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A group called the True Religion has handed out 300,000 copies of the Koran in Germany, many from "information stands" in shopping areas. All told, it wants to give away 25m in German-speaking Europe. Intelligence agencies are alarmed; politicians have condemned the plan
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Religion should be banned. It has been the source of wars, corruption, torture, kidnappings, etc. Can't we all just believe in Humanity? I can prove it exists!
You are free to read but not free to burn, what else could it be done with?
They must be a very well funded organisation.
Don' t understand folks living in free democratic societies founded largely on the principles of Christianity, would want anything to do with a religion that has no place for individual rights. Do not be fooled.
+Peter Marion Wrong, completely wrong. Religion has not killed one single person during the ages of human kind. Humans have killed other humans. Religion is just a tool to have an excuse to kill. If we don't use religion, we use something else - like political views, like communism or nazism.
+Peter Marion +Bill Saunders +Kim Nguyen Ngoc you show no respect to what over 1 billion people regard as their belief...just as I don't impose my beliefs on you don't impose yours on mine.take your hatred for those who believe in religion and the hereafter elsewhere...really disgusted at your ignorant attitude.your belief in atheism or whatever your beliefs are does NOT mean YOU are RIGHT...
May Allah continue to guide you and give you the courage to do more. Amin. Islam is a religion that sees the individual right of a person more than that individual. it giudes your way to the straight part and don't allow you to follow your heart because shaitan tell the heart what to do. So fellow Muslim German Brother please be wise
+s.bradford colson what u do expect when u have ppl seeking power to control, at least Christians had to purge themselves from within. That happened only because folks challenged the power, using the true teachings. Any religion or political system that puts its principle before the good of the state or its citizen is not worth losing sleep over. Consider the sharia law, i don't see folks freedom loving nations migrating to the parts of the world where the sharia law is practiced, why do they see the need to change a system to what they are running away from.
+Christoffer Virtanen Actually, atheism can be seen as a religion itself. It is fundamentalistic in its view that there is no higher being in any form. I believe in science, and only science. But, the thruth is that we don't know if there is a God. Most likely not, but we have no scientific evidence at all - in either directions.
+Ulf Karlsson Technically no. Atheism can't be viewed as a religion since it's not organized. However it can be viewed as a faith. And I do have a very strong faith in Science.
+s.bradford colson Well, just look at the massmurders of communism or what commercialism brought the environment to. We are animals, nothing else.
Atheism is not based on science. It take the thesis of that there is no God as the only thesis and refuse to consider alternatives. That is not science. Secularism, on the other hand, says the existence of God lacks scientific evidence so therefore those evidence are needed. It doesn't rule out God before we have evidence of no higher existence.
Doesn't anyone see giving out books for what it really is - harmless?
It's their money and they are free to do with it what they want as long as they don't harm anyone else's property.
+s.bradford colson What I'm saying is that we are animals that need something to belive in to make life eaiser to live. If we don't have the traditional religions, we use other systems to belive in. But it is not the systems in them selves that makes us to killers. That goes much deeper into our nature. 
+Kim Nguyen Ngoc so you admit the quraan is from Allah...just btw the prophet muhammad pbuh is regarded as the no1 most influential person in history by a prominent western author michael h hart.if you don't know anything about the noble prophet don't defame his life...oh and you've read the WHOLE QURAAN? Fascinating for someone who hates #ISLAM the fastest growing religion in the world and the west...good luck hope you see the truth before you get what's coming to you...
Seems simple enough...

Option 1) No thank you. Have a nice day.
Option 2) Thank you. (accept Book) Have a nice day.
I think that they have the right to pass them out. You don't have to do what the Koran says.

The secular difference between the Koran and the Bible is that the Koran does not teach love, but forced conversion, and total compliance through tyranny. The Bible teaches love and peace, and leaves justice up to God, not suicidal activists.
Islam is a religion of peace (?):

Quran (2:191-193) - "And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution [of Muslims] is worse than slaughter [of non-believers]... but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah."

Quran (5:33) - "The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement"

Quran (9:30) - "And the Jews say: Ezra is the son of Allah; and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; may Allah destroy them; how they are turned away!"
+Ulf Karlsson I think you confuse secularism, which is the principle of separation between government and religion, and agnosticism which is the view that the existence or non-existence of god is unknowable.
I don't believe in a superior being pulling the stings of the universe but I still have to consider my self agnostic rather than atheist. I believe in what can be proven with scientific methods and for the same reason I cannot deny something if I have no scientific proof it doesn't exists.
+Peter Stanton I agree with you, I'm for a total freedom of expression and I believe all books should be freely available. Still, given what the radicalization of Islam has brought recently, I can also understand why some people feel that the Koran should fall in the same category as the Main Kampf.
Monotheism is the Problem. You can look at the guy pictured and see the same seriousness you see in Christians on this side of the pond handing out Bibles sure the world will be Consumed By Fire. That is the Funniest thing in the whole cosmos to me; the only thing the Muslims, Christians, and Jews can agree on is how it will end-by Fire.
+Kim Nguyen Ngoc before you start quoting Quranic texts put them in perspective.I have grown up with #Islam and it is a religion of the biography of the prophet Muhammad pbuh and you will see that he had mercy even for his enemies and lived in harmony with other religious communities.As Muslims we are taught respect for people of other religions and all creation.The very greeting that Muslims use means peace be upon you.

It is clear from you quoting random passages in the Quran that your motives are too stir up hatred toward Islam and #muslims why don't you quote any passages of peace?Your motives are clear...shame you poor chap!
Why is the urge to recruit or sway people into ones own belief ? Does the number of people around you with your belief increase goodness of your belief ?

In the article, Günter Krings explains it as - aggressive action. Distributing religious material is done by Christians - with similar aggression, too.

What is the real purpose of a religion ?(rhetoric question). Why treat it like an army (or defense mechanism) ?
+Kim Nguyen Ngoc You really have a gross misunderstanding of the various faiths... for one Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all tied to the same root. Judaism believe in following the book of Moses and accepts both Christ and Mohammed as prophets who brought more of gods teachings to earth. Christians believe that Jesus was gods son and brought a new covenant of teachings to earth. Islam believes that Jesus and Mohammed were both prophet and since Mohammed was the last accepted prophet that his teachings trump them all. They are all based on the same root and share the same cultural background with many of the same teachings and principles.

You arguments that Islam is not a religion of peace applies equally to Christianity and Judaism and examples in their religious texts and history all show the exact same things that you are complaining about with Islam.

Have a look at the history of the medieval dark ages if you want to see a strict christian theological state in action, with the number of atrocities and forced conversions taking place. Have a look at the crusades where fanatical christian's committed terrible acts against the inhabitants of the 'Holy Land', the repercussions of which are still driving conflict today.

Its been a long time since Jews has enough power to actually do anything strictly according to their faith, they spend most of history since the Roman conquest under some oppression or another, but now they use their faith that they are 'gods chosen people' to forcefully take lands and repress Palestinians. Go back further and you find various accounts of Jewish wars and atrocities based on their faith including genocide of neighboring tribes and faiths.

There should be nothing wrong with handing out the Koran, its a book about faith and contains nothing worse than what is in the Bible or Torah. If you don't object to people handing out Bibles which contain just as strict and morally repugnant passages then you can't object to the Koran.

The only difference is there are more people, and whole countries, taking a strict interpretation of the Koran as opposed to taking a strict interpretation of the Bible or Torah. The book and faith itself have nothing to do with that, cultural and political pressure does.
I still fail to see the problem that giving away a free copy of whatever book poses for our politians and "intelligence" agencies. Has it come so far that reading the "wrong" book is a crime? (And I am not saying that the Koran is a "wrong" book.) If I get offered a copy I will take it, just to annoy the authorities and I might even read it. As a kid I really liked the fairy tales in the bible, maybe the koran is similar...
And let's not forget Numbers Chapter 31 vs. 17-18 in both the Christian Bible and Torah! Don't you just love all these Peace loving monotheist!?! I am not an Atheist, I am a Futurist, and it seems to me if we don't do something about these great Three Religions they are Hell bent on making sure their Prophesies come to pass. I believe in Many Gods. If I am eating in your Home I will Pray to your God.
+Peter Rhyne disagree you're alleging forced conversion?I was not forced and so were over 1 billion others.Explain why Islam in the fastest growing religion in the #west force I guess hey???

Listen don't stereotype Muslims...why does western media stereotype Islam as being radical extremists...when the individuals who allege to be Muslim are at fault.If radical Christians/Jews do anything is Christianity or Judaism treated as being radical extremist...I think NOT.

Don't allege that Islam doesn't preach love if you don't know a damn thing about it.If you haven't studied something or experienced it 1st hand it doesn't qualify you to make statements regarding it...besides that is YOUR opinion and absolute nonsense in mine KAPISH?

In my country all faiths get along and others have HUGE respect for muslims.
+Timothy Edgin I believe in 1 God, & we are all children of God. The problem with these religions is that they have spent majority of their time fighting against each other, rather than reflecting on the real teaches of the religion, where Jesus taught brotherly love amongst all. It is said, we are not human beings having spiritual experiences, but we are Spiritual beings having human experiences.
Oh, I have an Excellent understanding of the Trinity of Monotheism. Yes, sadly from the same root, yet so many heads snapping at each other...all convinced Their Way Is The Way.
It is practically impossible to understand the truth and message behind the written text in the Holy Bible by just reading with our vain mind; Our Lord JESUS CHRIST said in Matthew chapter 12 vars 11 ..."it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of Heaven"...But the message will be reviled unto you if you read with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in those who have given there live to the Lord Jesus Christ.
Oh, and just to mention, I formally rebuked the Holy Spirit- you know , the Scarlet Sin, so don't try putting your Leach on me....I know your Bible line by line-and not by choice. I know Jesus, but I want nothing to do with the Followers of Peter and Paul. They Do Not represent Christ.
"By being independent of any cult, Spiritism prescribes none of them. It preoccupies itself with no particular dogmas nor is it a religion since it has neither priests, pastors nor temples. It answers those who ask if it is of any good to follow such or such practice: If your conscience asks you to do it, do it and God always takes into account the intention. In essence: Spiritism imposes itself on no one, it is not intended for those who have a faith or whose faith is sufficient, but rather it is for the immense majority of unbelievers and insecure. Spiritism does not take these unbelievers and insecure out of the Church, as they are morally apart from it already. It makes them walk three fourths of the way; it is up to the Church to make them walk the rest."
Allan Kardec
There's just one problem with the first passage +Kim Nguyen Ngoc, in the sentence prior to 2:191-193: "Fight for the sake of God those that fight against you, but do not attack them first. God does not love aggressors." So on the one hand you ought not be an aggressor but on the other not a doormat. It gets slippery in what is interpreted as a first attack.
+Timothy Edgin I believe that we should never force anything upon anyone. Everyone is entitled to freedom and allowed to believe in what they want to believe. I just think, instead of religion, if we take into consideration that we are all brothers and sisters; maybe people would treat each other with more respect and people would help one another, as such, when your brother or sister calls you for help I assume you would help them as I would help mine..
Unfortunately, it is the same issue of religious repulsion making many naive followers reside to the extreme. How can I live peacefully with my neighbor when I firmly believe that he deserves to and will rot in hell?! It is not a problem of religions, I believe, but it is a problem of teachings and misinterpretations. If we can get rid of inequality and alienation in our societies, only then we may hope that these brainwashed people will find it fruitful to get away from the extremes/ It is a social issue after all in my opinion.
I agree Aman Gill, we are one genetic strand stretching back Eons, direct brothers and sisters, but I don't think praying for the End of the World, as sects of each Monotheistic faith do, is respect. That is Bow or Burn.
+Kim Nguyen Ngoc I can fathom that the Quran's teachings intentionally confuse and bewilder, a kind of masterminded social engineering, though it is also possible that it is simply very complicated but not meant to confuse and manipulate its adherents. Please also understand that defending the Quran is not in my best interest, I am simply devoted to disseminating the facts and considering all possibilities.
@ Muhammad Moneib: your comment hits the nail on the head- it is Social Inequality that leads to extremes.
On the bright side if they don't understand it as a tool of war then perhaps they understand it as something non-war related. Rather moot anyway, it's almost always the dangerous sociopath who rises to power and oppresses everyone else. A good sociopath could turn even the Care Bears into a death cult.
I am Free to respect or Disrespect any God I choose Sarah, I eat with Muslims as equals. But I cannot be converted or saved. I will Not Willfully Bow to Anyone, Man or God. I would rather be consumed in Eternal Fire and Damnation.
More people will get to know how ridiculous are the fundamentals in the book being distributed. Germany should ban this group.
Well Timothy i hope you know the meaning of your name and i hope you know the effect of what you have said.I respect your freedom of speech.I am a Christian and i hope you get saved soon.
I will allow my son to become any Religion he chooses. Thank You. He is Special.
What are you doing on here?
Didn't Allah tell you that images of living beings are prohibited or do you just close your eyes before you see the pics?
If people start using common sense and stop blindly following religious books lots of problems would be solved.
+Manik Tyagi common sense is like iron. It is strong, it is useful, and it is quite abundant, but with time it rusts and dissolves away.
Manik, they dont blindly follow religius books. If they did then Muslims would not want to live in Christian lands. Its funny that the migratory movements are all from Muslim countries to Christian. The only time when it is the other way is in a more open society like Dubai.
This is telling us something about what people (Christian and Muslim) truly value.
+Lee Samaha I had discussions with Muslims many times and have also seen numerous discussions on TV etc and in large number of those discussions ultimately when they don't find a justification they say "It's written in Quran" rather than coming with a explanation. Take the case of Hijab, so many Muslims would try to justify that, even without reasoning just because it's written in some book.
+Manik Tyagi We have understand that the Koran is literally the word of God for Muslims. It is the absolute truth. In comparison, Christians think of choosing between good and evil, the muslims don't need to because, its all written in the Koran. The issue is this. Muslims have to accept that the laws that they live under, are made by the judicial system of the given country and, not by Allah.
If they do not accept this, then frankly, I dont think they belong in that country.
This what Muslims expect of Christians in their countries, but some try to take advantage of the West's openness. Frankly, I don't believe in tolerating intolerance and, Muslims should be treated the way they treat others.
+Kim Nguyen Ngoc Clearly, you are not religious of any sort. Fine. It is up to the creator to deal with your behavior. If you don't believe in a creator, then I would question your existence. Why you got a life when you were born, and why it will be taken from you at a certain time of your life? You do not have any control or knowledge of how or when this will happen? Medical Science interference is not and will not be a tool to 100% control life. So, I suggest you think deeply and be open with yourself and not just look at your feet as a limit of your environment.

By definition all three holy books came from one root (GOD). However, the bible has been altered over ages (yes, by humans) and the original copy is hidden God knows where. Quran has been kept safe against alteration (by human) by following strict revision sequences and any copy should be cleared by some accredited religious institutions before distribution. +Craig Santos was very clear with your options, you can either accept the copy or politely say "no thanks". I do not wish to repeat answers written here but as examples not all +Ziah Hayat +Scott Barnden +Ulf Karlsson +s.bradford colson +Jonathan Neufeld
Laws made by Allah, come on! even if Allah was there not everything written centuries ago, is still relevant.
Actually, I think you will find that all three religions emanate from the metaphysics of Aristotle.
+Kim Nguyen Ngoc You display your ignorance very clearly. You should peharps take a bit of time to read and understand it and see whether your unfounded comments have any grounds. Otherwise you just appear an opinionated fool having an opinion on something you have clearly not read or understood.
If they would give condoms or a cookery book to people nobody would comment, but if there is a religious book, all the printings are canceled. There is a common fear about talking/sharing religious belive.
+Peter Marion no my brother some one is there who creates and run system
You are nither birth by your will nither you will die with your will

HE Allah is there ,Allah is one , almighty

We humans are one of his creatures dont blame on religion to fight , a cat and mouse also fight as they believe in no religion !
My dear handsome brother
its satan who make you to fight
Have any one read Quran , in this room? Tell me by heart and soul truth or you guys without reading blaming and saying bad words

Some group try to produce hate in your heart about that book of Allah without even read it.

Some thing is there in it they dont want you to read and know it

Its the group of illuminati worshipers of satan

Mark my words my beloved christians friends

One day they will do same for injil bible and disrespect you same as they did to muslims

Its your Allah God last contact to his humans before day of judgement they want you not to know

My sweet prophet Hazrat Mohammad Salala ho alihe wasalam told his nation to respect all humans ,all religions

HE said you will not have faith untill you believe and respect and love all Prophets of Allah, like mosses, jesus, josuf,

I love Hazrat Essa bin maryam (jesus) . And bible as its also came from my Allah pak

But why my christians brothers disrespect last prophet and quran,
My jesus never told to disrespect last prophet
Instead he said follow that prophet if you know that he has came down to earth

But you guys .....

Oh my sweet brothers
Allah is one he is one almighty , he never gave birth any one nor any one birth him

And hazrat mohammad saaw is his last messenger and prophet

Like jesus

Like adam is first
You don’t talk about the theme “A group called the True Religion has handed out 300,000 copies of the Koran in Germany”, but about Islam in general. That group the “salafiyya“ is a sect, which reject the democracy and wants to build a Gods-State in Islamic Rule. And many young people, immigrant-children with low opportunities in the high tech German labor market search they home in the institution., This is globalization in Germany.
Islam has never been so fundamental as you suggest, its transcended its own boundaries to a gigantic diaspora that you entirely misrepresent and basically insult with your very linear interpretation. It is all in the interpretation, there is no singular Islam. It has allowed for the development and continues to enrich the lives of some of the finest libertarians I have had the pleasure of meeting. Please desist from 'ranking' religions in your little game of 'metaphysical top trumps'.
+Bill Saunders pls what you don't have an iota of is're free to do what you want but if you're so civilised like you claim to be why do you have animal like mentality.disrespecting #islam blatantly, you claim to live in a western society so where is the democracy? Which recognises mutual respect, if I'm your neighbour and you piss on my front yard in front of me...I guess that's you're right?

Why are you asking about MY beliefs? You contradict yourself CLOWN they are MINE I don't need to justify them to you...go back to your manhole fool...
so what!! this wouldn't be in news if the book was one of J.K Rolling's??
Why people get alarmed if some one distribute Qurran.People use word freedom for abusing religion why, they think its good to ignite the sentimentalism of millions of followers of a faith.If World is free to live then tolerance should be shown but unfortunately when it comes to Islam then no body care for this.Above all that's what Islam teaches us The more you hate us, more we love you..
опасно читать религиозную литературу не имея знании .
i c many ppl went to far with discussion about religions. everybody has its own brain to think, decide and choose to what to believe in or not to believe. its a matter of individual characteristics of every human. we all have options..
The reason Muslim population increases is because they have at least 4-5 children per family, not because people are converting. Religion is dogmatic(obvious I know), so people have deep faith that their God is the real one. Changing faith is more difficult than losing it, because you cannot just forego something that defines you greatly for something similar.
So actually, Agnostic/Atheist population is the one that increases (kudos/blame to Darwin), hence all the handouts. You know, bring the sheep back to church, have a bible and all that. Anyway let them give away books, why not. As long as nobody is forced, everybody can believe in anything they want.The keyword here is CHOICE.
This was prophesied thousands of years ago that people will fall away from the faith (not in these exact words) today we are seeing more attacks on Christianity and ironically the rise of Islam is the West.
Best way to deter a man from a religion is to give him a holy book to read
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