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OK Guildies, who's on Netflix? Would love if you would queue/rate/review us, and of course. let people know that we're on Netflix.
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Consider it done, done and done :) ...oh ...and done ^.^
bah it doesn't appear to be coming up in the canadian version or it would be done!
Done that - I'll do it again, and again, and again, etc.

Yeah, we're not getting it in Canada... can someone fix that for us?
+Amanda Park +Philip Dobson - there was a time when we were on, IIRC. We'll work on getting it there if it's not on. Are you not seeing it at all? If you do find, please post a link so we can share with our Canadian Guildies. Thanks for looking.
That (Netflix) is where I first found The Guild.
It's not showing at all. I will try to post if it does come up. Thanks!

Well, it let me rate it finally using the link again, but it won't come up at all in searching. :( And it's unavailable for Canada, of course.
Love the guild, me and the wife look forward to each new season on netflix or hulu!
I'm on netflix. We got rid of TV service years ago. I was so excited when they first offered the guild, so that I didn't have to watch it in pieces off youtube.
bring it to Canadian netflix!
How much do you guys get in return for views on netflix, +The Guild
I haven't used netflix yet, but this might be my reason why, especially if I can hook it up nicely with Xbmc, sure I saw an add-on for that.
Yes it is blocked to Canadians and I can not get it at all any where. The only way for me to see it would be to pirate it. :(
I discovered the guild because of netflix. A great show, ahead of its time possibly. Is season five up yet?
I've always watched it online or from the links from the Guild members post on their social sites like facebook and google+. I watched the last Season within Canada. Can't you go back and watch them at Having it on netflix would be nice though.
Sigh.... I promise to do it, and being Canadian foils my efforts. My apologies, not possible >< I will, however, spread the word for ya!
rated already... btw, thanks for proving you can be a MMORPG addict and still do wonderful work!
Netflix is actually how I first started watching the guild!
I thought I remembered +Felicia Day saying during an interview once that there was nearly zero return on Netflix views for the content creators (and so could we please make sure to watch the episodes when first posted elsewhere rather than waiting for them to arrive on Netflix).

Now, "nearly zero" is probably not "zero", so I imagine there is something to the Netflix views that is of benefit to you, but has it changed (increased) in some way recently that makes watching the Netflix content worth more to you? Or is it still basically nothing, but it would just be nice to get people watching?
I think we are a biased survey group. =p
Gave it 5 stars, purchased the DVD's. Waiting for the story to continue...
Bill P
I did that long ago
LOL 5-starred all of your materials ages ago!!
I no longer have Netflix, I need you to get onto Amazon Prime where I can watch it all day long on my Fire.
You are queued for me, and rated. :)
You are a long standing member of my queue. 
Looks like it's time to watch The Guild again.
My friends have told me to shut up about watching The Guild. I've spread the word years ago ;)
I just got Netflix yesterday!
I've had you rated on Netflix for AGES :) I love that it streams like a movie.
Hehe... Netflix is actually how I discovered The Guild - after watching Dr. Horrible.
+Trevor Jones The Guild is best on the 360 in HD, although it is a bit of a shock when you go back to the first season and see the SD quality.
I also would, if there was Netflix in Europe.
That's great that you're on Netflix....going to rate it right now!
Can you let us know when Season 5 is available on Netflix?
I have had The Guild in my queue for so long the digital files have dust. I've never watched it because it would only have 4 episodes and then would fail when I tried to watch those. I can't wait to get to see them on the big tv screen!
I abandoned Blockbuster when Netflix offered streaming. I abandoned Netflix when they split streaming off from mailers. At least I have my zune...
+Larry D Goodale : each Netflix "episode" is a full season, edited together so you can watch a whole season like you would a movie. Give it a try again and let us know if it works. We're working on getting Season 5 on there so that the complete Guild experience is there!
Would like to watch it on Netflix. No Linux support = no can watchie. (Doesn't mean I don't watch it by other means, though.)
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