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This week's KAL's cartoon
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I looked at this today and laughed my head off. The funny part is, I'm german and my french uncle was here for a visit and was like ... when he saw the picture.
I hope that Merkel can set things straight, you know since she's leading the Eurozone in terms of financial capabilities. See the EU's problem was that 10 years ago, it was all emerging economies working together, and they didn't give out loans. But slowly France and Germany, and later Italy began leading the economic "upward" spiral. The German economy was weak after the fall of the Berlin wall and high unemployment rates were still visible in the 2000s which is why they joined. Now essentially its a few good economies like Germany and France, the middle economies like Finland and the Netherlands, and then there are PIIGS
ik. Lol I had it as my gmail pic long b4 g+ and somehow im too lazy to change it :P
I believ its the begini of the end.

Bye bye eurozone
To Emma, it describes two politicians' different attitudes towards austerity.
+Emma swasbrook Merkel (German prime minister, so to speak) having a lunch with the newly elected french president, François Hollande, showing how they prioritize spendings. (Budgets cuts, etc.)
Misleading cartoon. As if Merkel or any other neoliberal-leaning politicians applied austerity measures to there personal lifestyles!
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