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#dailyfranchisetip  - As you get closer to making a Yes or No decision on buying a specific #Franchise  , The Money part will start rearing it's scary head. How are you going to pay for the thing? Check out what the SBA does. And, what they don't do- 
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#dailyfranchisetip  - Just because a huge brand like #Starbucks  has decided to start #Franchising  doesn't mean you have to jump into what will be a pretty crowded pool. Breathe for a minute. Think. Is a food-service business really right for you?  
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#dailyfranchisetip  - If you're searching for that "perfect" franchise, don't forget to take a hard look at what you want your role to be in your business. Don't assume you know what it will be based on what the franchise website and/or brochure says. Ask the franchise development person you're working with! 
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#dailyfranchisetip  - Know This: If #Franchise   ownership is something that you’re seriously considering, it’s important for you to see it for what it is: Franchise ownership is an investment of time and money that’s not guaranteed. Just knowing this is a tip worth keeping in your hip-pocket. 
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#dailyfranchisetip  - It's important for you to watch the trends in #franchising  that are taking place not only locally, but globally.  Many brands have been lured to China by the increasing disposable income of its growing middle class. 
It's a key driver, and it has motivated major brands such as Subway and Papa John’s to expand 
quickly in China. Their goal is to fight for a share of the market with other well-established early entrants such as KFC, McDonald’s, and Pizza Hut. Read about Franchising in China- 
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#dailyfranchisetip  - It wouldn't hurt to check out one of the Free webinars that the SBA is putting on concerning #Obamacare . The new law is pretty confusing, and if you're thinking of becoming the owner of a #Franchise  it's important for you to know what it's impact will be on you-and your new business. Link- 
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#dailyfranchisetip  - Don't believe everything you read-even if the article was written by someone super-smart, like for instance, Seth Godin. As you're searching online for a franchise or business opportunity, you're going to run across posts, videos, etc., that may not look at franchising in the best light. It's okay. Just use your gut instincts as you gather information about getting into business. Now I'm going to link to an article written by Godin-just to see how you react to it. Look-    
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#dailyfranchisenews  - If you're looking to start a #Franchise   business-any business, actually, you need to research the market. Just because YOU think something is right for the market doesn't mean it is.  Read this article on Bplans- 
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For sure, Leslie! Thanks....
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#dailyfranchisetip   - Be open to the possibilities. As you're looking around at all the different franchises, the ones you really like at first may not turn out to be in contention. You may end up buying a #Franchise   you never thought about or heard about. Just be open. 
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Franchise Ownership Advisor, and Marketer - I show people how to choose, research and buy a franchise.
Writing, marketing, public speaking
  • The Franchise King® works at Franchise Selection Specialists Inc.
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Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland - Vegas, Iowa, Texas
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If you're thinking about buying a franchise, I'll show you what to do-to increase your chances of success as the owner of a franchise business...Like:
  • How to ascertain which types of franchises you should take a serious look at
  • How to determine your real financial capability (Budget)
  • How to do amazing franchise research
  • How to get the right kind of franchise business loan
  • How to find a franchise attorney that will help protect you

"I've been working with Joel on blog posts and social media events and the like for a while now. I've referred to him often on my own blog and on Twitter because he’s a real expert in the area of franchising, a professional, easy to work with, and reliable. I trust his information on franchising a lot.”
- Tim Berry, President and founder, Palo Alto Software, Inc.

If you want to learn how to lower your financial risk, and increase your chances of success, let's talk. Contact me now.

Lots of really smart people contact me for advice.

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I'm a published business book author. And a Dad.
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