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Daily chart:  The Britain-Australia rivalry is one of the oldest in sport. England first played cricket against the Aussies in 1877. The first rugby matches between the British Lions and Australia came 11 years later. Since then, the countries have become obsessed with beating each other. Today’s interactive chart shows the balance of sporting power between Britain and Australia. See chart:
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Australia 498 vs Britain 521 it's 23 matches in favour of Britain. If you make it an weighted comparison, taken into account the population size of Australia with approximately 23 million and Great Britain with 65 million, I guess we can say Australia fared better don't we?
Looking forward for the Ashes. Its gonna be a great contest, but the elephant in the room would be South Africa.
great watching Ashes.. It's gonna be 3-2 in England's favor
Bit convenient to have excluded Britain's national sport: football... not to mention horse-riding, darts, snooker, motor-sport (grand prix, rallying, motor-biking, etc), boxing and a dozen other sports where the British "B" team could thrash the Aussies every day of the week... :-p
No point in comparing soccer between the two countries ... Soccer is a minor sport in Australia played predominantly by those of European extraction. To compare the two would be like comparing the standard of AFL (Australian Football League - Aussie rules) between the UK and Australia ... There is simply no comparison
Last time England played Australia at soccer, Australia won. Problem is that was a friendly. Need a lucky draw in the World Cup for a reasonable comparison. Australia have already got their spot. We'll see if England make it that far.
+Mark Wright Isn't cricket also your national sport lol? Seems like us Aussies have you there. ;-)
Our national sport is football, but considering we were the pioneers of many world sports you could consider many a national sport. Ashes 3-0 win at trent bridge, old trafford and the oval. 
This Ashes, England probably has the weakest Aussie team against it. It should ideally be very easy but I won't count out an Aussie resurrection.
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