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Daily chart: Is the euro crisis over? Have banking regulations gone far enough?  Our global business barometer reveals overall business-confidence based on the responses of more than 1,500 senior executives. The interactive graphic allows you to track business sentiment over time. You can look at the results by region or industry. View our interactive chart:
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I feel like asking senior executives whether business regulation has "gone far enough" is not a clever proposition. It's pretty rare that one is  willing to say "I'm not subject to enough regulation". 
I believe that most senior executives are crowd followers. Therefore the stats are biased.
Absolute levels of wealth in a society don't affect our disposition, but relative positions do.  Humans have an amazing ability to adapt to new circumstances.  While life in the first world is far better than life in many developing nations with CEOs of a sunny disposition, the poorer nations see improvement in the future, wheras the first world is anxious about loosing some of its overwhelming wealth.
Big Businesses can easily afford extra regulation.

Small Businesses that could one day grow powerful enough to compete with them can't.  Since competition between businesses is what lowers prices and effectively checks Corporate Greed, the following statement shouldn't surprise anyone:

Excessive Regulation insulates Big Business from future competition, discourages small business, competition, and does not serve the public interest.

Before you respond, please notice the word Excessive.
+Regan Gassaway That's maybe the case when regulation is done poorly. Many many regulations are intelligently targeted. For instance, there are whole bunch of regulations in the US that start off with "For companies with over X employees....". Those types of regulations don't effect small businesses.
+Nicholas Sammons Indeed.  I hope I was specific enough with "excessive".

Having said that, I have no idea how intelligently targeted most regulations are because there are so many of them it is impossible for any one person to gauge that.
No, the Euro crisis is not over. That is all I have to say about that.
It never existed, It's just UK/US media hype, they fear Euro expansion !
+Marcos Capixaba exactly where is the Euro expanding to? Have you heard of the PIIGS NATIONS, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain? 
+Bradley Gillin do you know the US and UK debt ? Search for it and them tell me who has the insignificant debt and who has the trillion dollars debt. Btw Euro is expanding in monetary currency, check the EURUSD pair history...
+Bradley Gillin I'm from Spain and
1. That term is ignorant terminology by american capitalist fat cats
2. Spain is still somewhat in "crisis" but I for one am not affected by it (steady job, free school) and
3. whatever our crisis is, it nothing compared to circus acts the US government performs for you.
I think it is far from bring over. And I certainly don't think the problems in US are any where near being over either. 
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