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Most governments say they want to encourage entrepreneurs. Yet when foreigners with ideas come knocking, they slam doors in their faces. America, surprisingly, is one of the worst offenders. Australia, Canada and even Chile are more open than America
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i designed a super weapon,,,,after showing it to the military,,,,they accused me of beimg a terrorist,,,,slapped prohibition notices on my research,,stole what was left,,,i am working on invisibilty now,,,its my only hope,,,,,check the door,,,get away from the window,,,,,
Oh yea...another bash the US because we have nothing better to do article. If we equate writing apps as a lucrative business entrepeneurship then why not include a lemonade stand as well.
i agree since we now live in a world were globalization is the way to make capital it would be smart to implicate the same ideas when it comes to foreign inventions 
.... I'm just curious in what way, shape or form you find it "surprising" that some other countries are more welcoming of innovators?

Seems absurdly obvious to me.
I don't know what Australia is doing on that list...who are you kidding?
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