read the article, the FBI is NOT shutting down the internet. There was a widespread virus that changed DNS logs so that you would visit fake sites. The FBI confiscated those websites and rerouted traffic to the correct websites, but come March 8th they are shutting down those websites.

What does this mean to you?

If you have the virus and have not corrected your DNS settings when the websites go down, your computer will not be able to find the websites.
The most common I see right now are the malicious softwares that change the hosts file. Sounds like I'll be busy march 8 though
+Shane Davis This is not 100% correct. They did confiscate the DNS-Servers and "reconfigured" them to route the traffic correctly. This means if you have the virus and have not corrected your DNS settings, after the 8th of March your computer will not be able to find any website at all.
The title is misleading. The Internet itself will NOT go down; instead, the rogue DNS servers will go down, and if you are infected you will no longer be able to resolve urls; therefore, let's rephrase this title to be more accurate:

The FBI will stop holding the hands of infected fools running without a firewall, connected directly to the internet. These users will lose internet connection.
+Roman El Morabit That's correct, what I wrote wasn't as clear but since all your traffic would be routed through the new servers you would not be able to connect to anything when they go down.
No the FBI won't shut down the Internet - period. It belongs to us (netizens) , we could if we wanted to.
how i know that i dont got the virus on my computer ?
FBI will shutdown the Internet on March 8 Yes, this is so they can wash the Windows.
unless the FBI is cutting all ISPs fiber optic cables , destroying all communication satellites , and cutting all phone line the internet will go on . oooh and taking everyone's routers
+Крыстафер Гомес As long as you successfully played it at some point in the past, you can play it without a connection. Minecraft probably looks for an ip to update anyway, so it wouldn't even be using a DNS.

+Rory Christel Won't the infected fools still be connected? They just can't type in a url to connect, they have to use an ip address.

My understanding was the connection never goes away, you just have to access websites the old fashioned way. If you can connect to google's ip, will you be able to search and get to everywhere else?
they're probably going to seach for "Google" in Google and bring it all crashing down...
and when they do we will reroute to jamacas internet for untouched internet.
+Alex Florez Your understandig is right. I justed tested it, even if you're able to reach google by it's ip, you won't be able to reach any pages from there. Searching is possible though.
thats no legal to shut down the internet
its against the constitution freedom of press freedom
of speech.
ehh... yes, +martyn ridley (and thank you +Alex Florez): the Internet belongs to the People. However, no; we would not be able to "shut down the Internet" if we wanted to.

It was a perfect invention. But that's just the thing: It is less of an "invention" and more of an "idea".

Anything that connects to something else is "networked" together. Usually called a "PAN" - _P_ersonal _A_rea _N_etwork; they can therefore be linked to a MODEM (MOdulator-DEModulator) which connects to a MAN (municipal area network) and then a WAN (wide-area network) -> which is connected to a whole fleet of "back-stage" machines (servers) which collect and display stuff (web pages, videos, etc.) and translate "Human-Code" - human language - into computer languages.

Therefore, an "Intranet" is a any of these networks that aren't open to alien connections. [ You need to register at this hotel to access the network." ]

Ah shit man just... know that the "Internet" cannot go down - by anyone.

It simply isn't sophisticated enough.
Notice, that no-one reads the actual article which is about shutting down a botnet servers not the INTERNET! You damn people are somewhat ignorant and stupid..humanity is doomed exciting is this.... a botnet....yawns... yes, I am really scared...
It's so stupid to believe yellow press LOL
Yep, internet will be shut down. Oh, yeah, almost forget to say. Also, aliens are coming LOL People are so naive :-)
Am I the only one who remembers the "scare" we had only a few years ago where a killer virus would start sending all of our personal data somewhere?
Sensationalism based news titles are sensational...
Lol, where is the switch, at least someone will be able to POWER IT UP AGAIN!
+Drew Molina buddy, our information is out there for anyone to take. The IRS, CIA, FBI and a whole lot more "secure" government computers were hacked.

I watched on Twitter a spat between an Anonymous member and Dana White (president of the UFC) - and within moments, was presented (as was anyone watching) with ALL of Dana's personal information.

In fact, the member of Anonymous that was doing this went back in and changed the information to exclude Dana's wife(s) and children so as not to have casualties of war. So to speak.

I mean... sure - be careful.... but the dude from Lifelock got hacked.
Dramatic much on the title...The title alone would freak out your average internet user. Luckily I'm not that average user. :)
Buddy you missed my whole point. It was this isn't the first time they claim something big is going to happen on the internet and it's not going to be the last. Hell the time I was refering to ended up with nothing happening.
Fear mongering misinformation, the Internet will only go dark for idiots that are infected!
None of your information is as "secure" as you think it is. Never has been, never will be.
That's hilarious! You thought the FBI could turn off the internet. read a book.
in any event be higher however be special security people with rare flair nothing prevents
tht dont sound lik a very smrt idea, i dout thyd do tht
I cross posted this in front of the network service providers who basically control all the backbone routing in the world for their opinion, I shall see what comes of it.
This article is absolute shit. Thinking maybe THN isn't something I need to keep in my Circles.
Right so my problem is the article says it affects browsers not operating systems - and then suggests you check your DNS settings. Now - if my computer DNS settings have been changed then surely it has affected my operating system not my browser :/ In any case I run my own internal DNS server.
They better not.....otherwise we are going to bomb the white house....
Interesting that an article on a site called "The Hacker News" feels the need to explain what DNS means. That, and other inconsistencies, suggest to me that hackers are not their target audience.
+Athea Kong I hope you're already in the States as you haven't got a prayer of getting in now!!
this is totally ridiculous, no one owns the internet yet alone installed on their wall so that they can switch it on and off; if they want to turn their website off that is none of my problem
Ummm....Sir Timothy John "Tim" Berners-Lee, OM, KBE, FRS, FREng, FRSA (born 8 June 1955[1]), also known as "TimBL", is a British computer scientist, MIT professor and the inventor of the World Wide Web. He made a proposal for an information management system in March 1989[2] and on 25 December 1990, with the help of Robert Cailliau and a young student at CERN, he implemented the first successful communication between a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) client and server via the Internet.[3]
now if we can now harness the sun =what a waste of free energy.
+Cliff Morris, that was a specific type of server (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). Communication.

Sure, we can say that he "invented" the "World Wide Web"; however, that is but one way to "surf" the Internet.

Look deeper into the real "meat" of the Internet: TCP/IP
The best starting-point in understanding "The Internet".

Footnote: Try to make it a habit to capitalize the "I" in "Internet" when you're discussing it... as "internet" is just a type of network; but, "The Internet" is something much more grand and illustrious. :)
what the fuck?Why the hell are they shutting down the internet