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Tragedy can bring together the most argumentative of people. In the wake of Sandy, the cyclone that savaged America's North Atlantic coast, rival religious figures found unwonted if unconscious agreement. The storm, chimed Christian, Jewish and Muslim extremists in unison, was nothing less than God's punishment for American sins
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People usually come together when there is an external enemy. Kind of like the movie Independence Day, only difference being this was a natural disaster enemy. 
Ozymandias taught us that in the novel "The Watchmen"
God's punishment?  Or maybe, and here's a crazy though, it was just a large tropical depression brought about by added energy in the global weather system, that caught a community not used to such storms, unprepared.  Why is it that humans insist in looking for supernatural causes in simple natural occurrences.  Ignorance is not a virtue and willful ignorance deserves a kick in the ass.
Humm. Don, were you just speaking for God?
If that was God's punishment he's an asshole. I thought we were "God's children," what a horrible parent. 
+Gabriel Walsh : Oh, it was punishment for our sins, though.  The sins of excessive reliance on fossil fuels, ignoring the signs and building in the floodplain, and failing to use the money we have to make new technologies work. When the religious finally get that, maybe things will improve.
+Derrell Durrett - indeed, though I don't know that I would call it punishment.  Instead I'd say it is a reflection of our own shortsightedness (or shall we say stupidity).  
The God stuff is total BS.  But.......
I really do feel for them because I've been through what they've gone  through and are going through now, more than once.  But, hey, it was a F@#!&%G hurricane, and a week one, wind wise, at that.  They had almost two weeks to get ready.  They were warned.  WTF!!!  What if  when Sandy hit she had winds of over 120+mph, like those that hit the Gulf Coast regularly.  She would have wiped the slate CLEAN, there wouldn't be anything left to clean up. Those folks don't realize how lucky they really were!  But watch, they'll rebuild right back in the same spots and wait for it to happen again!  re: definition of  insanity!
+Gabriel Walsh : I'd bet if it were your house, you think it was punished!

And +Bob Huesman : A chaque, son gout. I am often amused by the ways in which the powers claimed for "God" are remarkably similar to the powers of Nature and Chance.  So when folks want to personify those things, I'll oblige to the extent that Nature and Chance are the same as God.
Can I say "this is so stupid" ?
God punish no one!! Only Your Ego is punishing yourselves!! So human don't blame it on God!!
How does someone know that it was a Punishment from God? Do they asked to God? 
Religion is a plague on this planet... storms do not take things personally
If Heaven and Hel does not Exist,would you still prostration to Him??/
+Jose Luis Araya Lopez I strongly disagree with your opinion. if I may add to this that the law of God is real for anyone who wants. as a fellow human being I condole over this incident. This memorial for all the people in the world. do good for the world and all human beings without any discrimination.
Not God's punishment. The great flood was a one-timer.... We should be so bold to know who God would punish.... We are to warn, edify, discern and love. Attributing God's vengeance to any event or action is beyond us as human beings. Read it in His Word for yourself...
@frank suan : your coment like a song. LOL
'I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me, Superman! ' - Homer Simpson
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