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Modern cars are exceptionally reliable. The same cannot be said for many carmakers. PSA Peugeot-Citroën is the latest to suffer a breakdown. On February 13th the French firm announced a record annual loss of €5 billion ($6.4 billion), mainly the result of huge write-downs of the value of assets across the entire company. It also lost money making cars
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That's not good but what does this picture have anything to do with cars lol
I'm not all that surprised.  PSA makes some remarkably crappy cars, even by today's standards.  I suspect that their decision to remain independent and French (virtually locking their passenger car business to France's onerous and ossified corporate legal environment), has a lot to do with their falling fortunes.  By comparison, Renault has been relying increasingly heavily on its Nissan division  increasing model and component sharing between all brands and greatly expanding production at facilities all over the world, instead of just France.  As a result, Renault is thriving and in a far better position to weather regional economic shifts than PSA is.
It is always about greed. What goes around comes back around. 
+Max Caly - what is that supposed to mean?  What do corporate loses have to do with greed?
The loss was mainly due to the French government not allowing the company to get rid of workers that they had no work for due to low sales.
Sounds like the low sales may have had more to do with it than the capex heavy industries like automotive, car platform efficiencies are going to do way more for profits than fluctuations in labour costs.
From the global warming Ukraine that has one third of world supplies of black earth, wins only, but the companies of advice I support this motion
I've got a peugeot 206 cc and it's a real heap... come to think of it I had a Citroen xantia that was crumby too.... 
PSA always did very bad in China market.
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