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We coach the person as well as the performance
We coach the person as well as the performance

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As part of the #AthleteStories Series, former Rower @PetaEstens shares her story on her career and #LifeAfterSport

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Whilst a lot has been said about the emotional and career transitions on life after sport, surprisingly, very little has been researched or even said around the physical impacts of athlete retirement. The challenges faced in the retirement are arguably as great as any other area but is one that appears to have been neglected. #lifeaftersport #athletetransition #physicalactivity

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Use It Or Lose It: De-training explained, through the means of cycling #physicaltransition #lifeaftersport

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“We only prepare athletes for the ascent in sport, we don’t prepare them for the descent"

Michael Drapac, co-owner of Cannondale-Drapac cycling team

#cycling #athletes #physicaltransition #athletephysicaltransition #detraining #cannondaledrapac #tourdefrance #athletetransition #lifeaftersport

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[Media Release: 2 May 2017]
It is crucial athletes are aware that it takes an average of 3 years to transition from a sporting career, with the process best started before the final whistle blows, says the MD of The Final Whistle, Greg Mumm, following the airing of the ABC Four Corners program, After the Game.

#lifeaftersport #athletetransition #athletesempoweringathletes

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As a follow-up to Tuesday night's SBS Insight show, Game Over, this interview with former hockey player Nina Khoury is the first in a series of Athlete Stories we are showcasing on The Final Whistle's site.

While Game Over detailed the struggles elite athletes had in transition, the statistics suggest that around 95% of aspiring athletes don't actually reach that elite level.

Here's Nina's story.

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Professional athletes train hard; this is no secret of course. But what are the implications for an athlete when they not only stop competing, but also stop training and they no longer have the support they once had?

This is the first in a series of articles exploring the topic of athlete physical transition.

#detraining #athletetransition #lifeaftersport

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What is financial stability, particularly when it comes to being an athlete? And, as an athlete, what can they do with their sporting earnings, regardless of the amount, such that when they do retire, they are financially stable to be able to pursue activities that they will find fulfilling?#athletesinbusiness #financialsecurity #duediligence #lifeaftersport

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Everyone seems to be talking about the problems athletes face in life after sport. Here’s our solution. #lifeaftersport #athletetransition

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Our first guest post! This is a very unique angle on the career transition challenge, namely from someone who wasn't an athlete, but someone who lived and breathed every up and down of the team for whom he worked. Thanks to Anthony Mackaiser for sharing this incredibly open and honest story from his days as a Media Manager for various rugby teams. #lifeaftersport #careertransition #administratorlifeaftersport
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