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A recent study looking at the effect of furniture on decision making suggests that something as trivial as the stability of chairs and tables has an effect on perceptions and desires. Just as cold drinks lead to perceptions of social conditions being cold, tinkering with feelings of physical stability leads to perceptions of social instability
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C Chua
It makes me wonder about the psychological effects of self-assembled Ikea furniture.
Interesting.  Although, I don't want a warm drink during this time of the year in the northern hemisphere.
Take a chill pill dude, or buy yourself a better chair.
Ikea self-builds trigger a sequence of 3 distinct emotions: excitement, anticipation, disgust:)
What's trivial about the "stability of chairs and tables"? I can't think of anything more fundamental for those items.
Makes sense... I feel like I should give a shout-out to a couple I know that fixed their lopsided bed with a stack of magazines.
People make subconscious decisions all the time, no matter their level of "awareness." All people's perceptions of a given environment or situation can be influenced by something as simple as color scheme or structural design. That's not to say that every person perceives the same thing when looking at the same object/color or set of words. Each individual perception may differ slightly or a lot because of personal history or culture background. Mostly, I find the study amusing, but it does make sense in much the same way the "Broken window" theory (another social science hypothesis) makes sense.
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