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Despite global economic gloom, the world is a happier place than it was before the financial crisis began. That is the counterintuitive conclusion of a poll of 19,000 adults in 24 countries by Ipsos, a research company. Some 77% of respondents now describe themselves as happy, up three points on 2007, the last year before the crisis
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Dan O
The appears about right to me. We're off the bottom of the economic down turn. Now if we can only get Greece behind us... ;-)
I have never understood why people assume money=happiness. You would be surprised how many wealthy people I have met who were miserable. The automatic assumption is that the people who say they love you are only there because you have money, in fact a family friend once told me "You can't get a girlfriend without money, so which is more important?" Try to be happy when your love is "the best that money can buy."
I probably would not have expressed it in my English. But I agree with you.
The more progressive societies the more complicated the process of predicting the trends &state of the whole economy's machine not to be subjected to maladjustment more or less due to (organic ties) a non separated reasons and non reasonable intentions (in interests point of view) such as political, social , ethical ....and (historical) attitudes .Its greater than a comment.Its neither controversial nor unreasonable notes as one may stick within room light the whole day , the moment he look through the window discovered that night has come. You may follow my assays about : 1\ The coming Indian era , domination of Indian investments over African virgin natural resources Versus prudish Chinese ones . 2\ Africa , the contribution of ideal banking system in exploiting natural resources to build infrastructure projects 3\ Absence
of ethics in capital forums .
I am unemployed for years now and still happy...I am not on government welfare and still happy...As long as I have my sport teams to entertain...I am good regardless...
Lex Ser
balance between money and happiness should be the goal not just one.
Me thinks many folks that were laid off were probably unhappy in their jobs. Not to say that they may not have been good at them or respected, but they probably knew deep down that their employment status could not be maintained if the bubble burst. In my opinion, even being unemployed is better than that hanging over your head.
I think it is not having the guilt of making up an excuse not going into work the monday after a outing of sporting events...
Me prefer the economics of the stone age...the part where we man discovered fire and hunt and roast and eat be happy...
I wasnt comparing income and happiness...I was only pointing out after perceived advancement in every facet...everything came tumbling down and stability still seemed like a far fetch dream not yet achieved beyond certain economics of past centuries...
apparently wealth is no factor in equation of happiness. Maybe we moved down in Maslow pyramid
People that find themselves without as much money as usual are driven to use their imaginations for entertainment. Some obviously find that there are a number of free but creative outlets where they are encouraged to contribute input. This contrasts with the "rich" model of daily life where we are encouraged to pay to be entertained. The movie and recording industry should have declining sale if this is to be true.
If you have $18 in your wallet you are in the top 10% income bracket on this planet. It's often a matter of perspective.
It is obvious for me you don't need a high GDP per capita to be happy... You don't need a huge house and one car per family member to be happy... As long as people don't starve and have enough to live decently there will be room for happiness in their lives... So the key word here is redistribution... Inequality = Unhappiness
+Diego Trillo i do not believe in socialism...Look at what happened to greece and much of europe...Conservatism with a balance I always say but mostly conservatism...
ur happines iz inside u,no 1 makes u happy or not!
I dont think so, the world is getting worse
This is how we put things into persective, by realizing the importance of what we have and that it may not always be there. Humanity has never known such comforts and security as we enjoy today.
+Sheldon Thomas ... Dear Sheldon, socialism is dead. It does not need to be one extreme (pure free market) or the other (socialism). As you said, a balance is needed, but my balance is more to the left.
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