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The Golden Gecko Garden Center
A nursery, apiary, farm, and garden shop located in the Sierra Nevada foothills.
A nursery, apiary, farm, and garden shop located in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

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Earthworm casting sale!

Nothing enhances the structure and microbial activity like eathworm castings. These are all natural and meant to be used in the ground or in containers, as well as compost tea. Worm castings are the richest natural fertilizer known to humans. As little as a tablespoon of pure worm castings provides enough organic plant nutrients to feed a 6" potted plant for more than two months.

EB Stone earthworm castings: $19.99 1 cu ft bag. SALE $15.00 per bag! Save $4 per bag. 

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Honeycomb art
Artist Aganetha Dyck places porcelain figurines, shoes, and other objects in specially designed bee hives. The bees, doing what they do, build their honeycomb structures on, and around the objects. What emerges is striking, and slight "jarring" to our eye. It is meant to show the connection man has with the bee, and what might happen if bees continue to decline in population.
There is a short 9 minute video at the link showing how the process is done. Also more pictures of the various art work.

We are now open seven days a week. Monday through Saturday, 10-5pm and Sunday 10-3pm. 

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Here is the latest harvest from our small farm behind the nursery. The peppers are really coming along strong. Jalapeno, Padrone, Fresno Chili, and more. Rattlesnake and purple beans are ready. "Rattlesnake Beans" are a tender, refreshing edible podded bean. Beautiful, 7 inch long, purple striped green beans appear on tall plants in summer. When pods are left on the plant to mature and dry, they reveal auburn and brown speckled seeds that are scrumptious in warming winter soups and stews. "Purple Podded Beans", are a delicious heirloom discovered in the Ozark mountains by Henry Fields in the 1930’s and is still requested by many old-timers of this region. The pods are bright purple, stringless, and tender.

Zucchini and cucumbers (both slicing and pickling) are also available. All organically grown right here!

Please note our summer hours:
Tuesday - Friday 10am to 5pm
Sat-Sun 10am to 3pm
Closed on Moday

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We are brewing compost tea today! It will be available for sale Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Bring your own clean container with tight lid, or buy 5 gallons and get a free container with lid, that you can use over and over again. $5 per gallon.

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We have an abundance of organically grown tomato starts. Actually more than we want to have here right now. So, tomato starts are now on sale for 1.99ea. (regular 2.99). Don't miss out as the selection is as large as it's going to be this year. Many heirlooms available.

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Try The Padrón Pepper for you next tapas, or BBQ.  

In Spain “tapas” are a wide variety of appetizers, or snacks. Tapas are designed to encourage conversation, because people are not so focused upon eating an entire meal that is set before them. One fantastic food for tapas is The Padrón Pepper.

These small-fruited peppers originated in Galicia, northwest Spain, where the bite-sized green fruits are sauteed in olive oil and served with coarse-ground sea salt in tapas bars across the country. Also fine for pickled peppers; the heat increases as they ripen to red. The Padrón is an authentic regional variety. These peppers are grown along the banks of the river Ulla and its tributary Sar, especially in the greenhouses of the municipality of Padrón, hence the name. This pepper is also currently grown in various places of southern Spain and Morocco.

We have limited supply of organically grown Padrón started plants for 2.99 ea. We also have over 10 different varieties of peppers available.
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