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Daily chart: The stand off between China and Japan over disputed islands in the East China Sea brings the two sides closer to armed conflict than at any time since the second world war. Maritime claims in Southeast Asia are even more complex and competition is made intense by speculation that the South China Sea might be rich in oil and gas. Today’s videographic looks at Asian maritime disputes. View videographic via 
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Don't fan it, which is your usual act.
Chinese claims are pretty much nonsensical.  They might as well just draw a worldwide map in which all ocean more than 1km from shore belongs to China...  The other nations of the region should get together, negotiate a resolution to the matter (with or without China's input), and then present a united face to China's claims.  If China doesn't want to resolve this like a mature member of the international community, then it won't be treated that way.
Excuse for language but Russia should stop playing dumb and take more proactive role in the region...
China is being adamant now overriding the UNCLOS and threating with its enormous forex virtually taking hostage of countries with struggling economy...
They should really be careful of Japan....
I don't think this conflict will end peacefully. I remember Chinese protesters using feminine pads and marking a red dot on it with a marker to resemble the Japanese flag. Ouch! Much hatred between these two countries...
Given what the Japanese did to the Chinese in WWII, that hate is not entirely unjustified.
+Matt Spencer, so the Jews should hate Germany? Your logic is invalid, and the fact that both races come from a common ancestor makes it that much more silly that they're ready to go to war over this. China has been buying and encroaching on many countries, this is no different here.
The hatred predates WW2. The actions of the Japanese were a manifestation of it, not the cause.
I think you need to learn the difference between "Invalid" and "Faulty". That said, I think those that Nazi Germany injured have a right to be suspicious of Germans, as the Chinese have reasons to be suspicious of the Japanese. I don't think they're correct in those actions, but I can understand why they would be.
I think that China is trying to show superiority in the region and is using this issue to attract attention. The conflict is also understandable from another perspective which is China' s continuous growth requiring more resources. 
+Matt Spencer this is clearly about way more than just beef with Japan, as they're clearly encroaching on every neighbor they have.
Oh, well sure. I was just commenting on Chris' comment.
The international law is if the main earth shell extends to a deep gap in ocean, the sea before the deep gap belongs to the country who has the main earth shell. American is keeping the trouble there to make it's own money. How come Japan wants the island so far away? 
Kim Le
That is retarded claim enroach into vietnam water line!!!
May be China and Russia can split it ....Screw Japan....Japan will start killing beautiful Dolphins there as well if they get it..
Every country including China has to grow strong to be respected, other wise will be cut as children by American. Because the world is not fair. 
How do I get to interstate 25
+Matt Spencer The Japanese of the past are totally different than today. Japan is constantly regarded as the friendliest Country. From what I understand, China didn't even stake claim to these islands until oil was discovered. Even the US agrees the Japanese evidence to support their claim is solid but they're mostly staying out of this to avoid more trouble. But even then, last year the Chinese attacked tmans harassed the American ambassador because they felt America was siding with Japan. The Chinese have had violent protests against Japanese sports teams coming to China. The Japanese citizens on the other hand have been peaceful and respectful. I don't blame the Chinese people though. I know some who moved to America and they say the government in China brainwashed them since they were children and it was only after they lived in the US for a few years that they saw how corrupt the Chinese government is. 
To all nations is the same, what you gave, will be what you receive. 
You have to what the Japanese did the US Marines in WW2. My grandfather was a Marine in the battle of Iwo Jima and he said the Japanese beat Marines, stabbed them to death, broke their arms. They even shot US Navy Corpsmans so the Marines couldnt get medical attention
So the Japs aren't so inicent after what they've done
+Jacob Garrett That's exactly my point on a previous comment here Japanese are The Most Cruel people in the planet, they were evil back then and are still as of today
They are. I was stationed at an embassy in Japan and they were pretty rude
Japan wants to pull China and American into war to get both badly hurt, and release themself from American to grow their army. Japan is like a wolf, if it grow up, it will bite American and all Asian country. It's the only Asian country who ever attack America. 
well after WWII Japan couldnt grow an army cause of what they did
They have a limited army, even though, their navy is the no.1 in Asia. Their Air force is very powerful too. Think about if they can expand as they like, will be a big problem. 
May be Japan needs couple of Nukes to be dropped again, it's been a while ...they might be missing it
Japan looks like a cute small country, but it's not really small, their enterprises are all over the world, it's a hidden giant. If you do some research, you will discover a huge powerful Japan. A hidden transformer.
This wasn't an important issue until the discovery of oil. So how do the inhabitants of the island vote? Are they Chinese fish, or Japanese fish, or independent? 
The island is very small, no people can live there. It's close to China,
far away from Japan.
China wants to claims every land on earth as long as they want, just look at the map it's pretty obvious they are overlapping their claims.. 
War achieves nothing, the question has to be asked why now? China is claiming territory from Japan, Vietnam and The Philippines. It sounds like aggressive bullying to me.
its gonna be like WW2. I wouldnt be suprised id N. Korea joins in with China. Plus we are in debt with them
Trevor, war achieves a lot. If we lost to Japan or Germany in WW2, kiss your freedom, liberty, and democracy goodbye
Depends, American is controled by some rich group, if they can make a lot money, they will do it. It's a business for them, not for justice, and son from poor family die for benefits of rich family. After war, nobody take care those ex soldiers. All suffering. 
Nice opportunity for America to poke its nose there now as she is pulling out of Afghanistan after a humiliating defeat. Atleast some excuse give a lollipop to its people.
The sooner the world's oil supplies run out, the better in my opinion.
It's not a defeat Muhammad. We don't feel like cleaning after your people's mess
I mean they had multiple opportunities to establish a democracy and never did
I agree Jacob that we had no choice but to fight Japan and Germany in WW2. Chamberlain tried to appease Hitler but it didn't work. My worry is that Chinese aggression could lead to a war. As with WW2 it is the aggression of certain powerful people that leads to war as others have to defend themselves against such aggression. Some wars are pointless as they have achieved nothing but suffering e.g. Biafra, Vietnam and the neverending wars in Africa. Other wars have changed history e.g. the English and American Civil Wars etc.
Rock on rock all, you'll never fall from Britain's greedy hands
Ma Loy
It's sucks when you bought a world map made in "China" you'll never know if your country is part of the china territory already. 
+Kevin Colson you're right, politicians think deferent way, Arm makers need war, politicians need war, not for you, me, people, it's for them. 
A united front is essential to stop a bully.
+Greg Ryman the logic is sound. Germany acknowledged what they did to the Jews, the Japanese have effectively erased what they did to the Chinese from there history such that each generation now knows nothing of it. This is why the hatred runs deep.
For the 99% people, war doesn't make your life better, only good for owners of defense companies. They need sell arms, they need your tax money from government. 
What's interesting here is that you forget that for thousands of years the Chinese stayed to themselves. They didn't go out into the sea to conquer anybody and they didn't build up into neighboring lands. They kept foreigners out or on the very outskirts with only a few trading outposts. 

What did all of this get them. Invaded by imperial forces from Europe and America. Because they had an inadequate army to defend themselves. So if anybody taught them that being aggressive is the way to keep your freedom, it would be all of you bitching about them now.

Don't get mad at the child when you abuse them and they strike back.
No need to discussion,the world is unfair especially country to country.So please give back the cultural relic the two robbers steal from The Imperial Palace or receive the unfair world.
China is serious treat, if US ignore the military buildup by China, someday CHINA will rule the world and replace US as the superpower nation.
Arnel Elero, not agree with you, China doesn't have a wolf culture. But Japan maybe. 
As peace loving Chinese, why not vote for an equally peace loving government?
Alex Moga, as peace loving American, why not vote for an equally peace loving government? 
Sure that one of the primary reason why so much countries are vying for these areas is due to the possible oil & gas, but with the global warming we are experiencing, I think in the future these resources would be more of a boon. China's claim is totally ridiculous, what would be the basis of their claim? Signing of UNCLOS entails adherence to the agreement, seems China is rescinding from what they agreed to, and to me, one who is a rescindivist does not deserve any respect nor thrust on what they say.
Thank God for the US Navy.
Where did PRC fit in?..this country claims everything in this region....
+Yang Yan , I respect what race or ethnicity you have but it doesn't mean all island within South China Sea belongs to China.. please look to the map, china us very far from the disputed island than the other claimants.
Look here, everyone in China knows that it owns the entire pacific seabed west Hawaii. Admiral Chang laid claim to it in 1266.
+David Lawhorn , what China wants is to call these country as their province ex.
Malaysia, PROC
Philippines, PROC
Vietnam, PROC.. etc then next they will call ASIA as China..
I'm not implying that China owns all the sea territories they claim they own nor siding with any countries. I've just found that articles in the media can be a bit misleading at times. The map here shows Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam's exclusive economic zone according UNCLOS and what Chinese/Taiwanese claim but what about China/Taiwan's economic zone according to UNCLOS? I did a search and couldn't find there's a map by the UN showing every nation's economic zone. I did find United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea of 10 December 1982 ( So my understanding is UN does have laws for nations to use to claim their sea territories. And if two nations claim to own the same island then there will be a dispute and it's up to the involving nations to resolve it and if they cannot they might take it to the International court. Correct me if I'm wrong.

In terms of how far the islands are from a nation that claims it, I don't think distance is enough to reject a nation's claim. Hawaii is nowhere near USA's mainland but no one doubts why they own it. Britain, France and maybe some other nations used to and I guess probably still own some islands that are far away from their mainlands.

The other thing I wonder is whether countries like USA should have much to say regarding UNCLOS issues since they haven't signed yet.
need to be resolved according to international law Sea
Such greediness, China. We just want our exclusive economic zone!
Wei Guo
War does no good for everyone, even chinese leaders knows a defeat will end their rule of the country. Better talk n solve the issue. Which means compromise for everyone. Thatˊll be a win win situation. N for the conflct island with japan, it was Japan started to break the balance first.
Sino-Japanese suspicion and rivalry is not rooted in the 20th century, it goes deep into past with a major milestone being China attempting to invade Japan under leadership of Kublai Khan, the grandson of Chingis Khan (name usually misspelt as Genghis). While Kubalai Khan was of Mongolian origin, he termed himself emperor of China and the invading military was not purely Mongolian, either, with much of supplied materials and so forth sourced from - of course - China.

Just in case anyone thinks or claims it was not fault of China then since Kublai was Mongolian emperor of China, that has not stopped China from claiming all territory annexed or occupied by him as rightful possessions of China, and in fact invasion of Tibet and genocide therein during decades of last century were based in Kublai Khan's history with Tibet. If Kublai had succeeded in occupying Japan more than a beach, China would be claiming Japan completely post 1950 or before.
Ironically, Japan and South Korea are arguing over who owns some islands just off South Korea because they are rich in materals like seafoods
Japan fanboys/fan girls really need to get some senses into history. 
Love Chinese maps :) btw is this area going to be the new gulf in the years to come?
Don't worry,there should never be a war,both China and Japan fear about the result.Especially authorities of China whose children are mostly  in the U.S.A. 我才不信朝廷敢说打
I think I see an area between the major islands of Malaysia that no one is claiming....I'll take that!

It's clear that China is overstepping its claims. It's trying to tell all other countries that they own everything just off their shores. I think a computer could quickly draw out mapping lines that divide it by whoever's land is closer (Although this would continue to feed into the recent problem with Japan over those islands.) China is getting far too agressive.
+Jyotsna Gokhale , you're right on. Glad to see there are more people aware of history than not. +Stefan Brubaker : please re-read history. China as the underdog--are you kidding? I'm sure you can count how many times & years China has tried to swallow Vietnam:
(not counting 1974, 1979, 1980's)
Although I know & have many nice & kind Chinese friends, China as an empire/state has always been beligerent & arrogant when it rises. That historical characteristic hasn't seemed to change. I'm not going to teach the kids otherwise!
Kev K
+Trevor Downing We absolutely did have a choice. People need to research Churchill a little more. Purely on the basis that war was declared in order to protect Poland, yet Poland was who we didn't defend. If you still don't understand that all the wars of the past 250 years have been deliberately orchestrated to maximise private profit and national debt then go and read some more. It makes perfect sense to me that Islands that had been the sovereign territory of one nation, until invaded by another, should be returned to the original nation upon the defeat of the aggressor. To not do this could easily be construed as 'planning' for the future.
One Nations Greed disrupts world peace
Li guo zhu, not everyone that speaks English or is white is American. Why not address my comment as opposed to my nationality since my comment still stands. 
+Alex Moga, your comment about voting actually won't work for the PRC. It is a communist-turn-fascist state ('cause whoever really believes in communism anymore), and thus there is no real voting. Despite everything being named the People this or the People that, the Party bosses decide their fates & they don't get to choose the bosses. The Party system there is not a political party as one might think, but a ruling clan of sort, gansta' style, if you will. North Korea is a bit more extreme, Vietnam, Cuba, pretty much the same idea there. You can read more:'s_Republic_of_China
Or on a more light hearted but no less suggestive idea of why:
Kev K
Americans believe in communism.
+Kev Kelly, you just missed the US election timing for that word. The label is now so old and even those who used it have already gone on to something else. Many Americans use the word communism as a convenient label to cry foul about one another while at heart, they haven't the foggiest notion of what it is. Most have never even lived a week under a communist regime, let alone understand the difference between practical social-egalitarianism and dialectic materialism (which I think very few people on this earth might still truly believe). Ideology-branded nationalism or cheap trickery in economic transformation in the name of ideology are just so last (few) century, even the remainder communist countries are totally faking it, and everybody knows!
Long live 1984!
(yeah, I know, you meant sarcasm)
Hello I want to know what the end of this topic?
oh if im a budath or a god i will teach them a lesson and tell they that the time for people no longer and they are the big problem with the natural, envoriments. so let other live in pace   and happy if they can!
The end of the topic is that .. Philippine seek international arbitration with ITLOS/UNCLOS however CHINA who claimed they had evidence to own the sea far from their shore walk out of the Court... and wants to settle it bilaterally which is of course DUMB considering that it has the stick to hit those who doesn't want their  rotten carrots. Disputes goes on and on...
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