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Eyeglasses or contact lenses prescribed for general use may not be adequate for computer work. Lenses with specific lens designs, lens powers, or lens tints or coatings may be prescribed to meet the unique visual demands of computer viewing and help maximize visual abilities and comfort.

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Eye exams can help your ophthalmologist detect problems before you have any symptoms, including macular degeneration.

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What Is Red Eye? What are the causes and treatment options?

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Congratulations to HOPE in Lancaster, Inc. as well as all of the other charities participating in the Give Local Lancaster- 2017 giving drive held yesterday. #GiveLocalGiveOften

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The Eye and Laser Center is pleased to announce that two of our employees have passed a major national certification exam. Certification through JCAHPO (Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology) enhances the quality of patient care by promoting the value of qualified health personnel, increasing the knowledge and skills of ophthalmic personnel, and providing opportunities for learning. We congratulate these accomplished eye care professionals. Crista Blackmon, COT (Certified Ophthalmic Technician), Kimberly Waits, COA (Certified Ophthalmic Assistant)

Want to upgrade your eyewear? Fashion trends inspire great new designs every season. Visit your eye doctor's office to see what's new.

Health history is important for your eye care professional to know because general health problems, medications taken, and environmental factors may all contribute to eye health problems.

People with well-controlled diabetes can be 50%-75% less likely to develop retinopathy. Talk to your doctor about controlling your diabetes, and make sure to get regular eye exams to ensure good eye health.

Even people who have glasses may find they're not suitable for viewing a computer screen. As a result, some people tilt their heads at odd angles or bend toward the screen in order to see it clearly. These postures alterations can result in muscle spasms or pain in the neck, shoulder or back.

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Having a blood relative with #glaucoma increase your risk, but itês not certain that you will develop glaucoma. 
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