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The general impression in America is that the most recent round of fighting in Gaza got started when Israel retaliated for a major ramp-up in rocket launches by Hamas this year. On the European side of the Atlantic, and in a few pockets of the American left, a different narrative contends for space
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They always blame the US for their problems.
It got "started" as a "retaliation" for rocket launches. Wow! Thread the logic. 
They have been fighting over religion and land for centuries and the US has only been a world power for a few decades now, but lets blame all of the world's problems on the US.
Betsy M
US needs to walk the talk, equality and fairness is lacking in our policies which is why they blame US and they are right we don't support Palestinians right to a home land, to the lands that were stolen from them by Israel and the illegal settlements that continue to be built on their land.   Justice for Gaza!
Hamas needs to take the hateful and antisemitic drivel from their charter, then sit across a table in a peace conference to try to secure a lasting peace in fair terms.
if this is "their problems" so why the us force in Irak ,in afghnistan....why????
Betsy M
+Glen Cauthon really I suppose you personally would be fine with someone taking 90% of your land, closing off all connections, not allowing any work or trade, that's some strange fairness you mention.
Using the mentality that the US is at fault somehow, we should be condemning Iran for funding Hamas.
you cannot blame Americans for every thing, i have been to america and they are open honest nice people,wish i could live there, people need to own there own situation, plus Hamas need to stop hiding behind children,come out show your self and say your piece with out quoting religion, 
The subject is about the Palestinians blaming the US for Israel attacking Gaza, don't try to cloud the subject and redirect the conversation to the US involvement in Iraq.
this <= will reach 500 comments at no time (maybe)
if u deeply evaluate the trouble zones in whole world u can easily acess  americans every where
Americans actually don't support Israel as much the world believes, we sell them arms and identify with them since they have the appearance of a democracy with a stable government. The American people do have sympathy for the Palestinians, but we have no respect for terrorist or for people who do not fight for what is their own. If another country invaded the US, we would never lay down and accept it just so we could have stability and menial jobs.
but the terrorism u promoted in 1980s.u cant escape the consequences
Baqar, you are correct, the US should completely stay out of the situation and just let Israel destroy Gaza and bomb Iran. America should stay out of foreign affairs.
This is a really well written article, the economist is efff'n fabulous. They helped me understand the timeline and the gray-ness of this conflict. I would like to see more history on the land seizures and how that started. 
The US supported the Taliban back in the 80s so the Afghan people could defeat the Soviets after their invasion. We are paying for that mistake but if we had not made that decision then the Afghans would have been slaughtered. Nobody in the middle east complained when the CIA gave the Afghan rebels the tools to defeat the USSR.
Americans DO support Israel with financial aid and has done so for a long time. This is why Israel has one of the worlds most developed armies. Don't believe for a second that Israel could have become the current power player in the world, and especially the middle east, without fiscal aid from the rest of the world.
I shared this on my wall, hope u don't mind..but I can't hit the like button...I don't like wars....
+Chris Armistead I agree with you. This is nothing to do with American people.It is more about american foreign policies which supports Israel at any circumstance. Nobody on his right mind would support or sympathise terrorism and I personally don't either. This situation is going on and on in palestine over 50 years? can you imagine that? your land is occupied, you lost everything you had and they kill your family and people. What would you do if that happened to you? The palestinians have hope but they don't trust america where Israeli lobby has a huge impact on everything. Did you compare the maps of israel and palestine they have between then and now? I think Obama made some good steps to solve this problem which are instantly denied by Israeli side. I hope Obama makes more moves and push Israel for peace otherwise, this war willn't stop untill there is no palestine and palestinians left
Chris, tout le monde? Il ne faut pas se disputer. Il n'est pas irréaliste de ces personnes à blâmer le gouvernement états-unis.Sans s'en rendre compte, tout ce qu'une personne fait à un endroit affecte toujours un autre ailleurs. Il est logique parce que les États-Unis ne pas imposer la même chose que nous faisons en France.
Ici, les riches ne sont pas autorisés à se trouver n'importe où au-dessus de billionare.
Nous fiscales boissons gazeuses, nous avons soins de santé universels.
Si ce n'est pas l'épicerie, Utilitaires, le transport, la médecine, les fournitures scolaires, les taxes de vente, etc
Il est libre d'impôt.De plus des États-Unis a une fracture très inégales dans celles-ci. En ce qui concerne le président Obama qui essaie de résoudre ce problème. Juste essayer de voir leur point de vue. Js.
if I had powers, I wud just wave my hand to stop the wars all over the's not only in country, the Philippines has been suffering from insurgencies...innocent people are the ones victimized ...what a pity!
Got that right fella! Keep out and stay out. It's none of your business. Promote democracy in your own backyard before you interfere into others. Poorest Africa needed your help, dropping dead like flies from hunger and where were you? Iraq, afghanistan libya bombing the place apart. China and russia has been in the background. Why can't you. To protect the innocent my ass. Face it dude. Nobody likes America. 
Pakistan is paying the heaviest price of the US Afghan policy in 80s.Jihadis created by the 80s are now tagetting us and as far as Middle East complains are concerned they are right and just because US support for afghan was for very short period of  time but for Israel it is very consistent.US is supporting Isarel as it is apart of US.+Chris Armistead 
Stop the aid. What aid? Those are enticement for you to plunder the third world. Anyway it's China's money. You guys are dirt poor!
I could join in the Zionist bashing whole-heartedly if it weren't for these dumb shenanigans. There is no question that the Palestinians are unjustly oppressed and deserve our deepest sympathies, but it really is hard for me to jump in on the cause when they are represented by a group who is no better than the Israelis they oppose. Yes, Israel's crimes are greater, but Hamas is only hurting the Palestinian cause by deliberately bombing civilians. This juvenile approach is costing them their well-deserved international support.
America ruling the world and no one tells her Stand do what you want to be solved Saatha
What options Palestinians have other than Hammas?their fifth generation is getting young seeing all these cruelties by the Israel and waiting for the meaningful internanional support.+John Karl Nuttall 
Aid on the pretence that we are forced to buy your products. And for military aid, you destroy then forced us to employ US companies to rebuild. Why don't you go to mars since you're so curious about it. Without you, we can ask china for aid. We can't now becos you've got their money.
No more!
Muslims blame others for their problems.
Muslims blame others for not understanding that child brides dying at 12 during child birth is ok.
Muslims blame others for seeing past constant lies, past constant photos doctored, and past constant staged events.
Muslims cry foul when Israel fires back after tolerating 500+ rockers shot into Israel.
Muslims cry foul when children die. This my heart weeps for any child harmed. Of course Muslim rockets are fired from school yards and hospital parking lots.

If Muslims are so peaceful then why don't they stop their own people from hiding behind women and children?

+The Economist the same here - we are in Israel pay for missiles from Gaza through taxies ! world is round today - we all cooperators in everything what happening !
To all the Americans preaching that it has nothing to do with you can you all tell me what exactly does Iran/Iraq have with you?

Against the Israeli option of terrorism?
In my opinion I think that the current Islamic nation is far from becoming an economic power is the only solution, because today's world is governed by trade
Israel are in a forceful occupation in many still disputed places... They are the invading army pleading to the world's press about 'Losses' on their slow take over of these people... 
I've had enough of the fighting in the Middle East. The so-called "holy" land needs to be made into an international neutral zone. The UN needs to step up here.

They've been fighting over that land for centuries. It is time to give up on both sides, they can't find a peaceful resolution to the situation themselves.
Any terrorism father is American argument for doing what you want
No one seems to have noticed all the what if's and maybe's this article projects...It's just another in a long line of bs England is laying off on the US ...Because the US rules and England DROOLS
The largest supplier of ammunitions is america... Then who the hell is responsible for the whole mess???
Its a long debate, battery isn't enough ;)
Yes a long and very old debate with much much hatred. So very sad hate solves nothing except breeding more hate!
See extracting religion and racism of any sort positive or negative either way is just for making noise if you are actually concerned towards world's peace kindly 1st stop fighting... Leave who killed who... Get over ir... Dis world is not dat big for traitor to hide demselves and not small enough so dat v can't live in it peacefully
Matt L
I hope she doesn't breed. Stupid doesn't fall far from the tree
We do not hate Americans, but hate injustice and the U.S. system is unfair
Who are we (Americans) unfair to and why,please..?
Americans don't control America.
mike r
Total injustice indeed! How dare Americans help protect their ally from an Islamist terror group with heavy Iranian weapons?

We Americans are violating the Palestinian human rights of being able to fire thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians, we are violating their basic Islamic rights of massacring the Jews and establishing yet another failed Islamic state. How dare we! 

I say we keep fiddling the old tune of 'poor oppressed Palestinians' a little bit longer!
If this woman knows a way for me to prevent this shitty fake democracy from shanghai'ing my labor I would love to hear it. 
US has a way of both being and not being present in every war. I t strange how they are controling how the ending should end and claim to be innocent.
Everyone involved needs to read Hamlet. If you focus on revenge, everyone ends up dead at the end of the play.
+Temp Rorer 
How does that make any sense..?
We get blamed for stuff we didn't have anything to do with because someone "rumored" we had something to do with it..?
I struggle to understand this everyday,Jeff
Who is wangin who,mostly...
There is so much deception going on it's hard to tell who is telling the truth most of the time
It don't matter who killed Jesus at this point
We are without free if we believe he existed
How does Israel get to invade Palestine and then appear to be the good guys. Makes no sense at all.
mike r
We elected a degenerate, backward Islamist terror group as our elected leaders, whose platform and official goal is to murder Jews, never negotiate and establish an Islamic terror state in ALL of Israel. 

We wage 8 years of non-stop rocket and missile attacks at Israeli civilians, supplied and paid for by the Islamic Republic of Iran, who control us like puppets when they want to take the heat off their Dracula-puppet Bashar Assad.

When Israel retaliates to protect their people, we will offcourse blame America!!! We are never to blame for our own shitty choices and bad decisions! Those cheeseburger-eating infidels and the Jews are always behind all our problems!
That's just about as un-biased a statement I've heard in a while
America needs to come back to just being in America. No more funding or helping other countries (can't afford it). People can stop blaming this and that. If they want to kill each other then that's their problem (they we never end it until they figure it out on their own). We were never to be the "world police" (our forefathers stated that). As American's we need to focus on our own country, because it's slowly turning into all the rest of the countries in the world.
Well, let's start with this...Find a map.  Point to Palestine.
Well, let's start with this...Find a map.  Point to the Cherokee Confederacy.
Then on that map,find...oh I don't know...
Palestinian Disneyland or Hamas Red Cross or Bath Party Salvation Army
If Israel is so badass, maybe they should pay for their own weapons.
If a theif breaks into my house and tries to rob me, I have full right to defend my house. And if he attacks me or my family, then I have a right to kill him. Now for some reason if he manages to run away and with all his gang bribe the judge and the naighbors in my building to testify against me and claim the house to be his, that would never change the fact that he is the Guilty and I am the Innocent. No matter what the people in the naighborhood and other buildings would say, I would still be innocent. If I go to jail for million years, still the day of TRUTH will come sooner or larer... I know it's not the best example here but this is what really happened. Take it or leave it. Oh, and btw the last clash in Gaza was an attempt from Israil to distract the world from what is happening in Syria. And please, do realize that Iran is soulmate of Israil not their enemy...Please!!
I would like for the anti-Americanism to be put in check. Yes, Israel is behaving ridiculously and they are an ally of the U.S. Yes, the Palestinians have a legitimate gripe about Israeli actions. Yes, Hamas responding to violence with violence magnifies the problem and further polarizes the sides. The U.S. and its people are not evil, but rather ignorant of the situation. We do not understand the history or politics of the region and try to boil it down to "Who shot first?" There are a lot of things the U.S. has done that are negative and unfortunate, but it is not all because the U.S. is so terrible but rather like any nation when it gets involved in foreign affairs can exacerbate rather than alleviate problems. The U.S. should reduce its role in these areas, but change is unfortunately slow. Perhaps rather than just saying how terrible America is for one thing or another, make the case to the American People (who watch articles like these) and perhaps by informing some of us in America we will be able to make better decisions and hopefully understand middle-eastern perpective. The U.S. does not need to back a side, and if you want the American people behind you then state your case... we are an easily convinced nation when you can appeal to our sense of humanity and justice.
Cherokee Confederacy?  Doesn't exist.  We wanted it.  We took it.  End of story.  I don't see a bunch a Cherokees running around blowing stuff up as a result.  Do you?  
Exactly. We exterminated them. Genocide. 
Why are Palestinians in such a fix?  Because even the Muslim world rejected them.  Their only support comes from Iran...  Hey Egypt, be a good Muslim and help a brother out!
maasha alaah that true word 
Anyone here want to be killed just by being born in wrong place ?
And some one here want to let place of your parents and yours give up ? All places on earth was taking by force, be it against humans or against animals that I state on the same line of life being. So now ask yourself you wanna fight for what you have or you wanna give up it all to some one who want it and reasons can be ... any reason ? Most interesting they will come to your place and will say that you required to obey Muslims rules would you gladly accept it ? Would you be happy that they attack your doughtier and wife cause she is white and not wearing special cloth ? And all of it based of stupid religion, And when I do protect my family they way I do it, they call to police and crying and complaining about Russian mafia they have freedom of speech that they not deserve.  I say I will kill them and I don`t even care what others think about me, cause I fill right to protect my family my doughtier and wife both of them have nothing to do with decisions before they was born.  I don`t expect any good from politicians on both sides they only concern how to make more money and grab more power. And if some of you think that Government involving in war loosing money you ignorant I have close friend in Oil industry he told me things about US and Russia how they making money, you pay taxes and they using it to make more money using your money, and mine as well. Anyways some here defend muslims I want to ask why, what they offer you ? what? they not offer you technology, better education, better jobs, medicine... etc .etc. What they offer you that you care so much to protect them ? You want to give up your car your job, technology, safe life, good friendly friends in exchange to stupid religion where you and you family will be force to do what they dictate you ? You welcome from my side sorry am pass. I love world without them and want that it be better not worse. And funny thing for me how stupid they are (muslims) fighting so hard to make it worse for everyone around them instead of make it happen locally.
I don't have a fix with them. I have a fix my tax dollars paying for a side on that conflict. I don't want my tax money to go to anyone there. Let them sort it out, without my dollars. 
Pedro, and if you apply that to Israel...
I would rather have my taxes going to people that fight for their beliefs, than a bunch of lazy self entitled liberal Americans.
The US will always support Israel in order to obtain weapon technology from them. Tell me of a US president who made it to power without Israel's approval and there might be a chance for peace. The Palestinians have always been exterminated qnd they have the right to fight for their existence.
funny (you read muslim girl ! STOP Islam !!! It´s the worts on the world !
Then give your money to them +Cassidy Larsen. Don't force me to pay it too. And you should not be forced to support "lazy, entitled Americans" either. Each one should be free to support what they believe in.  Believe in Israel? Then you pay for it. Believe in hand outs for the poor? Then you pay for it. It should be that simple. 
Then don't attack Israel.  Simple really, if you attack someone don't be surprised if they protect themselves.
Didn't Hamas said once, that there can be no peace, till Israel exists?
Yes +Valdas Vaigauskas. And there were many Israelis that think Israel should extend its territory all the way to the Euphrates river, in Iraq. So yes, there are plenty of nut jobs to go around on both sides.   
+Pedro Calmon I don't know what world or country you live in, but I have no choice were my tax dollars go. A bunch of ass clowns in Washington use it at their will. My tax dollars support the lazy, the illegal aliens, the terrorists, the crack heads, the generational welfare abusers and people wanting to turn this country into a failing socialist society.
I don't understand why we civilized people keep discussing this, those savage muslims will kill and destroy until everything resembling civilization is gone and every person that wasn't forcibly converted is dead, and the one's that did 'convert' are slaves. 
For crying out loud, they can't even get along with one another...
God bless America, we can over come evil!
What a load of crap. Economist, stick to economic issues, thanks. 
Even when the u.s. Stays out of the conflicts we still catch shit
+Cassidy Larsen The fact that you or me have no control over where our tax dollars go, is the root cause of our disagreement. If you could send your money to israel without force me to do so, we would not be having this argument about Israel vs. Palestine. If you could choose to not send your money to social causes that you did not agree with, there would be no reason to argue or feel so strongly about liberals. That fact that we are forced to part with your money and finance causes that you do not believe in is the root cause of most of our problems.
If I did not have to pay for the things you believe in and you did not have to pay for the things I believe in, it would be much easier for us to agree to disagree, don't you think?
Why can't we be like that? Why do we like to force other people to pay for our causes or pet projects?  
Guys respect yourselves befor you participate. Muslims are not savages. We are not stupid. And we are not terrorists. Open your eyes and stop watching crap from your media. Go to Egypt, Lebanon,UAE, or Syria (Syria not now of course ) and see for yourself if we are what you say we are or not.
+Jeff Campbell  I know the history mate..take out the world maps of 1967 and check for Israel..u will get the answer
Both Israel and Gaza are the bad guys in this you freaking biased hoes
The u.s. Sends money to every country ,but I agree we should stop giving
charity to idiots
I don't speak for America but I can tell you that I don't care. These people have been fighting over this land since history began. Innocent people have been killed and both sides seem to think they have a holy right to the land. It is idiotic. 
The answer is easy but very difficult. Its love.
Love will solve all and conquer wars and can we make the Israelis love the Palestinian and put themselves in their shoes.and how can we make the palestinians love the Israelis and see their rights to have a country of their own.there is enough land and resources for all to be happy.but governments on both sides don't want peace cause it would be their end.war is their business and identity.
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I admit that Jews are the most intelligent race and they are intelligent enough to make Americans fool and will sacrifice them for their goal of greater Israel. I also accept that the strongest condemnation for any Injustice comes from American. But the irony is that common people just have voice not power.
Obviously, very few of you actually read the article since it has nothing to do with the United States really.
I would love to stop paying Taxes. However...  I don't think that's much of an option with Obama in office.
I wonder how many of you that condemn Israel would feel the same way if native Americans started building missile installations and firing them into densely populated urban areas. How many of you would give up your legal claims to land and property that was taken through genocide? Talk about hypocrites. 
They can hate us for free. Stop foreign aid!!!!! 
"Aloha snackbar" the economist/ the terrorist...? We don't have free speech.?
I don't know much about foreign affairs, so I won't pretend to. But I do know that the reason America always stands beside Israel is because of the millions and millions of dollars that Israel pumps into our political system. Even if what they do is wrong, we will still back them. Maybe not publicly, but we still do, and put the blame elsewhere. I do believe that America should focus more on America and less on foreign affairs. But, as always, the almighty dollar rules all.
I've been looking for an excuse to not pay taxes. 
Lol yes yes americans are so nice the always come with blooody flower s

There is no room for reason when you answer to a higher calling. 
Drop religions and the world would be a better place. Religion is a Cancer on this earth. 
Do any of you on any side think that these two would stop fighting if the US stopped its support? it would just be all out war across the whole region, what do you expect when 300 million only read one book?
That is not entirely true +Hussein Tubaishat. There is enough blame to go around everyone here. There is no "good guy" on this story. There are victims (on both sides) and oppressors on both sides. There is certainly an asymmetry of forces on this conflict, but there is plenty of blame for everyone.    
I think you'll find the human population in itself is a cancer.
Ken S
Propaganda in the US? No way!
It's posts like this that make me pray the world ends in December!!! Go Mayans!!! 
Yes tell me more how it's our fault you have been fighting for over a thousand years. 
Did you know that google+ has a "mute" option?! I do now!!!
+Bob Hangguk but they sure take our money and aid packages, don't they fella?
and the endless cycle of bs continues. Maybe the world should step off both sides and let Israel and Hamas settle this solo. Then STFU about the results.
mike r
Hey Mr. Hussein Tubaishat, can you show us a map of a historical independent country called "Palestine"?

Who was its President, or King? Also can you give us some evidence of the supposed protection and freedom for the Jews who lived in this mythical wonderful Palestine?

I am a bit rusty on my Trans-Jordanian history, please enlighten us. Thanks!
Mike M
Lol why is her face exposed? Time to burn her and rape her. But I guess that's America's fault too...
Kev B
Irony: anti Americanism being shared amongst users on a website/application provided by one of Americas wealthiest businesses. 
I like reading National Geographic and one of the first times I picked it up in the 70's there was a photo of two young Palestinian Boys using a piece of metal as a shield from an Israeli Tank! These boys were my age it made me worry. I am not anti semantic I believe one world, one people. It is very simple we are acting as if the world has the luxury of time for political unrest. We have a lot more problems than who wrote what book, when, where, and whether its true.
Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you! Israel you get what you give!
mike r
Definition of futility = arguing with uneducated Islamists/Hamas supporters and Holocaust deniers in same thread.
uh, they were told to leave their homes by Menachem Begin and Golda Meir at gunpoint.  Before you continue to embarrass yourself, please read a history book (I'll get a dictionary for myself).
Arabs are not stupid. They are just taking the part of the Koran that promotes violence and do not concentrate on the parts that promote peace and love. As Golda Meier said, when the Palestinians love thier children more than they hate Israelis, the wars between the two people will end. In peace both countries would prosper even more than they are at this point.
+Pretty Jean, Islamic terrorism is down in the Philippines thanks to massive effort from the Philippine armed forces with a LOT of help from America. Without America the Islamic Terrorists in the Philippines would be running rampant.
correct me if im wrong but terrorists are muslim
lol @ "anti-semantic"
Is that someone who hates definitions?
Islamic plans in Palestine are simple, let there be as many civilian victims as possible so that it might serve as a detonator for overall greater scale world chaos, and then try to gain as much as possible from this chaos.
It has been known that when provocation causes a retaliation, the retaliation is always worse. I say don't provoke and there would be no children dying in Gaza
replace my with me, and place a comma after the second terrorist^^ you have a proper sentence! yes good luck with that! after the first of the year we will be paying more taxes, so hold on to your ass! it,s going to get bumpy over there =}
indians here like cherokee are fine but towl heads in other country who care\
It's all about the level of education. When you have an illiterate population it is easy for a radical few to control. When the majority of the people in any society have adequate information and can see things for themselves then we don't have terrorists, jihadists, or even the KKK. Anyone who believes there is any other reason for this behavior ought to spend less time commenting on social networking sites and get out in the world and witness for themselves what they think they know so much about now. 
+Jordan Reighard you think it's wrong for women who have been brutally raped, that they should keep the embryo against their will?? 
actually, +Glen Cauthon that is exactly what they did.  I was born an American citizen overseas to American parents working for the American government at the American embassy.  I am proud to be American.  I grew up in the middle east and know first-hand people and friends who had their houses destroyed by these people.  A good friend (a Palestinian) was only a few years old at the time when he and his family was marched from Jerusalem across the Jordan river to Amman.   They absolutely DID go door to door blowing up houses.  The Palestinians did have a thriving country, government, currency (coins and paper) that had been in place for years.  Jews, Arabs, and Christians lived side-by-side before Menachem  Begin and Golda Meir and the Irgun Tzvai Leumi tore the place up.  Please check out this link:
They blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, among other things.
Hey! u Fernando Alvarez Plz Mr talk in Your limit don't try to talk abuse for any religion....
I see there is no freedom of speech allowed on here?? Comments being removed already. I love a good hypocrite. 
Oh, and while you are at it, check out this link:
This is where the Israelis destroyed an American vessel clearly displaying a HUGE American flag, killing many American service personnel in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea because they didn't want us listening in on their attack of the Egyptians before the 6 day war.
Radical religous beliefs are the reasons for all your problems. 
Betsy M
+Jordan Thompson many are unaware or ignorant of the terrorist methods utilized to win a Jewish state in Palestine. Worked for them why would others not believe and use?
No, I just read the book that had first-hand witness accounts from the sailors that were shot at.  Its pretty tough to call it an accident when, after being strafed the first couple of times, the crew put up the biggest American flag they could find, steered the boat downwind so the smoke would not interfere with the pilot seeing it, and were repeatedly attacked (all the while attempting to communicate with the pilot via radio.)
+Jordan Reighard you sick scumbag. You want the woman to be reminded and mentally tortured everyday for nine months? Have you any idea what that does to a woman? What about her rights? People like you are sick and disgusting, and are the kind of hypocrites that, when it happens to someone close to you, you go and get an abortion done. What I would give to meet people like you...... 
Not a diversion, just part of the bigger picture.  Our money goes to taxes, that are funneled to Israel, that continues to build settlements and treat Palestinians living in the area like sub-humans, prompting pictures like this.
i would like to have lower taxes
No wonder America is falling the way it is, these comments are asinine, free Palestine.
the american will never stop killing innocent civilians, the use of drones and other weapons are aimed at killing innocent people. Preaching peace at home. 
The thing is Gaza/Hamas prefer to make bombs and missiles instead of investing the money into the economy.
They could live in heaven right now...and I'm not talking about the 72 virgins heaven.
Thank you for proving my point in my previous comment. 
This is whats called a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If I tell you tomorrow you are going to rob a liquor store and be filthy rich, and you believe it, guess what you are going to be doing tomorrow?
Well, America could have their excesses but in some occasion they are peace brokers. The struggle between Israel and Palestine is an ancient and historical one. We should resort to history rather than casting blame. 
+Mohamad Awada Moses and the others were Muslims?? Islam was established by a pedophile in the 6th century AD. Moses existed 2,000 years previously. What exactly are you smoking?
What is the Hamas' ultimate goal? - Wipe out Israel and all its people. They stated that clearly, why people avoiding that declaration?  That simply means that any argument for Gaza struggle needs to consider that simple fact
stop hiding behind the women and children!!!
Correction! Hamas and palestinian stupidity kill children in Gaza. 
it,s been a long time, but you people are about to wake Samson! remember Samson? you girly men have used women forever! man up already!
LOL bomb them all. these cowards are always bytching about O NO U KILL OUR PEOPLE.  but the flip coin is lets wipe Israel off the face of the map !!!! RAWR!!!!!  don't fight back. they need to learn tolerance and give up ignorance with that harmful religion. and with the head scarfs they look like assassins. 
OK, 'mike', I highly doubt that it was the children of Gaza who launched thousands of missiles at Israeli civilians.
+Benjamin Maier this is true, but they grow up to be like the big ones. the women make more! endless cycle of WTF!
If you love your children, you stand far away from them when launching military attacks.
Ben its not about the children that did it. But it is a sad sad side effect of war. do u think during WW1 and WW II their was not one single loss of life to children? it is war it is horrible it is not good. It is a part of war that happens. but u cant say the child's cant do harm when they give them how to make bomb kits and they make a mickey mouse type cartoon talking about how to kill israelies. so im punting on this one
How come all the post are flag inappropriate may be because US like Israel 
Firstly, this whole idea that Hamas broke the cease-fire is just not true. In fact, it was broken after in October, Israel killed 15 Palestinian fighters, they shot dead a mentally disabled Palestinian, they killed another 13-year-old in an intrusion, and when there was an attempt to actually get a cease-fire, negotiations were ongoing, that is when they assassinated Ahmed Jabari, completely ending those cease-fire talks.

Don't forget Iran pay's for rockets, weapons & terrorism against Israel. So it actually balances out.  
Hamas are unbelievable, they blame everyone else, first Israel, now America....same old propaganda photos...well YOU STARTED IT.  so live with it.
Patrick, I see your point. I understand that in a war it is necessary to make sacrifices, sometimes of the innocent, for the greater good. I freely accept that some children may well have to die so that more of them don't have to. But the point I was trying to make is that you can't treat war as a black and white issue as the earlier fellow did. You have to treat it with careful and respectful consideration of both sides of the argument or you risk becoming blinded by hate and prejudice.
+mike reider don't forget collect money for the poor suffering children,,, buy more missiles, and start the cycle again!

You should see them in Oxford at the moment, ask them about the missiles,,, "We do nothing, they kill our children",,, you mean the little kid you let throw rocks at soldiers... The conversation went downhill, I don't know why!
+Marianne Sansum they started it? by not dying? I wonder what would you do if someone broke into your home, killed your kids and took you hostage.
im 15 and i know that they are real lyers
Oh wait, Americans did the same to Amerindians, except for giving them casinos.
+Doğan Aktaş personally I would expect that if I had rained rockets down on their house first. 
The US should put more pressure in Israel. That's the only thing that can make Israel want peace.

How to make Palestine want peace I don't know.
I don't understand how naive can one be. Please allow these people to watch international news as well. I think now Americans hv to donate for the education of these stupid people.
We fight like men +Doğan Aktaş not like jackels trying to steal meat from someone elses kill. God didn,t give us this land we took it!
lol @ fighting like men. Men dont kill babies in cold blood, Dont bomb civilians by drones, or build human pyramids.
Even Hitler was more man than that.
Oh it was a bunch of women who built human pyramids my bad...
+Doğan Aktaş I'm not sure it's possible, and I'm quite sure it won't make them want peace. As it is now, both sides clearly see only complete victory and the total annihilation of the other side as the only acceptable outcome, and are prepared to kill until they get it.

That attitude is what needs to change. On both sides.
God shall bring peace to this world. Amen
+Bill Lively not fair when you stand by the bully. Imagine if the USSR were still around strong and they packed their tanks and army over to US and said this is our holy Land of america. What do you think? Will you just bow or fight til last drop of blood? 
+Akhil Arora OK, sounds good. When exactly? According to earlier promises to that affect he is at least a thousand years late on delivering on that promise.
+Lennart Regebro  How can you be so sure they wouldn't want peace? I mave met some palestinians (even brain washed ones) have that kind of hope. They want peace, and also justice of course. Who wouldnt?
What no mention of the oppression she is facing everyday by Islamic men.
use my name when you talk to me! just like that rest of your boneless acts! never really say what you want to who you,re talking too directly +Doğan Aktaş . take responsiblity for your actions! use my name!
If any of you read the history of the whole world in the past 70 years, you'd realise all the corruption in the world we have today is because of the US. From southern America to South Africa to Europe to the Middle East and so on.
+john doe Boneless act? Are you high or what? Dont you have a neighbor to kill? or an arab to bomb?
+Doğan Aktaş Of curse many individual Palestinians want peace. So does many individual Israelis. But as a whole it is clear that the don't, or they would not continue to support the warlords on both sides.

Why this is, I don't know.
+Fahmi Shihabi Really, I. Was not aware that the USA was responsible for all the corruption in the world over the past 70 years. BTW, where can I purchase this history of the world you speak of? I would like to read it. 
+Fahmi Shihabi  If the US is so corrupt how come its always people from the Middle East, India and Pakistan that work on phone stalls in the streets selling phone covers, yet drive round in luxury cars.
+Andrew Lang Now that's funny.. The title of such a tome must be something like "Idiots guide to the last 70 years - in Arabic"
+Deborah Pankopf You know, before some of you talk about any of this I highly suggest you go live somewhere that a rocket can fall out of the sky and kill your children. The difference is at least Israel attempts to kill people who shoot rockets "aimlessly".. they really can't help that these bastards setup rocket nests in highly populated areas in Gaza. Where is the outrage against Hamas? This is propaganda and a lot of you people are just strait up fools.
+Fahmi Shihabi Thats true but the ignorants do not see it because the belive in the lies. It is much easier live a lie as face the truth.
We aren,t talking about Arabs here +Doğan Aktaş we are talking about palestine! it would feel good to blow a glass bowl where it was and Palestine's neighbours could pick sand out of their turbans. then it would be done and we wouldn,t be talking about it anymore!
Hamas rockets kill their own kids . They don't care. The more kids are killed than more happier they are to blame Israel. 
it's called the freedom of terror (terrorists) ...
During the week of fighting between Hamas and Israel over 800 civilians were killed in Syria, 400+ of them Palestinians. However, not only is the international outcry directed against Israel, even the Palestinians talk only about the Israeli "war crimes". So Arabs intentionally killing Palestinian civilians is okay, sort of, but Palestinians caught in the cross fire because Hamas uses them as human shields constitutes a despicable Israeli war crime. You people make me sick.
+Armin Schon If I could +100 that last comment I would. Thank you for existing in the G+ world which appears to be chalked full of rainbows and unicorns.
+Mike Tyson  I'm an atheist, and don't see the relevance of it, unless you want to apply islamist label on me of course.
Who thinks this is a religious war? You still don,
thats crazy!!! Israel decides what it wants to do with the money. if Gaza wasn't making attacks on Israel maybe israel wouldn't send bombs into the Gaza strip!
The rich Saudi, those descended from Allah, need to clean up their own backyard.
Not our problem.
Love suddenly when Israel fights back everyone calls them evil. Power to Israel!
+Hussein Tubaishat if they are intelligent as they say, you dont need to point at the most basic fact which clearly they are blind to see. They have big mouths and microscopic brains and the funny thing is they talk about Muslims like they really know them when they don't have a clue. Islam doesn't need you nor want you to convert.
Study history then it will solve all thing what are you all talking..dont talk more which are no point at all..
Actually America doesn't want Israel and the Hamas fighting each other and Obama is trying to delegate cease fires and peace settlements. America is trying to be peaceful while working in the confines of tracking terrorist activities which is our business because it is for our own safety, so planes are not lobbed at our buildings. The woman there fears for her family as do many Israeli women but it is a fact that America wants the middle-east at peace but also free from terrorism. This woman should know her future as a woman and her childrens future are better because Obama is seeking diplomatic routes.
Why aren't Muslims protesting the slaughter of children by Assad in Syria? 
I very much align with the European view. Israel flattened Beirut for Lebanon arresting 2 troops which invaded their territory. They are a monstrous nation and I will never trust their government's judgement in anything.
dont hate muslims!! we are all the same,,muslims,cristians,jews,and more we are all humans
Man, I'm confused why people keep blaming Palestinians for their struggle. Guys, if your home is taken from you without your permission, it's natural for you to fight back. The way I see it, it's only US citizen and Israelis trying to justify their actions killing people.
I don't have the exact numbers, but just try to look the numbers of victim from the both sides. It's obvious who's the  suppressor and who's the suppressed one. 
Just think about it, a homemade rocket fired to Israel, and it barely kill anyone, and Israel responded with bombing the entire Gaza without any mercy. Not to mention the use of phosphorous bomb. And people keep blaming Palestinians for this? And in most case, it was Israel who began the attack!
As for everyone who says US is not to blame, that absolutely ridiculous. Just count how many time UN tried to release a resolution regarding this issue. A resolution that likely will end this conflict and determine  the territory for the both sides. But that never happened. Guess why? US vetoed the resolution! sigh What a world we live in, full of ignorant people and I always wonder why this world still exists. 
wow .. la violencia y la intolerancia tienen q acabar, esta lucha mítica que solo ha sembrado odio y terror tiene q finalizar las nuevas generaciones tiene q tomar la conciencia necesaria para poder encarar este problema con mas ideas, mas dialogo y mas corazón.
The attacks stop when Hamas stops, the attacks start when Hamas starts if you don't want to be attacked don't let hamas set up rockets in your backyards, hospitals and school grounds, dont let them it communications antennas on your roofs, drive them out, hamas brings the rockets down on you where ever they go, they set the rockets up in your neighborhoods because they know that Israel has no choice but to strike those targets.
dude iam not palastanian iam actually from yemen,but iam just sayin we are all the same.....there are different people every where.
You don't need a dictionary, you need a decade to mature.
i know bad things about arabs and jews and ameriacans....we all have problems no one is perfect.
U can never win Religious wars .... never ending.
why are people fighting on religon!!we are all the same...matt!!
The US is the one creating all the problems by selling arms to each opposing country so they can go behind and steal the oil etc 
dude obviosly the media just shows the crazy people on arabs cause the regular arabs are they show u some one like osama bin laden..dude we hate osama bin laden my country is having a war with alqaeda
The US and the Jews are all in it together..people can belive what the news is feeding them where in reality they are decieving you..quit playing the blame game and peacefully work this out so lives are saved 
Hey what happens when all the natural resources are gone 
what i actually live in usa and i like the usa i live in virginia
I just don't see how American taxes kill children. This is an extremist post. And why didn't her man hit her in the head for speaking in public? Lol I mean they wanna say were aweful people? They still stone women and perform female circumsissions ffs. Smh at Gaza 
+Hafsa Hussain really? Where's all that cheap gas that we should be pumping from all that oil we're stealing? I must be using the wrong gas stations! Oh, and you're such a tool.
Glen cauthon what planet do u live in? America is prospering? LOL stop reading your white Jesus bible and wake up buddy, this country is getting shittier by the minute as the ignorance grows exponentially. Stop the American terrorists invading the world in the name of fake democracy backed by corporations with intents if world domination.
ok look i'll just say some thing u wanna know why the middle east is fighting israil and why its blaming the usa go to youtube and search it up you'll see how kids suffer in phalestian
Wow, 364 comments and growing. No matter where you stand on the Israeli x Palestinian conflict, I think we can all agree that Google+ is not a "ghost town" anymore.  
i know when are the wars gonna stop!..all the country''s in the world should just stop right now
dude matt! i already told u i live in usa i dont hate usa!
Dont try to find excuses, distract or make the other look bad to get it your will end up with mental issues... Stop being an lier
it all way americas fault for they war blame your own government o your gov by hamas
Yeah they aren't because they won't allow it.....too bad for you!
"How can we stir up hate between muslims and jews and ALSO get amazingly anti-american comments from Americans themselves......and get taxes somewhere in there too?!"

----the Economist asked before publishing a retarded photo.
glen your right no arguments will change then they stall hate american but hamas shot that young girl in the head for wanting a education
If that's the case I would like to pay more taxes ✌
this is the true  america help izrael    ...........and idiot state like izrael kill children every day
dude i did not wanna offend the isrialiez but iam cause they are making fun of us so..yh usa citezens think about it how come israil tells the usa what to do and the usa is wayy stonger than israil..
This is a hamas gag. Put citizens on the street and blame Americans. There was no impression this got started when Isreal retaliated, the fact is hamas started this by launching rockets into israel. Israel never starts this on their own, it is response to hamas terrorists and their rockets. If palestinians want peace, rid yourself of hamas crooks, period.
no more to said because i,m a american and i be blame
Paying taxes is like killing ourselves. You can't avoid it. The country buys weapons, builds weapons, sets the toxic weapons loose in the air....., and that'swhere we get killed, slowly. No matter what country it is your in. We cannot stop or avoid paying taxes. And definitely we can't stop the 'big' guys from polluting our environment. 
Iranian taxes kill children in Israel. Stop the attacks immediately.
We know american news services lie to us. The election where Romney's multiple, repeated, lies, were largely ignored proves that. They're also lying to us about Israel.
Lady stop blaming the us for the way you teach your children to fight. Because you think that your right well in canada we are all free to speech in the mildeast you teach the need young people to fight for. Your land. Guess what in canada we live free from goverment. So grow up people stop teaching your people to fight it is gods land not your.
shut up grand ma!!! u dont know what's going on  dont make me cause u grandma
Israel has the RIGHT to defend themselves. Period. End of Story.  No other nation would stand back and let it be attacked and not respond.
Israel is engaged in the genocide of Palestinian people. There is no right to do that ever; for any reason.
She can't hear you Deborah but she is doing her best to text ya. There is land ownership in Canada if I am not mistaken. The fight is not just religious it is over land rights. She is obviously trying to be free, just like you and me. It is a sign of protest, she is not holding a gun. American democracy is begining to rear its beautiful head.
Israel is attacking Palestine partially as retaliation, and partially because they believe Palestine is entitled to them by "God"
Which is funny, because the UN split Palestine and gave half to the Israelis out of sympathy for the Holocaust.
Now, they want the rest because "God" gave it to them.
Sign of protest. Look both sides have to come to peaceful agreement, for their own best interest but she should have the right to hold a sign and protest whether those reading it agree with it or not. Yes? That is freedom of speech and the more of that employed the less weapontry may be employed. We should hold a sign she can see that says the US wants the attacks on both sides to stop immediately, thanks for sharing. 
Far as I can see they're well suited bed partners.  Another great idea, let's put all the religious fanatics (no matter which invisible dude in the sky they follow) onto one island and let them fight it out. Can't nominate Australia as we already designated that for our crims :-)  

How about Iceland?
People should know when they've been defeated.
Look, I said what I said, so insulting me does nothing. So go back to yelling at each other and pissing on whatever side you want. I'm out.
Hope they rip each other in half.
please donate a dollar paypal account is you can donate more if you want to.
Taxpayer dollars free up money that Hamas uses to kill Jews. I agree with her sign.
People should know that there is another way that can save lives and better their lives, that goes for everybody.
Can you please give me a dollar or more on my paypal account its
To those who say that America supports Israel at all cost.....I agree,...AND WE SHOULD CONTINUE TO DO SO! It seems to be the one social political move that America has stood firm on for decades. They are like family, like them or hate them but you gotta love them.
Caulin you should promise not to use it to bomb anyone.
Matthew 24:6-14
And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. 7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 8 All these are the beginning of sorrows. 9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. 10 And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. 11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. 12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. 13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. 14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.
some people here are just parasites and dont know what to say nor have the knowledge of history about other nations. The occupied land of palestine started because of stupid non-jewish atheist ideology.
Not necessary Americans taxes ..they give them money from their goverments budgets..not only that they supported them to kill innocent Palestinians for years saying Isreal have the right to exist on their land n have the right to self defend.. Here i will ask this question to all Americans.. how would you feel if natives Americans came n sed we want our land that we lived in 500 years ago n u took it from us n threw us in resevations?
And lo, random tiresome biblical quotes shall be posted on the Internet, and all shall despair.
God gave that land to the jews and he( God ) will protect them.
Thomas K. Odell and the rest of you who don't know the whole truth story about Israel and Palestinian struggle please do some research before talking none sense:
this shows how ignorant some of you guys are when talking about the whole issues in the middle east and Islam. inorder for you to know anything about Islam you MUST do some reading and or ask questions.

Talking about education and solving work critical engineering issues, the Arabs have the upper hand. Do some research and and educate yourself. 

Talking about Gaza "saying islamists shooting missiles into Israel", the Israel steal their lands and the wants it back. Is hard to ignore ignorant people like you.
Glen Cauthon, you need to read and educate yourself as well... every post that you posted i could see the ignorate in you... so sad 
Israel has every right to exist without every Arab in the region attacking them. And over 2000 rockets before they retaliate is very tolerante.  
+ glen cauthon how any violent muslims do you know closely? have you been around them? or you are just scared of them and have a phobia?
Give some WMDs to the Indians, sit back and watch what they will do to ya! Obviosly +Glen Cauthon lives in lalaland. 
Don't blame this on Caulin! How do you know if he is atheist?
Why do we support a state built on distraction 
Bob do you mean American Indians? India has nuclear technology.
Well before you talk about violent lets see .. who used the first atomic bomb? Ah America... who invaded countries killing and wounding millions of poeple? A: United States.. who supported dictatorahips in the world like Saddam and the saudi kings n gulf princes while they see them n support them supressing their own civilians? A: THE UNITED STATES... so before u say how violent are Muslimes are..jus look at your own man.. its funny the most killings n crimes n wars are done by America under different titles like bringing democracy to Iraqis while they helped saddam kill them in 1991....
I do not know how this junk is showing up on my page tell me how to get it off
you do sound like a teacher, arent you Jen/?
+Jim McDonald you can go to your options menu and turn off the box that says something like: "Show comments to posts I've commented on." Or look at the other options, it should be there somewhere.
Maybe Palestinians should use the money they get from the UN and the USA for medical research and protection instead of mass murder machines and corrupt politicians
Lol Jennifer you know i found out that in this country the goverment like people to be busy from seeing the u have to work all week n get drunk on the weekends ..struggle with debts.. the average civilian cares abt money sex n drugs lol
Hajj stuff it, you're far disconnected from the picture and brain washed since birth by Hamas rhetoric. 
America she is a killing
+Hajj Ayub So you are saying that Israelis have no right to defend themselves from attack? 
Bon appetite eating your boots dummy. Americans and Israelis waisted a lot of money by donating to palestrinias. All money went for terror purposes or stolen. 
Listen people. Get it straight. It's China's money. You guys are in debt!. You're running on China's money. Now go kiss China's butt!!
patrick its funny how everyone that says something different from what the media saying is brain washed ?

And what Im saying is that to start with Israel was established on Palestinians bones, flesh n blood..since 1930s they've killed n killing ppl everyday.. who gave them the right to do that?...i beleive they dont have the right to be in Palestain .. and if anyone feels sorry for them let the US gives them one of the 50 states to establish the isreali state on it lol ...
Not at all what I asked take your pseduo history lessons from your Hamas dick sucking professor and shove it, the jews were attacked on that land in the 1930's before they had even gotten started! They were attacked by Egyptians they were attacked by Lebanese, and guess what the so called land the palestinians were on was called JUDEA it was the JEWS LAND BEFORE YOU WERE EVEN AN IDEA. All that is beside the point, do you DENY the Israeli right to defend rockets coming down on their citizens, NOT their military, THEIR CITIZENS 
Glen we are talking about the government of Israel and the Hamas. Let's try not making every incident into an apocalyptic vision.
Thomas K. Odell and the rest of you who don't know the whole truth story about Israel and Palestinian struggle please do some research before talking none sense:
this shows how ignorant some of you guys are when talking about the whole issues in the middle east and Islam. inorder for you to know anything about Islam you MUST do some reading and or ask questions.
Talking about education and solving work critical engineering issues, the Arabs have the upper hand. Do some research and and educate yourself.
Talking about Gaza "saying islamists shooting missiles into Israel", the Israel steal their lands and the wants it back. Is hard to ignore ignorant people like you.
Glen Cauthon, you need to read and educate yourself as well... every post that you posted i could see the ignorate in you... so sad
why you people always blaming america.. in fairness to the american people , america has nothing to do with what happened between israel n hamas in gaza.. it is the product of hamas action.. america has been brokering peace on that region but trigger happy militants always wanted war with israel.. as israel will never seat idle. they will always retalliate.. the only solution to that situation is to stop provoking israel.. make peace to both side. no more importing missile..! war is evil ! evil wants war to kill innocent civilians and satan will put all those innocent 
Instead of discussing about the problem ,we may discuss the way to stop it or help them.. just blaming game is going on 
Look no need to use these kind of words we all know how to spell them just defend ur thoughts with evidences..i asked a simple question no one seems to agree even to answer it.. If Native Americans who live in America before they find the Name of America came today n wants to take their land back would you feel about it? N its not 3000 years ago only abt 500 years ago..

And the jews lived all over the middle east n egypt n morroco no one bothered them n they still live when you claim something dont think ppl are stupid ..its 2013 for God sake one click n they can see everything...
However European and Americans used to treat Jews like Shit..their was a time were Jews and dogs are not allowed in ur if you really feel guilty abt that give them one of the 50 states...
Hajj you are funny. Grrrrr. We should try to ensure a peaceful settlement between the two sides for future history.
Let's get China and Russia to solve the problem. Don't believe that communism works? Well, we DO know that democracy DOESN'T! Look at America, so deep in debt and running on COMMUNIST MONEY!!! 
Lol Hajj if you are going to try and start saying that America is evil because it was founded on blood, just STOP. I challenge you to find me a single nation that wasn't founded on blood. If you look at the cruelty of the Egyptians, the tyranny of the Persian and Babylonian empire, and any other nation that was founded, your argument holds ZERO significance, and again you are avoiding the main point. The so called oppressive military Israeli force isn't the citizens its the government and IDF, answer why then, Hamas only sees fit to target citizens at random with their rockets  and ignore military outposts and strategic points? 
Ragheads don't get it... They should tell there smelly men to stop firing rockets at a country with far more weapons than they have.....
Just Laughing to read all comments..... if the world live in peace no war, maybe the world will end.... so enjoy it the game of life in the world....
Y'all here quoting the press who misleads you or your imagination which gets the better of you! I agree wif Jennifer. Let's get the barbi going and..some lap dance. 
I don't read the news. You know it's all lies. I thot I could get some facts in this here place. But shows doesn't it. Youse guys are full of shit!!! 
2012 is not the end of world its the starting point where humans kill themself and become extinct....
Yep the news waited 2 weeks to report on this issue between Israel and Hamas, the first 2 weeks hamas had been firing rockets into Israel, news finally reports it when Israel strikes back. 
+Mike Rees 2 soldiers who entered lebanon?!! they were probably trying to take it over!!  they were killed in israel and dragged into lebanon  go watch the footage again
Avi Patel
Stop blaming American and look at your own country for goodness sake all you guys do is look for someone else to put the problem on... Blame your self for not sorting your own problems out!
Perhaps these women should stand up against their oppression. Perhaps women's groups here in the US should stand with them instead of meing morons.
And American support of the Palestinians causes Israelis to die in terrorist attacks initiated by Palestinian governing and militant bodies.
Also, according to the Hamas Charter, the state of Israel is a violation of Islam because they have a Jewish population. Hamas doesn't hate Israel because of "oppression". As you can see from their parent organization the Muslim Brotherhood and their puppet Morsi, they have no problem with oppression. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Hamas hates Israel because they have a Jewish population. That's all there is to it.
and what amuses me most about the woman holding that sign, "American taxes kill children" Ok, well guess what, taxes are taken out of our citizens paychecks every pay period, taxes are imposed on every good we purchase, what the hell do you propose we do as citizens? stop living, stop buying food, stop working? go to jail? 
Odell stop making up bullshit cuz none of what you say about Islam or Quran is true. Quran can't be simply read from translations by rasists. Wanna know what really is there ? Ask any American muslim to explain to you. I'm sure there are many.
Well Odell isn't making up bullshit, that line of the Qur'an is in there exactly translated as such, however it is a quote taken out of context from the Qur'an because I believe in that part of the Qur'an a city was under attack by non believers and they were being told to defend themselves and to kill the non believers because they were going to be invaded. 
+Martin Alexander Name the last man who was tried and put to death under a US court for not being a Christian or having a religion belief? Keep in mind all the middle eastern countries that have people tried and put to death for apostasy.
+Martin Alexander Then I would like you to tell me the last man who was tried and put to death in an Islamic court for apostasy. 
toota M
<3 palistine 
Salam walykum sister yoy good action america dish izraek ti mach wanted country dish all muslim country target dish all muslim country dish attec killed by america izrael dog dish all muslim to muslim help plizz 
Ch Ajmi
Israel is the only country in the world that is hated by all its neighbors! as if someone stole a house and she tries with all its means to keep! Fortunately there are people who do not throw in the towel and resists despite the propaganda and dis-balance in full force.
toota M
Question: Which country alone in the Middle East has Nuclear weapons?
Answer: Israel
Question: Which country in the Middle East has just Recently used a weapon of mass destruction, a one-ton smart bomb, dropping it in the center of a highly populated area killing civilians Including children?
Answer: Israel
Question: What country in the Middle East was cited by Amnesty International Fordemolishing more than 4000 innocent Palestinian homes as a means of ethnic cleansing?
Answer: Israel
Question: What country on Planet Earth has the second most powerful lobby in the United States, According to a recent Fortune magazine survey of Washington Insiders?
Answer: Israel
Question: Which country in the Middle East Receives U.S. weapons for free and then sells the technology to the Republic of China even at the objections of the U.S.?
Answer: Israel
Question: Which country in the Middle East regularly violates the Geneva Convention by imposing collective punishment on entire towns, villages, and camps, for the acts of a few, and even goes as far as demolishing entire villages while people are still in their homes?
Answer: Israel
Question: Which country in the Middle East Routinely kills young Palestinian children for no reason other than throwing stones at armored vehicles, bulldozers, or tanks?
Answer: Israel
Question: Which country in the Middle East refuses to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and bars international inspections? ?
Answer: Israel
Question: Which country in the Middle East seized the sovereign territory of other nations by military force and continues to occupy it in defiance of United Nations Security Council Resolutions?
Answer: Israel
Question: Which country in the Middle East Routinely Violates the international borders of another sovereign state with Warplanes and artillery and naval gunfire?
Answer: Israel
Question: What American ally in the Middle East has for years sent assassins into other Countries to kill its Political enemies (a practice sometimes Called exporting Terrorism)?
Answer: Israel
Question: In which country in the Middle East have high-ranking military officers admitted publicly That unarmed prisoners of war were executed?
Answer: Israel
Question: What country in the Middle East refuses to Prosecute its soldiers who have Acknowledged executing prisoners of war?
Answer: Israel
Question: What country in the Middle East created millions of Refugees and refuses to Allow them to return to their homes, farms and Businesses?
Answer: Israel
Question: What country in the Middle East refuses to pay compensation to people Whose land, bank accounts and confiscated Businesses it?
Answer: Israel
Question: In what country in the Middle East was a high-ranking United Nations diplomat assassinated?
Answer: Israel
Question: In what country in the Middle East did the man who ordered the Assassination of a high-ranking UN diplomat an unknown prime minister?
Answer: Israel
Question: What country in the Middle East blew up an American Diplomatic facility in Egypt and attacked a U.S. ship, the USS Liberty, in international waters, killing 34 and wounding 171 American sailors?
Answer: Israel
Question: What country in the Middle East employed a spy, Jonathan Pollard, to steal classified documents from USA and then gave some of them to the Soviet Union?
Answer: Israel
Question: What country at first denied any official connection to Pollard, then voted to make him a citizen and has demanded Continuously That the American president grant Pollard a full pardon?
Answer: Israel
Question: What Middle East country Allows American Jewish murderers to flee to its country to escape punishment in the United States and refuses to extradite them once in their custody?
Answer: Israel
Question: What Middle East country Preaches against hate yet builds a shrine and a memorial for a Murderer who killed 29 Palestinians in the while they Prayed their Mosque.?
Answer: Israel
Question: Which country in the Middle East deliberately targeted a civilian UN Refugee Camp in Qana, Lebanon and killed 103 innocent men, women, and children Especially?
Answer: Israel
Question: Which country in the Middle East is in defiance of 69 United Nations Security Council Resolutions and has been protected from 29 more by U.S. votes?
Answer: Israel
Question: Which country in the Middle East Receives more than one-third of all U.S. aid to the world yet is the 16th richest country in the world?
Answer: Israel
Question: Which country in the Middle East had its Prime Minister announce to his staff not to worry about what the United States says Because "We control America?"
Answer: Israel
Question: Which country in the Middle East signed the Oslo Accords promising to halt any new Jewish Settlement construction, but instead, has built more than 270 new settlements since the signing?
Answer: Israel
Question: Which country in the Middle East has assassinated more than 100 of its officials Political Opponent in the last 2 years the while killing Hundreds of civilians in the process, Including dozens of children?
Answer: Israel
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