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On the face of it, local butchers and vegetarianism have little in common. But—upholding the principle that every crisis helps someone—both have been buoyed by the recent discovery, in Britain and elsewhere, of horse meat in dishes supposedly made of beef. A poll by a market-research agency, showed that 7% of respondents had stopped eating meat as a result of the equine scandal
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Maybe it's time to eat more fish ! Butchers are often too expensive for the majority of the people.
Maybe its time for people to realize the true way to be healthy and become vegans
Collin H
Nothing wrong with horsemeat except it should not have been sold as beef witch is misleading to the consumer.
But fish stocks are depleting, eating more probably isn't wise, until we work out how to manage the resource better.

I don't see why the horse meat scandal would stop anyone eating meat, unless they can't afford meat they trust. But vegetarianism is good for the planet and ones health, so it's good anyway :)
Are you sure that's not 0.0007% of people? Nobody I know seems to be remotely bothered.
40 years ago, here in France people ate horsemeat... There is a scandal because of the misleading ... And because English don't eat horse, it's not the first scandal
Quit... but for how long? Until they drive by a BK and some of that flame broiled goodness fills their nostrils!
Horsemeat is not poison. Wasting all that meat is the crime.
Nothing wrong with horse meat, but meat should be traceable, and if the retailer doesn't know what species of animal is in the meat you can't tell me he knows which specific animal the meat has come from
Insects are the answer...not for me but for everyone else!
At least it is a real form of meat. In China you'd get cardboard soaked in beef stock.
Are we sure we really know what we eat? As I vegetarian, I am pretty sure that there is no horsemeat in a lettuce leaf or in a tomato and I don't think that many omnivores can say the same. However, if we don't do anything in order to improve the situation, in a few years we won't even be able to understand what we are breathing.
I'm still a meat eater. Any one who BELIEVES they're eating of BEEF has not
Included horse-meat probably thinks like ME 😜
What is the problem with eating a horse? What do they eat? If they were dogs or cats, I understand, but horses are herbivores, and their meat maybe is healthier than some others.
I know someone commit fraud selling horse as beef, but the end result is not as they do something drastically dangerous (if the animals were healthy, of course). Of course, how can we trust in anything they say, now.
In Japan, horse meat is a delicacy. It's absolutely delicious eaten raw.
I had always attempted to point out to those questioning us refraining from eating providers of milk that they had similar loyalty to different species - equine and canine to begin with - and it was simply a matter of their being unable to comprehend that others might think not quite identically with their own sensibilities always.
There is nothing wrong with horse meat, except sentimentality but We should have the right to know what our food is, and we shouldn't have to become vegetarian for the right (and I'm not convinced that vegetarianism is more healthy, especially given the high proportion of obese vegetarians I know, so get off your pulpits). Maybe if we were buying beef from the local butcher down the road who buys beef from the farm outside our town, this wouldn't be a problem. I.e. buy local, know what you get. 
+Tracy L Campbell I agree that there's nothing essentially wrong with horsemeat: it's a delicacy in other parts of Europe. However, there are two issues i do care about:
- fraud: the cost of horsemeat is 1/5 that of beef (I've read) so there's a dishonesty factor here
- health: more importantly, the horsemeat entering our food chain has been raised outside the regulations that govern what you can do to an animal for it to be 'fit for human consumption'. So there is some (unquantified) risk that damaging drugs etc. could have been used on the animal in question, causing risk of health issues for lasagna fans.

It's a lot like the question of cheap t-shirts manufactured b child labourers in one sense: if the meat is that cheap, did we really expect it to be best quality?

Personally I'm against any mechanically recovered meat already on the basis that you've no idea what you're really getting, this just ups the ante.
+Michael Weston Nothing you said contradicts what I've said in any way, only elaborates on why we should have the right to know where our food is sourced.
I agree with you, Michael.
I find it strange how some people might stop eating meat as a result of the horse meat scandal. Solution? Just stop buying ready made meals and buy proper whole cuts of meat instead. 
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