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An adjournment is to suspend the case and postpone it until a future time or place.

A deposition is a statement made under oath. It typically includes questions asked of a party to a case or witness.

A motion is the request made by either side to the court requesting the court to rule or take action on their behalf.

More than 70% of lawyers polled by the American Bar Association say they provide pro bono work.

Attorneys can not guarantee any results. We can be sanctioned for doing that.

A reputable attorney can connect you with an extended network of professionals to help your case.

It pays to observe the proper procedures and decorum because your conduct in court can make a big impression on both the judge and jurors!

Many attorneys work on a “contingency” basis. What this means is that they do not get paid unless they win your case.

An attorney will challenge evidence, particularly if it’s been mishandled.

Always call the judge "your honor"; don't use their name or something more casual like "Judge Johnson" unless specifically requested to.
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