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On February 15th (or, depending where you are, the 16th) a hunk of space rock 45 metres across, called 2012 DA14, will buzz Earth in the closest encounter ever recorded for an asteroid of that size. Zipping along at a speed, relative to Earth, of 7.8km a second (4.9 miles a second), it will approach within 27,700km 
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Què mal me siento al no saber nada de inglès....ahora sabria muchas màs cosas....
It will be cloudy that day in the UK anyway :-(
If the calculations are incorrect, and for some reason it veers towards Earth, can an ICBM break the rock up. 
4.9 miles a SECOND!! Mind boggling!
THAT could have been it...
+Tirthankar Dubey what about 40 km across did you not read? That thing has a lot of mass, an ICBM is a joke. It is passing relatively far away for it's size. Imagine throwing a ball towards someone 10 meters away but your throw was 1 kilometer off. 
+Garrett Graham standard practice for some England goalkeepers when trying to throw the ball to their players ;-)
There must be a God... b'cos we'd all b gone if we hit..
+Garrett Graham 
It is 45 metres wide. At 40km, the question would have been irrelevant. But i don't see why its not possible to target this object.
+Tirthankar Dubey I apologize, I miss read, yeah an ICBM would work. Regardless, there are thousands of people who work in the space industry, it would take a lot of them to be wrong for the calculation to be wrong.
+Armin Grewe I would say it would be a stretch for God to not like dinosaurs; everyone likes dinosaurs. I would guess more along the lines that God thought they were a mistake.
+Armin Grewe  Imagine God with a bunch of pebbles(Comets and asteroids as we know them) in one hand and trying to aim and hit the planets/solar systems s/he/it/they hates. Hilarious!!. Also, if God is throwing after aiming s/he/it/they has a very bad shot , so many near misses !!!LOL!!!
Tungusta didn't hit the earth it exploded in the air. I tried to explain this to my grandson aged 13 in a way he would understand, so I said it will be closer to us at flypast that the Sky Satellite is. 
Bldginspktr- the Lord is in charge, His universe, prayers are always acceptably, onward and upward my friends....
+Eraldo B. Marques Yes, it would not end the world. The chance of a cosmic event to truly end life on this planet is really small, the chance of humans ending it is much bigger.
Que estamos chocando agarrate fuerte

Whoever catches it will be a trillionaire very soon. Good hunting.
+Kathy Robertson Why would any god need a meteor to kill life on a planet? Then again, there was a god who couldn't came up with anything more interesting than flooding a planet... :-) 
Very true Kathy, however, I believe there is more good and Christ-like
behavior on this planet then not; remember, He has created worlds with out
number and has an eternal plan to let us share and live in His celestial
kingdom and glory, cool huh...
I'm putting on my tin-foil hat! 
These things only change path if something else hits them :O
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