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Like the hero of "The Iliad", China can seem invincible. But a comparison with America reveals a deep flaw in China's model of growth. China has its deadly point of unseen weakness: demography
LIKE the hero of “The Iliad”, China can seem invincible. In 2010 it overtook America in terms of manufactured output, energy use and car sales.
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it wont be a prob at all.. Forget it economist
China is exploiting/sacrificing it's environment and its people to maintain this growth. It can't last forever. It certainly didn't in the US after the late 1800's. It wasn't too long before the trade unions and Teddy Roosevelt were on the scene. The same thing will happen in China.
they also have a huge dragon problem
Uh Oh!I can smell something in the air,and Sweet and Sour-Chinese of course...
Bringing the population down will be painful for a while but if we don't act, the earth will be so abused we human race may not survive in the long run. It has to be endured. And we have no one to blame but ourselves and our ancesters.
Who knew population controls through forced methods had a downside? #rolleyes
They will probably start a war with Russia over land and resources before they reach a critical point. Hunger is the best motivator. Win or lose there still be less people left. Cynical but could happen. What Rome did as it grew? Turned a sea into a state lake.And they were only 1 million.
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