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EXCLUSIVE ---> Another 0-Day Password Reset #Vulnerability in #Hotmail, #Yahoo and #AOL. Using same Tamper Data add-on attacker is able to Reset passwords of any account remotely. This is somewhat a critical Vulnerability ever exposed, Millions of users can effected in result. #Security
Yet Another Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo Password Reset 0Day Vulnerabilities. The Hacker News is Most Comprehensive resource in providing news related to Information Technology, Hacker News, Hacked by, Lear...
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I only use my hotmail for spam, but I used to use it for legit emails when I first made it. Since then, someone has sent emails to my saved contacts with bogus links. :(
Who wrote this post? "This is somewhat a critical Vulnerability ever exposed, Millions of users can effected in result." ookkk
They don't verify data sent from client....
Passwords should be changed, once per least
Hotmail SUCKS!!! There is no way to really get it fixed once they have hacked into it. Sticking with Gmail!
It just hasn't been the same since they swapped out all that good Linux that made it famous, and were made to put it on Windows that made it suck...a lesson to us all!
I don't know about that; I remember back when Hotmail was declared, how great it used to be. Then a couple years went by, embarrassing Microsoft that they couldn't get NT to do the same thing.

Now, it's just the inevitable end to a once well-done service. How this relates to Google, I'm unsure.
Actually I've not heard anything about Hotmail in years. It's always been one of the alternate free-email providers, like Google. (Though Google's doing MANY other things)

If it works for them it's like AOL: people that are on it, like it: no problem here. Just 'cause it's not my style doesn't make it wrong.
I am using hotmail for a quite a long time. Though i have gmail account i hardly used it. Hotmail is providing me everything that i need like email, 25gb free space, documents like word, excel, powerpoint and one note. Automatic syncing between office PC, home and my laptop. Web chatting with all my friends those are using either facebook and live network. I feel not reason to get over. Coming to security, i don't have habit of opening mails from unknown source. If the system has any issues, they surely rectify it.
Like I said; if you're happy- great. People on AOL are happy too, whether I like it doesn't matter at all.

Personally if anyone fed me Microsoft documents, I'd tell them to stop, but then I'm on Linux and know a better way. :>
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