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Photographs of the Middle East regularly make the front pages of newspapers. But photography by contemporary artists from the region is woefully under-represented in Western galleries. An exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum in London is an attempt to address this imbalance 
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A beautiful and impactful photo. Regardless of religion, cultural traditions can reflect the most powerful of man's emotions. 
i just forget what the Physical lesson i have learn
+Andy Kitchen I'm pretty sure that cube is a magnet, and those iron filing looking things, are iron filings. lol
Resistance is futile... you will be assimilated!
Wow, what a powerful piece...  The use of a magnet and iron filings to simulate the Haj.  Of course, they left out the fact that yearly people are trampled to death during the crush to get near the Kabaa.  Also missing are the women who have been stoned to death, raped, shot at for trying to go to school, etc...  Oh, I'm being disrespectful of Islam?  I'll give them respect when they recognize respect for human rights.
it like the holy kaaba, and the worshipers... ( JUST SAYIN...)
By all means, +ruolimiino sYiD, please expand on your comments instead of trying to do a drive-by shooting off of your mouth.
We all have the ability to either attract or repel.
we don't worry about you +Jason Beineke if u respect of disrespect our way of worship GOD, we happy the way we live and the way we die. Just worry about your self when u going to die because u drink and drive or some one else hit u by his car while he drunk.
Attack of Zombies - the last stand

The spartans decided to try a different shape to fight against the Persian army 
+Sami Saadeh, I used to think exactly like you, then this this occurred, it was called 9/11 here in America.  Then I did some research and saw how many terrorist acts are committed by Muslims each year.  So, yeah, excuse me for not having any respect for your religion of bloody pieces. 
Sai I
The point is that I fail to see a good reason to gush, ooo, and aaaahhh over an interpretive piece that invokes a religion that has one billion adherents and which has violence as its central tenet with little or no ameliorating changes to that central message.  This religion has, in the past half century, proven its intolerance of anything not of the same stripe as itself, I"m just returning the favor.
Its a nice picture of the KABA .Its a nice art
.....and of course western Christianity is such a tolerant and respectful religion that in no way has persecuted, harassed or imposed its will on unbelievers. Nice picture though.
So I assume ur a Muslim who prays and is grateful to god five times a day, beliefs it his duty to be kind to his parents, gives to charity...since you know so much about the Islamic faith and wot 1.5 billion people belief. Or your just ignorant enough to just blindly follow everything he sees in Fox News and joins the mass hysteria that Moslems are vampires living of the blood of infidels. My friend, there's no difference between you and the al Qaeda idiots. Keep up the hate if this truly makes u happy.
Terrorist target citizens Hamza. We Target Combatants like Israel does.
+Craig Gough, I am surprised it took people so long to make that argument!  The difference is pretty simple, really.  The practitioners of the Christian religion willfully ignored the teachings of Jesus on many things in order to fulfill their greedy desires.  In Islam, it was Mohammed who led the caravan raids and ordered the massacre of a Jewish settlement that refused to convert to the lunatic's new religion.
When humans first arrived on the planet of the apes 
Magnetism art by Ahmed Mater
+Jason Beineke While don't agree with the Wahabbi practice of Islam It does not excuse disrespect to a religion or its followers thereof. I would posit that such attitudes promote the hatred and strife that exists between the US and the ME. Whereas, if we treat the ME with respect to their self-government the people might be more amenable to change. In many ways, I think the ME is in a similar situation as the USSR after WW2. Kennan said that the Soviet Union was a fig leaf and needed an external enemy to keep the Politiburo in power. Is that not similar to the situation in the ME especially the extremist population within Islam? The way we are prosecuting the War on Terror is a losing strategy because in the prosecution of it we create more enemies to America which in turn will lead to a further push to the extremes of Wahabbism. If you want to disrespect something, disrespect our use of drones that kill anyone who happens to be near the target indiscriminately and is a gross violation of their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, after all Jefferson didn't pen those words with only Americans in mind but made them universal unalienable rights. Also, if you bothered to learn a little history, Islam was allowing for women to divorce their husbands while Christians treated women as second class citizens and performing open heart surgery while Europe was wallowing in the sties of ignorance. Also, don't forget that it was Muslims in Spain that sparked the European renaissance when they shared their knowledge and brought paper and bound books to Europe. They also preserved and expanded on the philosophies of Aristotle and Plato, so if you believe that Western culture stems from the Greeks then you have to thank the Muslims. Also, if you live in America, you have to thank them for providing a profit motive for seeking an easier route to the Far East that bypassed them as the middle men. Just some food for thought.
Christianity? It started in the middle east.  I don't see any references to that in this photo. No crosses, no witch burnings, no crusades. Everyone knows that only the followers of Mohammed are violent. Just look at all the gun deaths in the U.S., nearly all of them were caused by brown-skinned religous fanatics from other countries.(snark)
+Fatima Abou Said I would love to see the Mosque at Medina and Mecca. However, I understand the special places these locales have for Muslims and will not attempt to see them until there is an invitation to do so. I hope that it is in my lifetime. Although, I would not visit Mecca during the Hajj out of respect to the pilgrims and because I don't like crowds :)
+Hamza Naseem as well, that guy has a valid point.

Its all negativity, you don't see the point to ooh and ah about it, but it's worth your time to attack the religious gathering it depicts? It's art, that's stupid. Lots of art depicts things people don't like. You should start a crusade against criminals too. I've seen fuck loads of courtroom sketches. 
+Mac McNeely, it's like people always complain about negative political ads every election cycle, but the ads produce positive results.  So, yeah, I am actually getting positive feedback by spending my time on this.  If it also makes someone stop an think that there is a negative correlation that they must keep in mind while viewing a piece of art, then I find it worth it.  Ignorance usually results in more dead bodies.
+Jason Beineke if u want to go through that u need to do your homework and search what your country did in the world
lets count
1.Destroy Japan and kill millions of people
3. Iraq
4. Afghanistan
 not counting that your government is the first who support Bin laden to fight against Russia, so they built their own monster and as we know u can't control monster
What's in the box, and why are they bowing to it?
Nothing. It's just a box. People's reasons for bowing to the box it have nothing to do with the box or anything else that is real.
+Jason Beineke - What's wrong with you? Can't you see that a religion that treats it's women like cattle, shoots young girls in the face for wanting to be educated and chops off limbs for petty theft is a religion of love and peace?

Your problem is you've been educated in those damned western schools with your math and science and not in the madrassa memorizing the Koran and training to be a suicide bomber.

No dessert and 72 virgins for you young man!
+John Yaşar , you live in a white protestant nation. Barbaric stone age ideology isn't exactly fitting for a religion which is newer than that of the majority in the country you "represent" I for one would like to NOT be represented by people like you two. You're calling them on violence, but last I checked there are stonings, uprisings, crucifixions and all manner of violence in the bible, as well as a history of witch burning, lynching and hate crimes. If you're going to pick a side at least be fair.

And I will take mine beside the very peaceful Muslims who haven't gotten even slightly violent toward the hate speech and provocations you folks are spewing.

If you represent this country, you're doing it wrong. The country was built on freedom of religion, because of pilgrims trying to escape persecution by another church. Thinking like this just wrecked that idea, and turned it into land stealing slave owning witch lynching Christian biggots.
The ka'abaa!The most respectfull point in the global where the respectfull people on the earth use to worshiping Allah closely.Allah give me and the intenders the opportunity to worship u at the ka'abaa amin!
+John Yaşar So, there is a pagan statue and a piece of an asteroid in the box? Why are they bowing to them?
+Mac McNeely - Then you can always move your ass over to Shitbagastan and get a three bedroom cave with the rest of your peaceful Muslim bretheren.
Find yourself a few goats to herd and a burqa babe and you're good to go!
Might be a nice photo if it was big enough to actually see clearly.
Christ died on the cross in order to create a new covenant, so that we can have a direct relationships with God without all these vain customs and traditions getting in the way.

The way I was raised not even stained glass was allowed. When I walk into a modern pop-culture Church, I can't even tell which ones are Baptists, and which ones are jumping up and down Pentecostal. They all look so strange. 
+Ishmael Finn If what you say is true, why aren't women leaving Islam. Last time checked western women who don't want to be viewed a sexual object are coming to islam for the respect you say women are denied. In a fact more women are killed in the United States far more than any muslim country. Watch the news and see how many young white women go missing and are murdered. 
+Glen Cauthon - Look, everyman should have a new cave and a burqa babe. These items are issued with your new suicide vest and Koran.

Convert now and you too can receive your stash of obsolete Iranian missles that couldn't hit the broad side of a barn at 100 yards.
The sight look like the Muslims around Alkaaba in Mecca.... isn't it ?
Awe-inspiring. The very first look reminds me the word's largest human gathering on the planet earth. The gathering which is neat, clean, solmn, purified spiritually and physically with single aim to show the glorification of the Creator of the universe.Islam preaches peace and order in the.the ones who cmmit terrorism have nothing to do with this great rligion. This is the only religion which advises and orders its followers to respect all religions and Phrophets.
Looks like a magnet repelling a load of iron filings to me...
+Ishmael Finn or I can live in the country where those people have the right to practice whatever religion they want, and you have the right to be a racist dick about it. Of course the Muslims in "Shitbagastan" are violent. They have a lack of resources and dictator assholes for political leaders, wouldn't you be a bit stressed out and have a little dispute for the country invading your shit smack talking you while they believe another religion that sounds equally crazy to you?
+Jones Gore - Really? I'll bet that if the West offered asylum to all Muslim women and children who could make their way to an embassy or the offering country's borders and you would have a region of old men, young boys and scared goats!
Jason Beineke, Dear, u hv insufficient information regarding the place kabah n hajj. Being a non-muslim, you can't visit this place, n I'm working here. Can u please give some data supporting your claim except one girl was shot for girls education. Check how many school children shot dead recently by a christian. You can't judge religion like that.
The picture of art is cool. The conversation that followed was old, expected and pointless. I get so tired of trying to see the beauty of life and the diverse culture of our planet ruined by "smart" idiots that feel the need to poise the negative in our faces. One day the "one true GOD" will remove you and your lack of love for human kindness. 
Sad to see such immature comments on this great piece of art.
+John Yaşar the rights that I'm asking to be respected are not available in the middle east, genius. Not because of Islam, but politics. Same as your reason for war. Maybe people wouldn't dance when Americans get offed if they weren't having shit like that happen all the time at the hands of their governments. Key word: governments. As in the dictators who would do anything to keep their power undisputed. Sure, those countries are often Muslim but whens the last time you met a Muslim in America. They're happy as shit. Why? Because nobody is blowing them up! Because that can speak freely. I'm only saying you're calling the kettle black here. Muslim countries are violent because their leaders are violent and their people are willing. Muslims themselves can't be pigeonholed as violent any more than I can say all Americans like to shoot up places of higher learning because it fucking happens a lot here.

And Hannah Montana is the shit.
Gary R
Looks interesting, where's this at again?
cheap tricks to be on media 
+John Yaşar why is that when an american who's found to be muslim, commits a crime, the Media report it as a Muslim commtting the crime, and they label muslims as terrorists. But when a christian commits the same crime, his religion is not mentioned at all! 
That's all propaganda.
The person should be blamed not his religion! 
Though to your second comment, I can agree, +Ishmael Finn . They don't want to live in countries filled with suicide bombings either.
+John Yaşar when you're right you're right. He thinks your his opposite because you oppose him. You tell him you don't like him because you're different. Every faith can embrace that killing is unnacceptable, but all religions have a few assholes that kill people. Apparently their region is known for doing it in bigger spectacle.

I'm just saying some of you good Christian folk seem a little hostile, toward these hostile barbarians you're speaking of. Maybe pray for your enemies if you dislike them so much?
+John Yaşar - True that on the driver's licenses. I believe they still have to walk behind men in public and have the man's permission to leave the house. Oh, and let's not forget the 60 plus school girls that were burned alive because they dared to try and escape from a school fire without wearing the hijab...and it was the police that barricaded them in! Fucking savages!
+Jason Beineke let's start with your initial pounts:
1. Death accident during haj..? I believe there are MUCH more death accidents during Walmart sales in the US... Does it make me hate US? No... Only narrow minded people, I think, come to that conclusion...
2. Women stoned, killed... Where did you get that? From Afghanistan? That country where US military guy got drunk and killed half a village (mostly women and kids) this year? Unfortunately, yes, in this country it still happens... but I'm pretty sure those facts are inferior in number to number of jealousy murders in the US.
3. Human rights... Islam... What the hell are you smoking? You really think Muslim countries are the only ones which have problems with that? Take Russia, Venezuela, and lots of others...

Please, just try to state your opinion without offending others... 
Unbelievable, Just looking like a copy of Mecca
Wwwxxx.c ."".
( '.' )___,//
¿_¿_) ¿__)
Jaa tomy jaaa.!
Jo log mujhe sms nhi korte un ka
I didn't say you were a racist dick, I said you have the right to be, +Ishmael Finn , but then again I think you're referencing Arabic people moreso than Islamic. That would appear to be a racial thing you have.

You could list off all the Muslim crimes but you should counter it with the Christian crimes here. And to be fair you'd probably have to include a per capital ratio so it wouldn't look so biased as I'm betting our population is way bigger, as is our murder rate, I would bet.

On that note send reporters to Columbia or some shit, and I bet they get kidnapped and killed too. They're not Muslims there, just fucking poor. Same as most of the countries you talk about. Shit I'd be pissed off if I was "cave dwelling" too.
this is house of god
and kaba 
wht is the significance of this small SUARE ?,the world will come to know on the day of judgement.Till then let every body to say whatever he wishes
+Arthur Jernberg thank you for pointing that out, although I do no affiliate myself with ANY religion.
Religion is one of the main (if not the main) reasons why the world is held hostage in conflict. We as humans believe in a mystic force, define it as we interpret it, tweak it so it has leverage and power over other religions, and then sell it to the idiots dumb enough to BUY IT. 
Dont want to step on any toes, but if you spent HALF the time taking responsibility for yourself and making nice with your fellow HUMAN, maybe we could all appreciate this life just a LITTLE bit more... no?
+Jason Beineke Absence of union between muslims is due to they divided many sub religions that make them vulnerable in western media advertisement.
of course extremist muslims destroyed the nature of real islam face.
unfortunately you saw the bad muslims and didnot try research about isalm.
so as i see a bad catholic or protestant and change my opinion abut Christ.
do not forget the west try to provoke extremist muslims in his goals line at middle east.never forget OIL 
+Faiz Ur Riaz Younus has just said what I'm getting at. Every religion has its people who get shit twisted and kill each other. Singling one out is kinda silly. Hate everyone, equally at least. Violence however is more prevalent in poor or less educationally opportune places.

Like the fucking desert. Just saying.
Who gives a rat's ass about Muslims? 
+Mac McNeely - No, I'm not referencing Arabic people, I'm referencing Islam. Arabs don't kill people - Islam kills people, and from the Sahara to the Urals to the Americas recent history is rife with the atrocities of this "religion of peace!"
There are irons and magnet.
It's like KA'BAH, all muslim in the world facing the ka'bah during their praying.

+John Yaşar so u telling me killing to defend ur land and believe is wrong but killing because of politics and national interests is the right thing to do

the second point we worship GOD in our way, as a human u need to respect us, so we respect you back
people like you who disrespect others cause wars
This looks like a magnet surrounded by iron filings
This is not mecca or kaaba it is a magnet surrounded by iron filing
+John Yaşar Saudi despite the nonconformity of Human rights is sponsored by US! where is the lie?
If all people think that way, humble themselves to God, then there is no time to think about
War, is there?
To all u ppl who talkin in disrespect to Islam an the respectful prophet Mohammed don't u realise that atleast we Muslims are polite enough to give respect to Jesus and mosses and don't show any disrespect to them.....this shows the purity of our faith.....cause according to our religion they r also gods prophets and we should respect them.....not like ur belueve and I don't understandb. how does ur religion allow u to be so rude in ur language while u r sopporting it....can't u prove ur point in good
Words or is it impossible to do so cause there is nothing which could be proved in ur views abt ur religion.... 
+John Yaşar so now you are talking about culture?! although I'm sure you don't know anything about my culture, I'm pretty sure you are brainwashed about other nations and religions. Remember, America is not the World, and Christianity is not the only religion. I believe Christianity, Islam and Judaism if practiced well, are all good for mankind. 
+John Yaşar you know I tried joining the navy. They say I have too many tattoos to defend my country. Who'd have thought?

I'm not trying to shit talk you guys if you don't like Muslims I really don't give a fuck, I'm just saying your reasoning is a little flawed if you're saying they're violent and nobody else is. All religions I have ever heard of contain ideology that seems to provoke violence except one.

I've never met a violent Buddhist.

Otherwise I see Christians who don't like gay people. Sometimes they hurt em. Arabs that don't like Americans sometimes they hurt em. Met a few black guys that hate cops. Sometimes they hurt them. Even a Chinese guy once who didn't like basketball players. He hurt him.

But to say that of all of any one of the listed demographics is wrong.
+Gabe Vinogradov SOME Muslims hate Jews. Kinda like SOME Christians hate Jews.

But good plan. No better reason to hate someone. Top notch.
Worlds biggest/largest/most populated event. 
Photographic expression that emphasizes man's Belief in God can be uplifting and positive. 
+ahteshamuddin syed You don't give respect to English language, though, so your argument is invalid. Also, no idea automatically deserves respect. Foolish ideas (such as existence of [a] god(s)) which are backed by zero or less than zero evidence deserve respect least of all the things. Neither do "prophets" of such imaginary deities. Because, let's be honest: there's most probably no gods (chances that at least one god exists is infinitely small) but if one or more gods exist, then the existing god[s] is[/are] not the one[s] your religion talks about.
Cept for that Bieber Fever vaccination.
those muslims who hate jews kill them. jews wanted to peacefully get a bit of land and let the muslims have the rest but muslims are greedy so they wanted all the land, and this is what started the hate between them
dat cube(kaaba), it's scientifically proven dat it's d center of d earth cos it has zero magnetic effect i.e d magnetic north cancels d magnetic south.
+Ishmael Finn I can't argue with that. Yeah. Islam kills people.

When people get it fucked up.

Same as any other religion. Look at Neo Nazis. All about some Christianity and gay people killing.

I'm against religion as a whole because of the fact that I see religious people getting violent and shitty with one another over it, but I still had to speak up when I saw who started the shit talking contest in this thread and it wasn't a violent Muslim.
This photos is not real its not fear,i hope who is Mack this photography (he,she) is mental person don't have a brain brainless 
Will islam dont need ur respect ppl ... god religion and god word r above all of the world if u with it or against it... It dosent matter wt ppl think or wt media say..... The right way god make 2 the ppl r for ppl good, ppl wont affect on god ppl can affect just on them selfs 
+Abdul Giwa Your knowledge of magnets is just like your knowledge of English language: somewhat close to what things are like, but still quite disastrous. That's not the center of the earth. Plate has a square hole* in the middle, and half of the magnet is above while the rest is below the steel plate. It's true that magnetic south cancels magnetic north in the middle of the plate, which is why iron powder doesn't stick to the magnet block.

*Alternatively, you can have two magnets, placed like this:


Where -- is the plate and N/S columns are magnets. (You can change polarization of the the magnets, as long as north side of one magnet faces the south of the other.
Dudes everybody has their different views abt religions faith and stuff....just because of some bad ppl u cannot say all of the Muslims r violent.....some ppl for their benifit or revenge or anything did wrong stuff and gave the reason as jihad....but that's not what jihad really means.....Islam is a peaceful religion it does not teach to cause harm to humanity in any way....
+ahteshamuddin syed But it's kinda obvious that big majority of Muslims are (illiterate/half-literate and) of quite violent mentality.
If I was Jewish though I would organize a fucking huge social gathering in Times Square on December 25 morning, and get fucking drunk off my ass, go back inside, and the Christians would never know all the cool shit they missed.

Theist flash mob.
To quote Elana Kagen when asked what she was doing on Christmas: "Well, like most good Jews, I was probably at a Chinese restaurant..."
That amazes me is how people actually read through my comments before trying to rip on me for them.  In Christianity, the crimes committed in the name of the religion were crimes committed by men who fell away from the teachings of Christ.  The crimes committed by Muslims follow the dictates and examples set by Mohammed.  Why is that so hard to get through some peoples' heads??  Is it because they fear to actually make distinctions, that yes there is a dividing line?  Someone asked why do some Western women turn towards Islam?  That is a deep psychological and sociological issue that will take more than this post to properly investigate.  My in a nutshell/armchair psychoanalyst answer: Some people prefer to submit for the sake of making their lives easier and more regulated. 
+Jason Beineke You really think Muslims were the cause of 9/11? I think you better do your research more thoroughly, your arrogance seems to have brainwashed you. Do your research properly and you'll soon see to realise the Zionists were the cause of 9/11. This is the problem, you just believe what the media are manipulating you to believe. 
Can't get close up of image. Magnet in middle with iron fileings around but another mag underneathe ? But yet still fileings still would be attracted to it ? Curious.
It is a magnet and iron filings, thats the whole point of the photo! It represents the magnetic pull of the house of gods to muslims. How can people not tell it isn't the real one?

I think the cube represents Google and the metal filing are all of man kind!  :)
In my view I think the cube représents ALKAABAA it's the same power of Magnetic ;)
I think it's a cool photo that represents A MAGNET AND A METAL FILLING; gees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is it strange that in my dreams I am the block and all of you surround me in the glory of my greatness....I love you all and will be a just King willing to govern you with wrath and afraid and humbled in my presence.....
OK, this post is still coming up on my main stream, and I feel sorry that I have to Address every empty headed mentally challenged full of hate worthless thing that is posting about Religion:

First point is: do you even have a religion??? what would that be??? are you proud of it??? is it right and rational to judge your religion according to what maniacs who claim that they represent your religion ??? what if I tell you about your own religion ??? what if I insist that what I am saying is your religion ?? what if you say "there no such thing in our religion" and I say " No, you don't know your religion , or you're lying" ??? 
Wouldn't I be mentally challenged?? would I be worth talking to ??? I leave these questions for people to answer, and not to objects described above. And I am done with "mentally challenged" characteristic of those.

Second point: Wouldn't I be a hateful crappy person if I in turn start disrespecting Christianity just to return the stinky words and feelings of yours? of course I would be (as you typically are) a pot full of crap, hating and blowing my smell in the air (or to whoever reads what I say), my hate and the crap I say illustrates nothing but what I really am and what is my core, as a matter of fact, I can keep hating and spread my smell everywhere while that religion ( as Islam is as a matter of fact AND with all respect and appreciation to Christianity and Christians ) keeps going on being clear and obvious to more and more people and have more and more followers, and I can keep rotting with my hate. this is what you are now and that what's going to happen to you. And I'm done with "full of hate" characteristic of you.

Third point: empty headed, who is Osama bin ladin? and what is his religion? how did he become a war veteran and when did he ? what is the religion school he follows and when did it appear??? who made him ??? who made Wahhabism ??? and who supported him and Wahhabism all along the time and still??
If you boneheads asked yourselves these questions or at least think about them ( and I bet that you know nothing about the subjects up there ) you wouldn't be mentioning Osama Bin ladin or the thoughts and actions of his people ( He and his Talis are the only people who do what you said , I won't bother discussing that with you ). Osama who is one of the worst criminals in the history and many others that are waiting in line to be killed and cursed by Islam and humanity were trained and armed by the United States of America during the seventies in the war with the Soviet Union, God damn you even movies have been made about that, your miserable past governments neither thought nor cared about what will he and his Talis do after the war, and they kept silent for decades on what he and his Talis were doing to people in Afghanistan, until he turned over them and killed the innocent American citizens. Now what osama bin ladin believes?? Wahhabism ?? it is an approach that came up and seen the light of life in the 19th century, it was created by Great Britain, it's called Wahhabism and Wahhabi after the cursed and damned who adopted it, M. Abdul Wahhab, just like osama bin ladin it was supported and encouraged by the British during their fight with Ottomans to takeover Arab lands. did you empty headed even bothered researching ( Oh I forgot that retarded ones like you can't) these issues or you just quack like ducks??? ask who ever is teaching you to be jackasses to research so you can blame your old folks for how they made up that bastard who killed ( and his followers still killing ) Muslims more than any other people...... Empty headed.

Do I have anything left??? OH yes, I said "worthless" because in every society, there are few ones like you, they don't affect, they don't enhance, they don't matter at all, and they also don't get convinced or change their minds according to evidence, because LOGIC isn't in their BRAINS, that's if they have any brains at all, they are empty headed mentally challenged full of hate, why would anyone bother speaking to or responding to such pieces of crap?? the only aim of this response is to refresh the air from their smell, by making sense, and clarifying things.
Keep hating, you hurt no one but yourselves, you don't represent the religions you claim to follow, Christians are our friends, neighbors, colleagues and partners, we appreciate and stand by each others. you represent nothing, but crap that need a flush.
Magnets, how do they work? are very angry.....I offer friendship if you are in hope for you is peace and acceptance...
What is ideat.......not sure????
+Jason Beineke what right are you talking about u guy? I know what  is in your heart, its full of excrement, by giving  ladies double work ( in the home and outside the home) is not bring human rights in the right position. democracy is not the way dogs understood. its right to give a position for one's accordance with his ability and willingness.
its not makkah you idiot it is a magnet sounder by other small magnet thing resembling the hujjaj doing tawaf around the kabbah but it is beautiful
I think that this is iron filings aligned by an electromagnet....could be wrong, but that's what it looks like.'s too like to Kaba
my god. so nice
جل الخالق
+Jason Beineke what you mentioned about islam is the wrong image that has been affected by the media. I am Muslim and we respect all human regardless of what they believe. What you see in the news does not mean that Muslims are bad what you see is a group of the extreme people who lived in their closed society it is similar to any incident happened in USA like yesterday (sorry to mentioned as an example but just to explain from a real example) i cannot say that all the American are psycho or gangsters.
And BTW i live very close to the place in the picture.
All the best
Sultana....I have made no negative comments and would not, but your kindness and heart have caused me to make a pleasant comment....if you are the voice of Islam, I am persuaded to listen.....peace be with you....
+Jason Beineke i am a muslim ,and i'm against many points of the islam now, people who represent islam these days are bad people , they are ruining islams reputation, the only source you should rely on to know about islam is the qur'an. Lying about what profit mohammad had done is not really a good thing to do since you are an educated person, you should always have true reasons to explain your point.
انا بحب الله ورسولة
+Mohammed Esmail - Yeah, sure dude -zionists forced 19 Muslim extremist Saudis to hijack four planes and kill nearly 3,000 of my countrymen, including some Muslim Americans just so we could get bogged down in Afghanistan? Yeah, that makes perfect sense....only to you!
Advice to those that hate Islam, don't look at the Muslims look at the religion and you will be surprised how far some Muslims are to islam

What the hell happened to that Islam of the 11th and 12th century Islamic Golden Age? That same Islam that bought advances in math, medicine, science, architecture, philosophy and military strategy and technology? What happend to the Islam that introduced to the world great tacticians like Salahuddin and scientists like Hunayn ibn Ishaq?

What the fuck happened to Islam and how was it hijacked by extremists who wish to return to the 7th century and are willing to kill all in their path who resist?

A note for those of the Islamic tradition: I happen to be an American, but I do not happen to think in the caustic terms many Americans show online. I do not believe Muslims are evil, nor do I believe your religion is inherently evil; there is evil within us all and we must each battle that enemy daily to continue seeing the good in those around us and fighting for social and economic justice for all.

I believe we have more in common than our biases and media would have us believe; we all dream the same: for food in the cupboard, a good education for our children, for protection from violence and oppression, and for the opportunity to provide for our families in fulfilling ways.

I know it can be difficult, but don't let the hateful, biased views some Americans show taint your opinion of us all; some of us are far better educated than those and believe strongly that each person should be judged as an individual, not by sweeping generalizations about their culture.

Pax vobiscum
Heads up everyone When you point a finger at some one ,three are pointing back at you ... 
Nothing happened to Islam. It's the people, we have brought this to ourselves. More extremists have emerged than intellects, however, religion need not be blamed. I love my religion but I do pray for the Muslims nowadays who have parted from the religion and have forgotten the core of Islam which is peace. 
No religion is entitled to be respected. 
josh sier
+Jason Beineke jason you sir are just being ignorant. just because a group of ppl do some thing wrong, or evil, or stupid, doesnt mean the whole race is like that. there are muslims over in that region fighting right along our troops to have the same basic freedoms we do, your comments and judge a book by its cover attitude is whats wrong with this country, you to me sound like a white trash bigot, and its because of ppl like you the whole world thinks the same thing, so please use your time to build your bomb shelter for the apocalypse if you cant just appreciate a great piece of art.
+Zain Amjad - Thanks for your clear and concise response. I have found when I ask that question I usually don't get any responses.
that is a cool pic of mecca tho
+Ishmael Finn part of the answer: tyrants that ruled the Islamic empire were so damn evil that they discouraged anything related to making people more educated or enlightened enough to stand against them, so they destroyed true Islamic scientific renaissance, ignorance and superstitions and myths were given to the people as a pre-given answers to any question , they sink Muslims into sophistic arguments, surrounded themselves with devilish sheikhs and corrupted Hippocrates like any totalitarian system does with the media now   
heheheheh love this pic jk its kinda scary
+Ishmael Finn , Mr. Rebel up there is on the track I was. The oppression of most Islamic nations at the hands of self serving dictators has denied them rights we take for granted. Effectively stranding them to where Christianity was during the witch trials. Anything possibly making Muslims smart enough to throw the dictators living large is quickly snuffed out.

..kinda like where we might be headed by our own doing if kids don't start valuing education a bit more.
Are those people around the square??
+Ishmael Finn  , as Zain already said, it's all about people. Nothing has changed in Islam.

What's interesting is that this, let's say, fight has started relatively recently: from 600 to 1950 (approx. ?) people of two religions had lived relatively peacefully (religion wasn't the main reason for fightings). Except for Crusade Wars...

But that was opposite: Christians were the initiators. I don't know if this is important, but: Christianity at that time was approx the same age as Islam now: 1200-1400 years... It might be that every religion has its own mad period... 
Looks like iron filings around a magnet. Principles of self organization obtain.
+Fatima Abou Said Alas, I am not Muslim and would not wish to disturb the religious worships of the pilgrims with tourism. If I go, it will not be during the Hajj. I think that this would allow me to appreciate the beauty of Mecca and Medina to a fuller extent.
+Gary Savary your friendship is accepted and your good hopes are welcome. I will add you first to show care and respect.
I think all religion is pointless. If people need invisible sky friends to get through the day then whatever. Just keep it out of my face.

I do like the picture though. Good science.
+John Yaşar I think you might have misunderstood my comment. I was referring to the sense of insulation that our history has drawn around us, especially in the United States. We do not fully appreciate the contributions of other society's, especially, if we are currently having a "disagreement" with them.  Also, you act as if the "Western" world or Christianity has not had its fair share of history it would rather forget and has. Once Wahabbism dies, I think that the Muslim world will readily forget about them as we have forgotten the bloodshed following the creation of protestantism or the atrocity's committed against the natives by colonialism. The simple fact of the matter is that we have much to thank the Muslim's for unless you don't like math then you can rant about how they invented algebra and all consequent mathematics or how you don't like counting 1, 2, 3.  The Western world needs to grasp a fuller understanding of history, the good and the bad, or else we are doomed to forget the good and repeat the bad.
+David Crump ideally though the purpose of a hijab is to protect women from being objectified. Unfortunately again there is still the factor of people making the thought seem worse.
Gotta be careful, don't want to give aliens good targets to aim 
+Khalid zarooni What most people in America and Europe don't understand is that there is two types of Jihad. The Lesser, and much more widely known, which is a religious war and the Greater, and much less well known, which is a conquering of oneself. I explain this not for your benefit but for the hope's of enlightening people who do not know. Just because we are infidels (non-believers) does not mean we cannot be knowledgeable and respectful infidels :)
+Moaz Bambi - I find it perplexing how you stress the importance of thinking, of finding out the facts, of judging for yourself - and then you go ahead and submit yourself to a religion and thus says goodbye to your right to think for yourself. 
+colin pyper.."Arrogantly subjective, yet possible hinderance penalty with benighted overtones"..,we do not agree however.  Query Mr. Pyper: "How did/does this come to be conclusion within the whole of conceptual pertaining exclusive to your being?"... No put downs or slandering will be from our part,we are genuinely interested. Feel free to send an email, post, whatever your wish in response, if you so do choose to respond.., if not we understand. Thank You for your time. High Priestess Sabbath;ACS
Sorry +Sami Saadeh but I will and can not respect religious nutcases. I can accept that they exists, I can even accept their right to exists, but I will never respect them. 
These are wonderful, thanks for posting!
In most cases what's being practiced in the name of Islam has nothing to do with what Quran or prophet Muhammed has taught moslems how to act or treat others. The best way to know Islam is from its sources, the Quran and the teachings of prophet Muhammed and not from a bunch of ignorants and terrorists who call themselves "moslems" and distorted the image of Islam so badly by their terrible inhuman acts.
Jason B. Why is all this unjustified hatered . Please don't look at we do just read the quran. Am sure you will admire it.
Mmmm I don't see any Christian churches in south arebia if you display a cross you go to jail penalty death nice place to visit
+Christopher Yoder is dripping rationality, politeness and kindness, forcing people to respect him, a flower that reliefs the reader and makes you forget about ............ well, l'll keep this comment decent.
Muslims arent connected to the house of god but god this pic is based on lies
Is that the obelisk from 2001: A space odyssey?
Wow that looks fantastic...;)
Jason... You respect us when we kill kids in schools or in Iraq or in........ thank you for your comment.
Jason you are bang on i think it is pure evil 
+Ishmael Finn From Wikipedia:

"Ishmael stands alongside Abraham in their attempt to set up the Kaaba in Mecca as a place of monotheistic pilgrimage."
شنو يعني يقلد مكة؟!
Sir Mohamed Albadani / Do you think all these killing, rape cases & drug addict in your ideal society introduced by your belief!.
I don't think so, because Islam came to stop all these things.
"the greatest thing a mulim can do is jihad"mohammad
S Mann
+Jason Beineke some fun facts for you sir:
1. Only nation to have used nuclear weapon in history of man. USA. Not Muslim
2. Hitler. Not Muslim
3. Ireland back in the day killing all the time. Not Muslim
4. Holocaust. Not Muslim
5. Occupation in Palestine. Not Muslim
6. War in Iraq in name of womd. Not Muslim
7. Drones . Not Muslim
8. Guantanamo. Not Muslim
9. USA, stolen land. Not muslim
10. Nearly all the wars happening at the moment are caused by greed of majority non Muslim countries
11. Children and teenagers being shot n killed on their way to school in palestine. Not Muslim
12. Monthly occurrences of mental people killing school children in states. Not Muslim
13. Slavery... hmmm not Muslim

List goes on..

So don't sit there watching bullshit propaganda and fox news to make up ur mind about any religion.
Love the way you talk about prophets going to war as if you were there. Hmmm remember the British colonization? Guess what.. not Muslim.
By your analogy, if a mad man runs over a bunch of people in his Dodge truck, dodge car makers are evil.
Every religion has its lunatics. Its not necessarily the religious teachings. Does the Bible teach you to massacre innocent children at school?
Oooh Christianity is sooooo evil. Jesus must have said in the Bible to do that.right?

Just shut up and appreciate the picture

Lovely pic btw. Kudos!

S Mann
+Richard Harwood well done. But don't do a fox news my friend, write a complete sentence.

: jihad meaning from a dictionary: a personal struggle in devotion to Islam especially involving spiritual discipline.
"The greatest thing a Muslim can do is jihad" - Muhammad pbuh

Sounds legit to me.

jihad is just an Arabic word for preach , just like the direct translated meaning of God is Allah
So priests are doing jihad or preaching everyday. You're quoting the TV political version.

Don't be one of those ignorant idiots who have little knowledge of something and set out to preach. Ppl like u are dangerous

ultimate goal of the faith is to take over the world and force all in to one cult
Great comment...please respect all religions...muslims are nor killer. Christians are not killer. Jews are not killers....WE PEOPLE ARE.....religions dont pull triggers....are we folks....some people use religion to influense and leverage beahviors and task to other do many things...good or bad...but still.people influencing people using religion....please respect all people and believes....thats the only way to peace
S Mann
+Richard Harwood Ermmm don't all religious figures call ppl to their chosen religion???? What do you think their aim is? To start a small membership and cap it?
Ffs, Facebook and Google are at war with the same mandate . To get yiu all on one site lol. 
Mr +Richard Harwood i have muslim friends & what you are saying is wrong they say the greatest ji-had /fight is with himself not against the world you should check where you get your facts messare white lies .... Way too much ...they twist everything that they think should be twisted ..... Heads up ..
S Mann
+Szam Auditore they find comfort in repeating one liners from bill o Reilly to make them sound intellectual 
S Mann
One last thing +Richard Harwood what I just wrote is my jihad. Guess what, no one died! Or are you gonna link some suicide bombing somewhere in the world on my comments? 
+John Yaşar You are indeed correct. Humans have a horrible history of destroying each other in the most horrific manners over the smallest excuses. That is our past but it does not mean it has to be our future yet with hatred filling our hearts and corrupting our mind it will be.

Couple of points:

Pope Urban II initiated the crusades in an attempt to force RCC onto the Eastern Orthodoxy by saving them from the Muslims.

Algebra was codified by a Muslim. The earliest principles of Algebra may have originated in Babylon and Egypt but was not formally codified as a mathematical system by them. BTW Algebra is a Persian word I believe.

America was not discovered in the name of the king but for the profit to be gained by eliminating the ME middlemen and dealing directly with the Asians.
Middle Eastern culture is ignored for a reason. They don't know how to do anything except for kill innocent people because they disagree with them
+Jason Beineke Islam doesn't teach us to kill anyone, matter fact in Islam killing one innocent person regardless of his/her faith is like killing the whole humanity. Its sad that the word "terrorist" is associated with Muslims ONLY these days and if someone else commits such act by killing dozens of innocent people in a shooting massacre we simply call it "mentally unstable" person.
And about women, its obligatory on every Muslim man and woman to obtain knowledge. Before speaking on behalf of any Muslim woman Sir ask her how she is treated rather than just relying only on CNN and FOX news..
Fight of religious beliefs... More then 2000 years pass and still don't gets old. You just keep going guys, ill just admire of nice art concepts... Oh and guys while insulting each other beliefs don't forget to call other to religious conversion. 
I of course am not the same religion but understand the pic... Very cool. I appreciate other religions and the difficulties they have because of the differences that we all have... True religion boils down to love so we need to express true love and then we will have it. 
Fan Yi
Like a shock wave.
It looks like the kabah at makka in saudi arabia a place where muslims circumbulate (go round) a cube shaped structure, called the house of god,in worship to Allah (god).
Foe those who don't know
Justin tapp... What inside the box is irrelevant.. But the box ( kaabah) signify 1 focal point of unity for muslim.. muslim around the world pray on the kaabah direction...The fact is that it is the place of many prophets.. Abraham etc.. Please do your own research of significant of this place to jewish, and christian also. .. about zam zam well etc For the astroid (hajarul aswad) the rock is from heaven... Scientist has done many research on the rock.. And it has none of earth element
+Ishmael Finn you ain't a racist at all. You are just one of those misinformed dumb assess that worship fox news. All the examples you give are by mad man who don't represent the whole Muslim population. However to understand that concept you would need some level of intelligence, which fox news has taken away from you. 
+Nabeel Saleem one of the only things that I don't admire in Islam is, you people proclaiming "Islam is the final...and there's is only one God and that's Allah" I mean if that's the case, why most of the terrorists are from Islam? Why most of the people who are in Jail for robbery and other crimes are from Islam (India. Google for reference)? Why they don't treat woman equally? Why they still practice child marriage? Why they also kill each other? Did Allah or Mohammed say, peace is achieved only through Jihad (by jihad, we understand that it is car bombings, human bombs, and other type of violence). 
god... please... u talk dirty to other people n take god and religion with u? ahmed, kahn, alex, carlos, are same god's creature... can't u stop f*ucked up another god's creature while say u love god?
how can't u say u love da vinci, while u curse to his another painting?

sory for my bad english... :) I'm hinduism, and here in Bali, all men are brother
The imbalance it's because iron filings around a magnet isn't a good representation of art.
Who brought hate into it? Not me. 
What I truly do not understand is why the three Abrahamic religions have to hate each other so much. We do share the same god, after all. For the anti-Zionist crowd, Jesus was a Jew. For the anti-muslim crowd, Jesus is mentioned, by name, more times in the Quran than in the Bible and is considered the second greatest prophet. And for the pro-Christianity crowd maybe we should take a look at our own history and even ask if we practice "Christianity" and not a polygot of pagan holidays gift wrapped with the name Jesus Christ, at least the Jews and the Muslims worship in a more consistent manner and don't steal holidays from other religions.  Why do we have to let the ignorance of hate spill blood and deprive mothers of husbands, husbands of wives, children of parents and parents of children?
Jason dude, you make me laugh. You have no idea what you are talking about. And thank u Mac.
A: This is NOT Mecca/Khanna Kaaba/ Haram Shareef.
Its magnet and iron fillings... Read before posting.

B: First rule of internet: dont feed the trolls! 
some of the Americans are psycho people, few days ago a psycho killed his mother 28 innocent children.One of them is doing hatred speech above here and yesterday, a US marine led Taliban in an attack on Peshawar Air Base, all of them are killed now otherwise marine's target was to escape.
+Žiga Pirih r u tryin to say that christians or Jews all over the world are literate and none of them r violent
To person above me, Adnan Raza, A few days ago, in fact the same day, a similar thing with more deaths accured in central China, with some people being younger than those killed in the US. Also you comment is a a "hatred speech" to Americans. And we are not the only country in War currently. Yes some of us are wierd or psychotic, but it's not only in America.
keşke bizde böyle kulluk edebilsek
"Silence is the best reply to a fool" islamic quote. 
+Kevin Phillips  agree! that it is not only US but as US calls themselves a super power, so, they have more impact and the whole world focuses US. It is said "With Power comes responsibility" US has power and they need to show more responsibility.
+Qasim Hussain We are second largest religion around the world and if we all start calling them terrorists then that will be great idea!! "Anders" is a terrorist.
+ahteshamuddin syed I haven't said any such thing, although an average Christian is more literate and less violent than average Muslim. That's because Christianity has pretty much stopped with all this bullshit (exceptions happen).

Jason Beineke,,i dont know what u think about muslim...but u only see a bad things from muslim and u think all good things come from u country..please open u eyes and heart before u judge other religion or country.
To hate another human just for the colour of skin or religion is unhuman.
But we ALL must stand against racism or terror and protect the rights of freedom.
It looks like the effect of a magnet over iron filings
+Qasim Hussain Peace be upon you my brother also, well, I do agree with you and there is a lobby behind who influenced media to change the definition. 
the qaaba... The holy place that ibrahim built.
This is copy of holy kabba
+Jason Beineke do your research about the religion itself. Then lets see if you can say that. And not simple google and youtube searches, actually read some literature on the religion (the Quran w/english translation). Although can't really be mad at you for those comments because most people who say similar things about the religion are misinformed.
I'm not worshiping anything unless the dimensions are 1:4:9.
The disturbing part is the biggest bullies in this thread talk about how horrible Muslims are. Psychology lesson: violence and aggressive behavior are more prevalent in poor or uneducated countries.

That's the way some of their leaders want to keep those countries. However, remove the tyranny. And a Muslim is the genuinely nice person who notifies you you dropped your wallet in the grocery store.

So for all you Christians who think all Christians are good folk because you never bombed a church on 2nd street. Remember the Klan? Do you want to be represented by those guys?

Probably about as much as real Muslims want to be represented by guys who fly 747s into skyscrapers. Just saying.
hey can a practicing moslem explain the significance of the kabba?
History, Religious significance...
+Thomas Crimmel Yes , the Kabba was established by Abraham and his son Ishmael as a place of worship. And we Muslims are instructed by Allah to pray in the direction of the Kabba a sign of our faith. 
+Samir Malik - Racist am I? Well Sparky, last I checked Islam was not a race, but a religion.

Because I question the actions of your brethren and what they do "in the name of god" does not make me a makes me a realist.
Sigh... Its unbelievable how little people know about Islam.  

There's a handful of idiots of all race and religion, unfortunately its that handful of people that make the loudest noise and get the most attention and give the rest of us a bad name.
Art is not allowed ?!?
Religion of Terrorists ?!?!
Women stoned and raped ?!?!

Just on the last point of women, it was the first Religion/Constitution to give equal rights to women.  Women have great status in Islam,
when the Prophet (may peace and blessing be upon him and his family) was asked who should we love and respect most after GOD and his Messenger, the answer was your mother, when asked again, who next, the answer was you mother, when asked again, who next, the answer was your mother and then your father.

We respect and love woman, they are our Mother's, Sisters or Daughters,  this is what Islam and the Beautiful Prophet has taught us. 
+Ishmael Finn I question the actions of everyone. there's a realist logic in that. The point I argue is that you should break it into at least a smaller group. Maybe like "Lower IQ Muslims in third world dictatorships, under stress, who are hungry, gullible, influenced by corrupt leaders, have unfavorable economic stature and access to guns."

Yeah, I could say those ones have a tendency to commit acts of violence.

However, educated, faithful, tolerant, and un-harassed Muslims tend to be pretty cool.

But intolerance exists in all religions. The shoe on the other foot would be if I took the actions of intolerant Christians like the Third Reich, as my basis for Christianity.
S Mann
+Ishmael Finn oh smart ass as well as a racist. "Shitbagastan" "get a three bedroom cave"."find a few goats."

Well sparky, last time I checked a Muslim doesn't have to live in a cave or comes from a country called shitbagistan. Is there a country called shitbagistan? Oh no there isn't, that's just you being a racist.
I can only assume you're referring to afghanistan and its people.

Let's see, am i being racist or a realist if i say the following:

Why don't you go back and pick some cotton with the rest of your brethrens.(based on slavery in the way back when era. Its real but hey all colored people have picked cotton right, they still do) ...don't you have the something to steal or give lip to the police ( based on annual statistics of crime committed in parts of USA and the proportion committed but blacks.But hey all races, creed and color are capable of doing that no?) go munch on some fried chicken or watermelon? (Based on the stereotypical views that black people are very fond of eating these two types of food.I didn't make it up,it's real..But hey, i for one love the above items).

So, what do you think of your type of racism..I mean realism? Does it fit the bill of reality like your comments above?

Billions of Muslims around the world, 0.01% decide to be morons and suddenly all my brethrens are "doing what they do"??
Give it a rest will ya. I bet if you sit back and really think if you mean what you say and believe about the general Muslim, you'll find that you probably don't, but feel compelled to because of what you see on the news.

Don't be a smart ass with your stupid technicalities and pretend to be ignorant and righteous about your hatred filled nature to certain type of people or "race".

As @Mac McNeely so eloquently keeps repeating and you willfully keep ignoring , when you point your finger at someone, don't forget that three fingers point back at you.

And also, I don't like golf or hockey.
S Mann
+Mac McNeely lol. that was my point. Would i be right to put all black people into their stereotypical image created by hollywood and bullshit news channels.
oj simpson, known to the world to allegedly murdering his wife.. but i dont know the name of the sick bastard who killed all those innocent children 2 days ago.. had he been black or muslim, it would be a household name by now.
point is (as you said) cannot generalise a billion people based on made up evidence on 19 individuals who apparently created the word terrorism.
Even the black box (supposedly indestructable) didnt make it out of the 911 plane, yet 19 crisp passports of all the hijackers were miraclously scattered over 1000s of tons of rubble.
dont wanna go down the road of conspiracies etc, but come on. a few freaky deekys do stupid things and suddently a 1400 year old books scriptures immediately change to intice hatred etc? give me a break. no one had a problem as they have today, with islam, before.
+Samir Malik and +Mac McNeely - Well, let me first assure you that I know enough anthropology to know that there is no such thing as a Muslim race - never has been, never will be. I also like chicken and watermelon and OJ Simpson is guilty as sin, only his money and fame paid for his freedom.

More importantly....none of this has anything with extremist Muslim idiots who have hijacked Islam and committed and continue to commit crimes against humanity directed against their own as well as those who do not adapt to the same cultural and intellectually regressive policies of an extremist Islamic theocracy. If you scrolled back a bit, you would see that I referenced the Islamic Golden Age where knowledge, governance and military strategy from the Moslem world flourished across Europe and the Orient and then suddenly disappeared ....and was replaced with Al Queda, the Taliban, Hamas, Al Aqusa and others. There in lies the problem with Islam...and yes I'm going to generalize here - there are those who committ these acts of terror and then there are the others who tolerate their activities and do not speak out against them....all in the name of god. Islam is therefore equally guilty in the execution of heinous and supressive acts against its own, the western world and all the innocents caught in between.

In my "culture" all are respected regardless of their religious proclivity and it is their actions which bring scrutiny upon them. I can go to any cafe or mall in the US and discuss religion, loudly and vigoursly without fear of a fight or arrest, as intelligent debate is encouraged here. Not so in the world of Islam, is it? In what Islamic country could I do the same? 

...yet Islamic extremists who immigrated to the west wish to turn my country and others into a mental 7th century theocratic shithole like the ones they immigrated from. Not today, not tomorrow either.
+Ishmael Finn You are right there is no so called  Islamic country where you can go and insult anyone's religion and get away with it unless the government is as twisted as the those doing the insulting. 

I find it mind blowing how we Americans can be proud to have the freedom to insult others. That is twisted.

In the Qur'an Allah says do not insult other religions perchance they insult yours. 

Allah also says argue with the best of language. 

Christians feel comfortable and are protected in our country, the United States of America, to insult Muhammad peace and blessing be upon him.  However Muslims are not encouraged by our religious leaders nor are we protected to insult Jesus peace be upon him.  

America tries to encourage us to adopt that way of life and promises to protect our freedom to say what we want ,but America can not protect us from Allah if we should insult the son of Mary Prophet Jesus Peace be upon him. In fact we would cease to be Muslim if we insulted Jesus. 
+Jones Gore - <<I find it mind blowing how we Americans can be proud to have the freedom to insult others. That is twisted.>>

Twisted? That my fellow citizen is called freedom! Look at us, two adults engaged in a debate over a subject serious enough to us both, but without fear or retribution from either side of expressing our opinion. In the US it matters less if that discussion is over the internet or in person.

In a theocracy this is not possible. I could not have the same conversation in the same tone in any Islamic theocracy. In no manner would I want to turn my country into something where opinion, innovation, creativity and the spoken word is stifled, and obviously neither do you or else you wouldn't be here.
The bottom line is this - I don't give a rats ass about your religion, but I care enough about you as my countryman to treat you as I want to be treated and to look after your own as I would my own if the situation called for it. That is how I define my American identity.

If you can't say the same then it  just let's me know where we stand and at best we can discuss without killing each other. That's American and its not twisted!!!!
+Ishmael Finn Yes in a Theocracy resembling what Christians practiced during the inquisition period and crusades we would not be able to have this discussion. 

Al hamdu lillah Muslims have an example in prophet Muhammad peace and blessing be upon in how we are to conduct ourselves when discussing or debating issues of religion. 

After Prophet Muhammad re-entered Mecca without shedding any blood of those who persecuted the Muslims,  Christians visited him to talk about whether Jesus was the son of God or not. Now even though this idea is contrary to the Muslim faith Muslim are still suppose to be tolerant towards Christians and treat them with respect and kindness. 

We are told in the Qur'an to be tolerant and respectful to Christians and we have Prophet Muhammad showing us this. So when the Christian visited to talk about this. The Prophet sat down with them, discussed the issue and requested that they all including himself request the curse of Allah on whomever is lying about Jesus peace be upon him. At which the Christians refused and left.  They were not killed or harassed. 

Anywhere you find Christians being harassed more than likely  it is because they have joined with an American evangelic christian group that encourages behavior that is disrespectful. Most recently an American Iranian man who converted to Christianity went back to Iran and was locked up because of something he has been doing. I don't know what he was doing and I'm not going to say he did anything wrong. But I know Iranian Christians personally right here in this country can't say they were harshly treated in their mother country for being Christian. So what have Evangelic Christians convinced this man to do that would put him in a situation in which now the American media jumps on and tells a story without having all the facts? 
+Ishmael Finn And let me add one more point about tolerance. In the bible Jesus peace be upon him is portrayed as being intolerant when he entered in to the Temple and started grabbing and throwing the money collectors out. Depending on which version you read a lot more was going on. I don't think anyone would find this behavior unacceptable considering what the people turned the temple in to.  

Today Christians are so Tolerant same sex marriages are conducted in churches. Even pastors are homosexual. 

+Jones Gore you may not like it, but +Ishmael Finn has a constitutional point. Now I don't agree with everything the man says but Jerry Falwell had an argument with a well known pornographer about our American right to say offensive shit.
S Mann
+Ishmael Finn is quite strange how you end up contradicting yourself and repeat what I have been saying. You mention "terrorist" etc and the phrase "in the name of God" keeps echoing in your post. Why slate "islam" when it's a group of people you should focus on.Islam hasn't changed and its teachings are the same. So why are you anti Islam? At the golden age you mention , it was the same book and Muhammad's teachings haven't changed since.his followers may have.

There is no country or race or culture in the world who are not guilty of inhumane behavior.So I am not sure why you focus only on Islam and Muslims. Is it because a couple of planes flew into a building?
Let me assure you that the west is far more guilty in comparison.before nine eleven,I bet al Qaida wasn't even a house hold name.suddenly it's more famous than mj.
Anyway, even a soul dying in the name of whatever is wrong and no point doing a comparison of 3 million in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Burma, Sudan etc vs 3000 in US.But you cannot sit there and feel as if you're the only victim here.
I think brother @Jones Gore is quite right in saying how American idea of freedom is twisted.for one you shouldn't even have an independence day..I think you know why.secondly all laws based on privacy etc stem from US. Sopa as an example. There are countless examples you can find where freedom of speech looks like a distant memory.
Plenty of people have been turned away from US borders based on their opinions.I personally know white folks who have.
I think you are very deep in denial to think that freedom of speech, atleast in the US, still holds its sanctity. The media is full of excellent example of the complete opposite.

Also I want to mention that you are the only one who has been abusive, racist and to say the least aggressive through out this thread.yet you are quick to say that it's not possible to do that without aggression from the opposition.

Islam and its teachings are peaceful.period. if there are some individuals who decide not to follow or make their own rules or misinterpret it...take it up with the individuals.don't blame the teachings.

It's like me saying the bible preaches paedophilia because you hear in the news how many priests etc have been caught molesting children. Is that a fair statement? No..Christianity in its original form teaches peace and love.just as Islam does.
Try not to blame the's the few individuals you should focus on.
S Mann
Btw +Ishmael Finn if I were a non Muslim looking for the right faith to follow and I read about Islam and all it says is that I should kill one and all and whatever the media says at the you really think I would be attracted to it???
It's common sense.
A person who knows his life as he knows it will change 180 degrees, he takes the plunge..for what? So he can be a terrorist? In that case..all converts must have some sinister agenda.
Islam isn't one of the fastest growing religions out there for nothing.

Have a think.
+Samir Malik you must not look so deeply. It boils down to mental conditioning. The man is a Ranger. Chances are he was shipped to a country of Muslim faith once upon a time. Chances are he saw action. Chances are that the men who didn't come home were like brothers to him. Chances are the only thing he was told on the way was the men shooting at him were Muslim.
S Mann
+John Yaşar your understanding of this white asteroid is totally false. I'd like to know where you got this information from.
Aactually no, I fucking loved your comment. I was over here dying at that exchange. Pretty fucking funny.

"That's where I get my info."

You should get to know me a bit. I may seem offensive but I'm still taking this debate as humour. No offense is taken by me, mate. Though my language? That can't be helped.
I certainly illustrate the diversity of the f bomb though. I make a habit of just being silent in public venues where I see ladies or kids.
Ha. Probably am. I have ptsd, so I'm certain I come off as a bit odd.
+Samir Malik and +Mac McNeely 

Mac - I have never had the misfortune of being shot at in combat and I care about Muslims about as much as they care about me. My time in service may have helped shape my opinion of the world, but it did not define it, neither before or after Ranger School and service in 75th Ranger Regiment. So what you read from me here is my opinion, based on current events, history and other articulatable facts, not some perception manufactured by the US mass media machine. Can you dig it? I knew that you could. Now, on with the show!

Samir - Dude, the very fact that this conversation can be discussed here or in person speaks volumes about the difference between a democracy and a theocracy. We have this marvelous thing in the US called "separation of church and state," meaning we all all free actors enabled to shape our own destiny as we see fit without constraints decided by some old diaper head's edicts and a book written by man centuries ago. A theocracy is an extremist religion's arm  as it allows no debate of the ruling religion and guarantees the ruling class as approved by god. There are no Cristian theocracies, only Islamic ones - Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Dubai, Somalia, Indonesia, UAE and others, etc.

Could my family and I immigrate to any of these countries? No
Are there any other religions allowed to practice in these countries? No
Do their citizens have freedom of speech to question the religion of the ruling theocracy? No
...and do we really need to discuss human rights and the treatment of women in these countries?

So do I really have an issue with those who wish to live in this manner? no, not really. They want to live like 7th century barbarians, let them have at it. I only have a problem with Islam when its extremist fringe murders my countrymen at home and abroad and have the audacity  to demand that the US adhere to their same lunatic beliefs. Even worse, the rest of these so-called "moderate Islamic" countries refuses to condemn them and criticize the US even as they accept billions in economic aid from the US.

I never met a disciple of Islam from abroad who returned to where he came from because the US did not adapt to him. But I have met a few who adapted to the US and even served with a few who love this country and what it stands for. Its all about respect - let's do business, let's communicate, respect me and you will be respected by me, regardless of your religion. But when your religion identifies me as an infidel, that I must adhere to it or else or attempts to harm me and mine....then you will be treated in kind.
+Ishmael Finn Nothing you said about Islam is based on fact. However you did describe behaviors in countries that are cultural and not Islamic. For instance Infidel is a word Christians used to describe African muslims during Slavery in this country. The word is not even arabic. 

And you chose to ignore my response to your earlier statement and continue to lie about my faith such as if you don't adhere to what Muslims believe you will be harmed.

Allah says let there be no compulsion. Allah even said to Muhammad peace be upon him. Would you force them to believe although I have given them the freedom to choose? 

If what you say is true then you will have to answer this undeniable truth. Why are there Arab Christians in the Arab world that is dominated by Muslims?
I wasn't trying to psychoanalyze you, mate, just illustrating that people usually have decent excuses for their views. 
+John Yaşar I'm glad you asked. It means one who cover up. Such as one who cover up his heart from the truth. When it comes to faith it would translated as unbeliever or unbeievers
John Khaidir, neither the women of saudi arabia has driving license nor they choose pornography as a profession, yes u r ryt.
+Christopher Yoder There is no such thing as whahabbi muslim or practice. This is an attribute of Allah. Ignorant muslims who do not like Muslims who adhere to Tawheed use this term Whahabb in an attempt is discredit Imam Abdul Whahab who emphasized Tawheed (ones of Allah) during a time when Muslims started reverting back to pagan worship and introducing foreign concepts in to Islam. Any Muslim who speak alot about Tawheed will be classified as Whahabi by those ignorant Muslims. 
+Mac McNeely In addtion too he was not taught to think for himself but to follow orders without question.
+Jones Gore It's not always as cut and dry as that, though.

It's a career choice that provides and structures human beings via physical and mental conditioning. It's something I wouldn't mind seeing more of.

If I could go back in time, believe I would have been in the Navy, instead of the block.

As it goes, I question any religious persons ability to think for themselves. You ever read some of the shit people accept as fact because they're told?
+Allan S I'm a muslim and I will tell you that you are not obligated by Islam to show respect to Muslims. There is nothing in the Qur'an that say that you should. 

As a Muslim I am obligated to show respect and be the better person and not insult other people's faith. I don't have the freedom to say what I want and that is not because someone forced me but because I chose to live under God's Law and not a document that is withering away with every new law that is designed to enslave people as opposed to up hold the freedoms our founding fathers intended to protect. 

So yes you have the freedom to insult, marry the same sex, do drugs in those states that allow it now just to name a few thing since I can't see into the future and list the other unimaginable things that will become legal in our "great country" as many would describe it. But in the end the issues we will have to face in the United States are going to dwarf any issues our country has with Muslims. 
I can understand this. If you interpret a teaching to make you a better or worse person it will.

I speak for what I feel is right. I lost a sibling to bullying, so if I see someone singled out I try to speak for them. At this point in the game, I see a lot of mud slinging, but some people have reverted to insulting the man, rather than debating his views.

I don't think a single good thing comes of faceless hate. We can all argue, laugh, joke, and learn from one another, but only if we refuse to hate first.
+John Yaşar still has the best argument I've seen for how he knows Islam so well. I almost shot Bushmills out my nose reading that reply.
S Mann
+Mac McNeely Just so you know, Mossad have hundereds of thier members who know the quran, arabic inside out. just saying :-p

+John Yaşar I am a muslim as well, but I dont know islam as well as some of my peers. +Jones Gore seems to know a lot more. Most converts do. I am assuming you are a convert brother Jones? Reason behind that is that people like me are born into it and just go with what is passed down by parents.. once we gain more interest we read more and find out for ourselves what we know in a more deeper meaning.
converts make an informed decision and try and visit all avenues of a religeon before accepting it (thats what my understanding is)
point is, just because you are an ex muslim, doesnt mean that you dont have gaps in your knowledge. we all do.

Anyway, +Ishmael Finn sorry for the late reply, so you will have to scroll up to remember what you wrote! apologies for that.
The fact that you are able to write here what you please, does not mean that it is not monitored or can and will be held against you in the US court of law. That is a fact and I personally know people who have been turned away from US borders because of thier 'opinions on open platforms'
The freedom of speech is slowky diminishing and we are all aware of that. Not sure why you believe that every other country other than the US restricts what you can say about anything. You hear about 'anti- semetic' so n so almost daily in the news..a lot comes out of your homeland. 
Secondly, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Dubai, Somalia, Indonesia, UAE ALL allow immigration. No idea where you got the idea that you cannot immigrate there.  Especially UAE? its mostly expats?!!? its a so called muslim state which servers alcohol on every corner for expat benefits! Iran has a huge christian population, pakistan too. I use to live in saudi in a residential area built especially for white folks because it had special built areas so they can even go for a skinny dip and not offend neighbours.

you mention the point about women. And I am certain that you are mainly talking about the hijab. one thing I want to clear up. The hijab (covering of the head) and niqab (covering of the face) are 2 different things one is islamic (hijab) and one is almost cultural. So dont confuse the 2.
If you are such a feminist, have you thought about the abortion rate in india for girls? its left them over 7 million less females. They dont even give them a chance to live let alone take thier 'rights' away! why focus soley of islam and womens rights.

a) look at any image dating back to biblical years and you will find women covering thier heads. Why do you think that is? Were women surpressed then too?
b) islam was revealed during a course of a period. during that time barbaric acts such as open rape was common and thus Muhammed was revealed to advise the women to cover up . I think the reason is self explanatory.

How many rape cases have you heard of stemming from SAudi arabia? Wearing the hijab is advised and women do it on their own accords. 

c) I find it peculiar that men and women are allowed to be totally naked and walk around in the streets and/or have special areas to chill in, but when it comes to covering up, its taking away rights? If you have the right to be a nudist, why cant I be at the other end of the spectrum without you having something to say about it? 
Let me challenge you. If you see a hijabi on the street and if she is willing to speak with you. Ask her one question. Did someone force you to wear this? 

fourth point : This whole thing about islamic law being imposed in the west. I would like you to show me any news where any muslim is imposing their own law over yours. Again, one of those stupid fling stories which people pick up on cos it circulates so much. They might want to practice thier own law in thier own personal lives, but they would not stand in court and tell the judge to try them based on islamic law. come on dude.. I may be wrong tho, so please do show me this imposing you are referring to.

one of the definition of infidel relating to islam is a non believer of islam. It actually stems from Christianity and slavery. So again, lets look at ourselves in the mirror before pointing fingers. If you do not believe in islam, you are an infidel..its just a word an antonym for disbeliever or non muslim. I dont see the big deal. If you call me a muslim.. thats because I believe in islam. If you dont, then you are a non believer of islam, a non muslim or an infidel. if you are a christian, youre still an infidel cos christianity is not islam. simple. they all mean the same. if you are an infidel doesnt mean I shoud automatically hate/kill you or that you should watch out cos all muslims are taught to show hostility towards infidels.. thats just the bullshit version you are lead to believe :)

Just as the arabic word for GOD is ALLAH. Allah is not the 'name' of God per se. infidel is just a word. 
its unfortunate that media has again bounced this word around in the most sinister way possible to make people believe what they want.

muslims and the rest do business every day, they communicate every day. where do you think all your oil comes from? canada? :p

Economic 'aid' is more of a crutch. US very well knows that the aid being provided to greedy politicians goes no where but thier swiss bank accounts. Why do they continue to give 'aid' ? IF i run a country like US and Im giving a country like pakistan aid so that it can better itself. 5 years, 10, 15 years later..hey it looks the same. where is all the aid i gave you?
why would i continue to give it? its politics im afraid..not the kindness of your gov's proverbial heart.

As I said in my earlier post, no one has disrespected you in here..only you have shown aggression and derogatory terms.. but you still go on sitting on your high horse preaching what you dont practice :)

I have noticed that you seem to disregard what people say to you, rather like to just go on and on about your sporadic understanding of another persons religion.
just saying.
S Mann
One of the things the Muslim world should be ashamed of us that they did nothing to preserve the name of Islam when this offence begun.

Since, we are just left as individuals to defend our peaceful religion now that the western media has slated an painted it in the worse picture possible.

Think about how many times you heard of Islam and Muslims being evil before 9.11.

You're saying all of a sudden, post 9.11, the Islamic teachings suddenly got re written?

Give me a break man.
+S Malik Before 911 Islam was being smeared. When the first gulf war stated you should seen the racism that was directed at Arabs. When soldier and Marines were boarding ships people we waving signs that said Kill those Rag Heads. So this is something what has been in the blood for a long time. 

We have to remember that nothing last, not even Islam. And Allah will be left once everything is gone. We have to make sure of one thing. Be prepared to meet our Lord when our appointed time comes. That is the truth that neither Muslim nor non Muslim can stop. No artificial heart can prevent it, no clone will embody the soul that Allah calls back. That is the true reality. 
+John Yaşar I never said the military was waving the signs. I said signs were being waved. While they were boarding ships people were waving these signs. This happen when they are being shipped to Saudi Arabia in 1990. Please go back and  read.  

Your culture upbringing tells you that a lot of hearsay is being taken as fact my muslims? Have you watched Foxnews during the run up to the presidential elections? My eyes and ears and not my American cultural upbringing have shown me  the type of hearsay that is spread in my American culture about people including those who are  not Muslim but just plain ole black. So lets not talk about culture please.
So you want me to provide proof to racism shown by people while the military was boarding ships in 1990?
Well at the end of the day, fellas, I doubt anyone is going to slap their forehead and renounce their core beliefs, I just think we should be tolerant. Not in a hippie peace and love way, but a tone more like if you're not shooting at me, I'm not shooting back.

That said, though, you probably shouldn't stand too close to the guys who are. I know Muslims aren't bad people but some bad people happen to be Muslim. The nice ones are pretty good at making it obvious, though, as with any other group.
S Mann
+John Yaşar why would it bother me or anyone why people of different faiths live together?
Also, Neil Armstrong stories are ample in circulation, just as you see crying statues and Jesus on burnt toast. It doesn't mean anything to be honest. It's not really a reason to ridicule or leave a religion. Don't you think so?
Brother @Jones Gore, anti Islam had been around from the time it was revealed, but the hate you have today fueled by the horrible act on 9.11 is not comparable. now you have 12 yr old saying unimaginable things not because of adolescent age antics but because it's what is being taught in some schools
+John Yaşar You lost me. I can't continue this discussion with you since you are the one who has judge islam based upon the action of individuals. You  already tried to make it seem that I claimed the military waved sign when I never said it. Now you're talking about something else. I find your motives for  having this discussion suspect. Peace. 
S Mann
+John Yaşar you cannot be serious asking for evidence about something as trivial as picket signs when there are videos of soldiers playing COD in real life with innocent by standard, not to mention days dedicated to burning holy books. Ever heard of a burn a bible day or burn a geeta day? Perhaps burn a Torah day? Problem is that Muslims respect other religions to much to do stupid things like that and we are busy defending to actually go on an offence which is the current belief in many parts of the world.
Besides the man said it was the people seeing them off who had the pickets.

I do agree with one thing you say..that Muslims should start fixing their own front. I hope you mean it in an encouraging sense and not a derogatory sense. But the part about crying wolf. Lol.No one does that better than Semites.
I am very interested to know why you left the faith.if it's not too personal.
Your point about Armstrong is too weak to argue..if there are documentaries about weeping icons than there are also many proving them as hoaxes. It's neither here or there and is pointless talking about. I see pastors claiming to have healing powers all the time but if doesn't make me think any more or less of Christianity.
It was just a rumor.Hollywood industry thrives on rumours. One of the most popular vids in YouTube is a hoax at the moment.So what is some people said what they did about the man on the moon. It's not worth talking about.

+S Malik - No worries on the response time. It's the quality of your post that I consider, not the time it took you to send it.

At this point I think it's safe to say you and I are merely repeating the same argument over and over: for every example I give that Islam has been hijacked by an extremist fringe while "moderate" Muslims do not speak out against them and indeed provide them aid and comfort, you counter with a history lesson of the teachings of Mohammad and suggest I should look at the corruption in my own country. IMO your argument (should you choose to call it that) is nothing but a red herring deflecting from the global threat of this latest incarnation of extremist Islam and those who choose to say nothing and allow it to happen.
+S Malik - Lastly a correction and a point:

You are incorrect, neither Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Somalia, Indonesia or UAE would allow me or my family to fully immigrate there. I could not become a citizen or obtain a passport for any of these countries. Nor would I be allowed to integrate into their respective societies. At best, I would be segregated among other Westeners and be granted only visitor's or temporary residence there. That is an example of the power, paranoia, and social control of an Islamic theocracy.

Lastly, you can save your explanation of the hijab and niqab. I'm quite sure the 64 girls who burned to death in 2002 because the Religious Police, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia no less, prevented them from escaping their burning highschool because they were not wearing headscarves knew the difference. Wonder what their greiving parents had to say about it? We'll never know, they don't have the freedom to speak out about it.

.....and I'm sure the last thing the went through little Malala Youseffani's mind before a Taliban terrorist's bullet was how well Islam treats women and girls.

But go ahead, give me another lecture about the "religion of peace" and its "respect toward women."
S Mann
+Ishmael Finn we never discussed anything about getting citizenship in any of those countries. You asked about immigration and what I have said is true. It's nothing to do with an example, only if you are born into an already Saudi family will you be granted citizenship.Nothing to do with being Muslim or non Muslim. Saudis are known to be very proud people and look down upon even their own of the reasons I agree with your first post that Muslims need to look at themselves and start correction. That again is nothing to do with Islamic teachings as Islam preaches modesty :-)
I'm sure you cannot convert to Judaism, please correct me if I'm that to do with paranoia too?
If you immigrate to any of those countries..I really don't think you will be ostracized..That's just your opinion. There is a very very large population of happy expats in all those countries.whether you stay within your fellow peers is a choice.they won't tell you to go to the back of the bus.
Reason I tell you about the teachings of Islam and Muhammad are too keep any misconceptions at bay.not to convert you.this is what is known as jihad btw :-)
I'm not gonna sit here are lecture deaf ears.because you seem to miss my point my friend.even though you admit that I keep going round in might be because you are not prepared to understand.
Islam does not teach what you read in the papers. I'm defending Islam..not the people who follow it. If you allow this distinction to get blurry, you will categorize Islam itself based on its followers.
It's like me saying Christianity preaches killing the innocent because some nut case went on a shooting spree in a school. Now we both know that's not true.

+S Malik They will never understand why that is, and even if they did they will not accepted.  This discussion has more to do with politics and war than it has to do with Islam. 

If this had anything to do with Islam I would continue but it doesn't .As-salamu alaikum.
+S Malik - You know, even though we do not see eye-to-eye, I wish to thank you for an intelligent, thoughful debate. I find the exchange of ideas is good for the soul, and although you feel your words may have fallen on deaf ears, I take them into consideration and will explore more of what we discussed on my own.

Best wishes to you and your family in the new year!
Who cares? It is all supersitous bull!
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